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[Note: get a drink and have a seat. This is almost up to my usual levels of longwindedness, but this time, I do have a point! Other than the one on the top of my head.]

I came across an insightful comment the other day while researching, and the comment resonated with me strongly in light of the requirements compiling I was tackling at the same time.

"If you're not paying for it, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold." -- blue_beetle

Think about that for a bit, but first I want to run past everyone some of the thoughts bouncing in my head as a result of researching Delicious, Diigo, Pinboard, and various other (past and present) bookmarking applications. One particular journal entry (from 2008) compares Delicious and Diigo, though I'll rephrase some of the author's conclusions, since I think he got his main summary backwards. Here's the basis of his argument, thought:
Delicious, an original web 2.0 company, still has “user-generated” as its core raison d’être. Diigo has the later-stage web 2.0 philosophy of being a “social network”.

In essence (and to undo the backwards of his summary): Delicious is grounded in using content to find users, while Diigo emphasizes using users to find content. Somehow, I'm not surprised that so far, of the folks replying to my informal poll, that most of you have indicated that you follow the content and then, as a secondary step, discover like-minded users -- seeing how many of you have said you preferred old!delicious and don't like or care for the diigo approach.

Granted, these two things (users, content) are intertwined: you find a tag you want to follow, you start seeing the same names pop up, you realize the same people are marking things you're also liking, and you may switch your focus from the tag to the user, in hopes they'll lead you to even better stuff.

Here's the crux, though: what is the actual product?

This shit ain't free, y'know. Servers and storage and developers and designers don't just grow on trees. It's got to be paid for, either in cash or in kind or in stock or in some way, but usually cash since most landlords & mortgage companies don't accept vegetables, these days. If you see a product that you can consume, and it's free, someone paid for it. Maybe not you, but someone: NSTaaFL, after all.

Let me step back here, to the days when I first found an investor, wrote a business plan, and opened a bookstore... and other commentary about the dot-com and post-dot-com business models. )

More thoughts later. For now, it's your turn.
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I came across an article comparing several different linking applications (delicious, diigo, pinboard, etc) and the author raised a question that I hadn't considered before, but I think is pretty interesting. Feel free to signal-boost, because having some sense of what's important to fandom-users will probably be important down the road... and this kind of "what's important" is one of the most basic issues.

I'll explain more in a later post, but I don't want to bias anyone. For now, just have a poll.

Poll #8248 linking intentions
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 46

When you're using a bookmarking application, which path do you prefer/most-often take?

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Mostly I look for content I want, and that introduces me to new people
29 (63.0%)

Mostly I find people to follow, and that introduces me to new content
5 (10.9%)

I do both equally.
12 (26.1%)

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Alright, here's what I've compiled so far. The real thanks go to everyone who contributed on the post: [personal profile] qem_chibati, [personal profile] haruka89, [personal profile] franzeska, [personal profile] cimorene, [personal profile] drunkoffthestars, [personal profile] zellieh, [personal profile] branchandroot, [personal profile] rageprufrock, [profile] bluevsgrey, [personal profile] brownbetty, [personal profile] shadytail, [personal profile] yeomanrand, [personal profile] 37cats, [personal profile] neotoma, and I really hope I didn't forget anyone!

It's not the prettiest formatting, but hopefully it's more readable.

draft #2, w/paraka's ideas added )
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ETA: you can find all posts on this topic at http://kaigou.dreamwidth.org/tag/fantabulous+delicious+extravaganza

I've been watching the spiraling storms of raeg around del.icio.us and its utter fail, and there seem to be about six different places that people are randomly congregating about possibly doing a fandom version. Consider this a welcoming home if you want to link/share for all suggestions in one place. I don't know if anyone else is organizing this, but I'm not talking about the heavy-duty of code. I'm talking about something that has to happen before anyone puts code to screen, or else any project would end up just as messed-up as the current disaster.

Short version: first step is to figure out the fandom wishlist.

I do business analysis & an information architecture (BA/IA), so this isn't scary to me. Those titles just mean I figure/find out what clients (that's all ya'll) want (the BA part), and I figure out how to shape that into something meaningful and findable in a web application/site (the IA part). Basically, I organize stuff. Granted, something like this -- which is effectively tagging potentially the entire freaking intarweebs -- is much bigger than anything I've ever done personally... but that just means I'd be [very!!] happy to be joined by any other IA, or UX, or BA, folks. And, if for whatever reason real life gets in my way, at least this post would stand as a collection-point for the reference of whatever team does end up doing the project.

[NOTE: I'm not volunteering to run this project. I'm not even remotely considering running it. I'm just not a project manager. I will happily defer to, and assist, anyone who is and is willing to take on the lead position. Just be aware that I know where I'm good and PM ain't it.]

To keep this easy to organize for me and/or whomever ends up compiling it:
  • PLEASE do ONE requirement/request PER REPLY. If you have five things that you really really think are important, do five replies. It's okay, this isn't spamming. It just makes it easier for the next step:

  • If you see someone else has a request and it's the same as yours, just reply to that request with a +1 as the subject line. Consider it a kind of informal voting; the more +1 replies a request gets, obviously the more important it is to the community.

  • Feel free to suggest something that del.icio.us didn't do, but that you've seen elsewhere. Be sure to add a link to a screenshot or the app itself so the requirements-gatherers (me and my kind) can see your suggestion in action, if that's at all possible.

  • If you want to volunteer, please do that as a separate reply just so it doesn't get lost in the requests. Just put "VOLUNTEER" as the subject line of your reply, followed by the specific task. Like, say, "VOLUNTEER: php coding" or "VOLUNTEER: user interface design" or whatever. If you want to volunteer for something & you see someone else already has, just reply to their post with your own -- this way, everyone with similar skills gets grouped together, and we'll (hopefully) keep the noise-to-signal ratio down a little.

  • Link, share, pass along, signal-boost, whatever you like.

I'm not going to reply to every single post, just to keep the noise level down, but I may reply if I'm not sure what you mean, for clarification. (If you're also a BA, IA, or UX person, feel free to jump in wherever, as you think's needed. The more the merrier.) See first comment & reply if you're interested in the ongoing googledoc with requests to Pinboard. Feel free to extract & copy to this list, if there's a wish there that you'd want recorded here, as well.

Also, anonymous comments are NOT being screened, so be sure to sign your post if you're volunteering, so we can find you! (You do not have to sign your posts if you're just adding to the general requirements list.)

Be civil, help keep the threads organized for easy finding later... and dream big.