24 Dec 2008

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Mabel Lucie Attwell: 15 icons
Milo Winter: 14 icons
Edmund Dulac: 45 icons
others -- 7 icons

TEASER! Icon 002 TEASER! Icon 062 TEASER! Icon 069 TEASER! Icon 075

Attwell, Winter, Dulac, & assorted others. )
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Gustaf Tenggren : 36 icons
N.C. Wyeth: 7 icons
Arthur Rackham: 29 icons
Kay Nielson: 22 icons

TEASER! Icon 021 TEASER! Icon 017 TEASER! Icon 009 TEASER! Icon 023

Images all courtesy the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive. )
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Having now (finally) seen some of Avatar, I've come to the conclusion that anyone who thinks this series is 100% Anglos is probably someone who saw Mulan and thought its entire cast was Hispanic.

Freaking morons.
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Posting all icons over at [livejournal.com profile] solitude1056, since I never did get around to deleting that account (really, I pretty much forgot it existed for a good long while), and then discovered last night that the only account choices are advertisement-loaded and paid account. Ugh. Fortunately, that old account is grandfathered as a basic, so might as well use it.

So I moved over all the Gundam00 season 1 icons, the Mo No No Ke icons, along with three batches of fairytale icons that had struck my imagination recently (while doing research for something else, naturally). And this afternoon, maybe 50 or so more that are mostly landscapes: urban, rural, modern, ancient. Oh, and all the quotes & random text icons whatnot.

I doubt it'll be that regularly used, but at least the account is being used for something. If iconzing is what you want, then that's where to look from now on.