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In what appears to be another case of unplanned synchronicity: much like [personal profile] starlady, I also had dental surgery last week, also spent the past few days happy on vicodin, and also downloaded something for pleasant watching while mindless on the aforementioned vicodin. Except in my case, it was Fuurin Kazan, and... uh.

Alright, so I like Uchino Masaaki enough to watch despite his sometimes overacting (I adored him as Ryoma in Jin), but at least he can act. Compared to Ichikawa Kamejiro (who plays Takeda Shingen), who sometimes seems to think that "dramatic acting" really means "dramatically widening and narrowing your eyes" sometimes punctuated with "dramatically raising and lowering your eyebrows in unison". A truly dramatic scene was ruined with Kamejiro raising and lowering his brows about six times in rapid succession. All I could do was burst out laughing. It was not the vicodin's fault, trust me on this one.

But then we get to Uesegi Kenshin, played by Gackt. Yes, that Gackt. Except apparently he was under the impression that he was playing the lead role in Tale of Genji, because he's dressed about a hundred years out of date (read: like a court noble, not some local daimyo). As if the ultra-old-fashioned dress and loose, barely-tied hair weren't enough, the first few scenes his makeup was so dark around the eyes and so pale everywhere else that in comparison to his generals -- who all look like tanned men who, y'know, actually go outside and do general things -- Gackt looked more like a corpse. Not even a warmed-over one. More like 'dead for several days'.

Between the out-of-date clothes, hair, and the ultra-pale complexion, it's just icing on the cake that Gackt holds his mouth and enunciates in such a way that I keep expecting to see fangs. (Or maybe he's just talking about mouth prosthesis, I'm not sure.) Holy crap, Kenshin wasn't a woman, he was actually a vampire.

This realization is reducing all of Uesegi Kenshin's scenes to total camp, except for the fact that none of the other characters seem to be aware of the wierdness.* Only me, the viewer. Just call me Van Helsing of Taiga.

*truth is, this just makes it more painful to watch, as though the rest of the actors were forcing themselves to pretend like Gackt's total wrong-for-Kenshin treatment is perfectly fine. I mean, I thought Hiroshi Abe was miscast as Kenshin, but clearly I had no idea of the heights of miscasting that could be achieved.

Date: 1 Jul 2013 03:30 am (UTC)
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This sounds amazing, honestly. In the laugh-til-you-cry way.


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