30 Aug 2012

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This isn't even my genre, but unlike most stories, this one's worked itself out. That is, it keeps itself on play and there's no third-quarter "and then stuff happens" blank. Strange. Maybe the trick is to let stories stay in my head for much longer than I had?

I'll go into it later, what I'm trying to approach/address, but short version is a world based loosely on the Ming-dynasty age of merchant-pirates. But since I don't want to get into a specific time frame, for now I'm coming at it as influenced by, but not strictly-based in. Same for languages, so names and whatnot are placeholders for now.

The lion-dogs were waiting at the shrine's gate when Kini arrived, and she wondered if her third trip might prove the first time she'd see the huokei for herself. It had rained on the mountain, the night before, and summer leaves lay scattered in wet drifts across the shrine's little dirt courtyard. Kini shuffled her way through the leaf piles, pausing to let the lion-dogs sniff her straw sandals. They were the size of regular dogs, but silver-gray like stone come to life, with thick manes that ringed their cheerful, lolling faces. After a moment's perusal, the two dogs ran off, tumbling and yipping like puppies. )

I'll keep the rest behind a lock out of politeness, so let me know if you want to keep reading. I just got to get this out, and then I can go back to wallowing in code.


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