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Like I ever follow that rule.

1) Applying for various things online. You want a lesson in how NOT to design a form? Apply online. You'll see every damn example possible of The Worst Way To Design A Form, aka, Utter Unusability. Ohmygawd, it seriously burnssssss ussss, it doess.

2) Anyway, applying online, and it's common now to include a link to social profile. FB, Linkedin, whatever. Fine. Not so keen on the forms that not only want you to attach resume and cover letter... but also a head shot? I'm not applying to be a goddamn runway model here. But the phrasing sure makes it sound like if I don't include it, I'm gonna get penalized. (And even if they don't mean to penalize, I bet there's an unconscious penalty all the same.)

3) Job description that says, "we have a great sense of humor, but don't work here if you're easily offended". I'm not easily offended, I just find racism, sexism, and homophobia offensive. If you're lampshading the potential for a new hire to be offended, you've got bigger problems than whether I know all the languages you want. Next!

4) Watching the 2011 Journey to the West, despite the mediocre subtitles that are timed to PAL and require almost constant tweaking with VLC's subtitle synchronizer. Whew, no wonder CP was a little taken aback the first time we watched Saiyuki.

5) There is a certain irony that I'm watching JttW on my right-hand screen, and for the entirety of episode 9, the left-hand screen had a shot of Sanzo. I'd just started ep10, and the wallpaper changed... to Son Goku.

6) If Hakkai in Saiyuki made people froth at the mouth for being so different in the English dub, because he's just not like that, whew. The difference between Engdub-Hakkai and Japdub-Hakkai is nothing compared to the difference between Sanzo and Sanzang. The more I watch, the more I'm like a) I think I liked Sanzo better, and b) so that's why CP went from taken aback to jaw-dropping when the gun came out.

7) Not that I mind Sanzang. He is kind of growing on me, but I did enjoy the first six or seven episodes the most, when it was All About Monkey.

8) I can't help but feel -- no idea why, just do -- that it's almost like Monkey's a completely different story that somehow got shoehorned into the historical story of Tripitaka. And then the storytellers had to figure out how to make it work. Just a strange kind of tension. Dunno.

9) Still a little in shock that I finished two books in three months. Maybe in future the secret is to spend six months ahead of time daydreaming the entire story from start to finish. I didn't have the "and then something happens" lurch at the high point this time, but knew exactly where the story was going and just had to write it. Every story before this, I've left that third-quarter "and then something happens" and then I get there and have no idea how to proceed (or have a glaring plothole that can't be duct-taped shut for love or money).

10) I wrote a small plugin for forms. Yay me! And then Github crashed, which has given me plenty of time to rethink the value of posting my small plugin. Ah, here comes the second-guessing.

11) I can't decide whether I should edit book 1 & book 2 and then start book 3, or do book 3 and then go back and edit all three in a streak. Not to mention I haven't even a clue what kind of logline to do for each, and haven't even tried to write teasers.

12) I have realized that I don't care whether or not there's a market for these three stories. Maybe no one wants to read a fantasy about a young transgender character making hir way through the world, finding love, conquering evil, and overcoming hardship to become happy. It's possible there's just not a market for that, but I tried to pay attention to the market on everything I'd written before now, and that got me nowhere. Screw it. I'll just write what I want, and when I'm done, I'll move on. I'm not quitting my day job for this, after all.

[ps: I look folks off the story-filter if they hadn't replied in a while, rather than keep spamming, especially those of you who I know are really swamped right now. I've exported to one master doc that I can output as pdf. PM me if you want it.]

Date: 23 Dec 2012 04:40 am (UTC)
sharibet: (Default)
From: [personal profile] sharibet
> I can't decide whether I should edit book 1 & book 2 and then start book 3, or do book 3 and then go back and edit all three in a streak. Not to mention I haven't even a clue what kind of logline to do for each, and haven't even tried to write teasers.

Your writing mileage will vary, of course, but if you're not working under a publishing deadline, I'd recommend finishing the first drafts of all three books in your trilogy, and then going back to do edits and rewrites.

From personal experience, it's too easy to get bogged down in trying to perfect Book 1, meanwhile allowing the writing momentum for Book 3 to dissipate.

Plus, once you get to the end of book 3, you'll have the complete fabric of your story, and that will make the big rewrites easier.

As for the loglines and teaser--those are always the most difficult of writing the book. How the hell are you supposed to be able to distill the essence of your story in a catchy, pithy sentence or two, when you've just spent months immersed in the details?

I have a formula that I use to hammer out the first drafts of my blurbs, and which may prove useful to you, as well: Who is the main character? What does s|he want? And why can't s|he have it?

Once you jot down the Character, the Goal/Motivation, and the Conflict, the blurbs become easier to write.

It also helps to ask your beta readers what they think the book[s] are about. Either you'll discover that you didn't communicate what you intended to communicate, or you'll get a blurb. (And sometimes, you'll get both. *g*)

Date: 23 Dec 2012 12:30 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] law_nerd
1) Of course we don't make our application forms *useable* that might encourage more people to apply – if we went too far, we might even end up with applicants who have disabilities! </cynicism>

2) When I first started looking for work all the employment adviser types went out of their way to make it clear that it was no longer expected for applicants to attach a photograph (attach with a paperclip, it was a long time ago) and that it was considered contrary to the Human Rights Code for employers to ask for one. I wonder what the Ontario Human Rights Commission is saying these days... kinda hope they've not abandoned their stance just because attaching photos happens with data files rather than requiring a visit to a photobooth.

8) I'd always assumed it was a matter of grabbing popular folklore and using it as a hook for the sermon part. Then again, when I first ran in to the story (in the Arthur Whaley translation) I was young enough that I read it much like I read the Once and Future King: "What? You mean some people actually continue reading after the fun bit is over! Why?" Sun Wukong's story, like Wart's story, was the bit I read –and re-read– all the rest was adult-boring-stuff. (And, fwiw, the nice people at wikipedia seem to agree that the Monkey story pre-dated the Tripitaka one...)

11) Seconding the suggestion that you finish book 3 before starting editing... and not merely 'cause I'm looking forward to it. It is much easier to figure out continuity and logic once you're sure that narrative necessity isn't going to interfere and demand that distances change, or people morph character to fit what they'll need to do.

12) I'm awfully glad you're not considering marketability ... if you were the whole thing would be set in California, Tsui would be a vampire from somewhere exotic like Albany, or Anchorage, and I'd not be reading it.

Date: 26 Dec 2012 09:51 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] ratoncito
I might like that PDF, but just how massive is it?

Date: 29 Dec 2012 07:22 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] miffy_sees
lol, are you applying to places like kixeye? :P

Date: 25 Jun 2013 02:24 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Just found this today. Hello!

I can assure you there *is* a market for the book you described. I'd buy the fuck out of that. I think a lot of trans folk would, as well.

Can't get OpenID to function at work, so here's what passes for my ID: @TroubleEntendre


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