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Name:锴 angry fishtrap 狗
Location:United States of America
Whatever you do is fine, and no need to ask to subscribe. Nearly everything I post is public, so granting access isn't all that big a deal on my end.

I use tags for more than just content. Tags will also signal when I'm taking a different approach:

If my writing style ever confuses you, this post might help. Or at least, it tries.

Feel free to post anonymously, but if you don't sign it in some fashion to let me know something to call you (other than Anonymous #78), I reserve the right to delete your comment. If you forget, just repeat your comment, and sign it, and I'll delete the unsigned version. This journal is currently about 50% LJ-users commenting at any given time, and most of them are coming through anon when OpenID throws fits -- so the excess of anons can make it confusing without signatures. Thanks in advance.

"A GW fan tells a Harry Potter fan:
your fandom's fucked up, and when a Gundam Wing fan says your fandom's fucked up,
it is FUCKED UP."
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absolutely not a gamer, adjectival order, and hijinks ensue, answering rhetorical questions, art of letting go, asskicking fight scenes, being a contrarian, characters of moral ambiguity, complex compound sentences, darwinian gardening, deadpan humor, deleting voicemail unheard, destroying your childhood dreams, detail obsessed geekery, driving too fast, existence precedes essence, expecting the unexpected, fannish intricacies, footnotes and endnotes, gremlins in the archive, heresy and heckling, highway zen, ignoring my cellphone, informed skepticism, loud introverts, mine is an evil laugh, my brain is nsfw, needs moar explosions, neither pirate nor ninja, never shutting up, not being one of the cool kids, not writing enough, offending the unobservant, ontological hermeneutics, oxford comma love, power tool euphoria, ruining christmas for everyone!, sledgehammer renovation, stories with sharp edges, subverting damn well everything, think different, unloved sidekicks, where's your god now?, writing late at night, your otp is what?
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