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Questions for DE-fandom

From one of the beta-reviewers, this point/question, about this question:

Schreibst du auch eigene Geschichten/freie Arbeiten?

"...original fiction stories were mostly called "Originale" ... "freie Arbeiten" comes from the original fiction category of fanfiktion.de ... but I'd never call it that. Is it possible to discuss this with the other betas? Three parallel words
might be a bit much? *ponders*"

Any suggestions? What's the most common/best-known way to refer to "original fiction (as in, NOT fanfiction)" versus "fanfiction" -- which admittedly can be highly original, hence the massive confusion THANK YOU ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

Just thought I'd toss it out there. Once the translations are finalized, this post will come down, but until then, feel free to weigh in.

Also, question for other French speakers (in comments).

Date: 15 Feb 2011 06:28 am (UTC)
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Here's my possibly dumb question for any French-speakers who might be reading this post: une fanfic, ou un? I haven't had much contact with French-speaking fandom, so I haven't run across this much, but I feel like when I have it's been "une" -- a feeling which is confirmed by Wikipedia, and by the usage patterns I see in what sites come up under a quick Google search. Also by the fact that most abbreviations in French tend to keep the gender the full word originally had. Has anyone in here ever seen "un fanfic" in use?

Voici ma question peut-être un peu stupide pour tout francophone qui lise ce poste: une fanfic ou un? J'ai eu très peu de contacte avec le fandom francophone, alors je croise rarement ce mot, mais je crois que les peu de fois que je l'ai vu c'était « une » -- une possibilité que Wikipedia confirme, aussi bien que l'usage dans d'autres sites web que j'ai trouvés avec Google. Je sais aussi que la plupart des abréviations en français prennent le genre que portait originellement le mot entier. Y a-t-il quelqu'un ici qui ait jamais vu "un fanfic" en usage?


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