17 Jan 2009

kaigou: this is what I do, darling (A2] script going bad)
Maybe I'm a dork for this, but I find submission guidelines for romance publishers to be among the most hysterical things out there. (Fantasy submission guidelines are a close second.) Thing is, it only just occurred to me recently that an awful lot of them require the hero/love-interest to fit the qualities of Alpha. Very hawt, capable, intelligent, very... Alpha-ey. This seems to hold true regardless of which gender is attracted to the Alpha, just as long as the love interest is Alpha-ey.

That got me to thinking (you knew that was coming): when have I ever known any Alpha-like personalities? And what kind of type do I end up preferring to write/read, myself? )

Now I'm wondering what it'd be like to throw an Alpha in the same room as a Delta. Probably rather anti-climatic, given I'd expect the Delta to simply be out the door so fast you'd see smoke trails in the wake. Heh. Dominate that, yo.