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1. We went back again last night, and I finally had bibimbap. Omg, so gooooooood. I think this is what they meant in high school when they said IT ONLY TAKES ONCE AND YOU'RE AN ADDICT.

2. Book-searches last night, taking the recs from all ya'll, and [personal profile] firecat's suggestion to read up on [community profile] 50books_poc and then went browsing through Amazon on top of that. Apparently, if you're going to set a book in Asia, especially the Far East, then you have to have "dragon" in the title. It's like naming a Chinese restaurant: two from column A, one from column B: lion, golden, palace, peking, etc. Except in this case it's dragon + generic verb or noun that'd be used in any other thriller/suspense. Add a "The" and you're set. Strangely, this also appears to apply to espionage/thriller works set in Indonesia, Indochina, Malaysia, and Singapore, but not works set in Japan (which get "sword" and "chrysanthemum" and "samurai" instead). I haven't found any Western-written espionage/thriller works set in Korea, though, so no idea whether the pattern, or what pattern, holds there. Still, it got pretty annoying after the twelfth title. Sheesh.

3. Now reading The Skull Mantra, which is well-written but so freaking bleak. (Not to mention awfully, ahem, pointed -- not critical per se, just plain pointed -- about China's role in Tibet and PRC politics in general, enough that I started to feel a little uncomfortable. Yes, I know it's a totalitarian system, but it just feels... something feels off to know such criticism is coming from an outsider, if that makes sense.) I figured get the depressing one out of the way, and then start on the rest. Maybe I should go ahead & reserve the next batch now, so it'll be ready by the time I finish this batch in the next day or so.

4. Local friend, invaluable resource for finding good spoons. Yay.

Date: 1 Jul 2011 05:05 am (UTC)
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Makes note to taste bibimbap toot sweet. I have never felt more spoiled and privileged regarding the food choices I have here in Los Angeles...

Date: 1 Jul 2011 05:36 am (UTC)
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Best thing about bibimbap, imo, is that you really just need a jar of gochujang and a bit of sesame seed oil, and you're good to make your own. It's become my favourite "now what do I do with these left-over chopped up vegetables?" dish (like on the days after making pizza and/or small salads), and of course it merits chopping work for its own good, too.

Sadly, my favourite variat is dolsot bibimbap, which I'll never be able to make myself due to lack of equipment ... but that makes visits to restaurants that serve it all the more precious, so I'm not really complaining. :)

...I need a "food and drink" icon.


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