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...since anything is better than what I've got, which is nothing. There's a company that sends me email every single night, and I don't recall ever signing up for getting their shopping newsletter with whatever wacky Japanese department store stuff's on special that day. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, since the link at the bottom would be to unsubscribe, right? So very wrong: one link takes you to a log-in (and if you can't recall your password, it requires your name, your birthdate, and something else, and chances are good I didn't even entire the real thing, 'cause I never do unless c'card information is coming next). The other link takes you to the company's terms of service, and if you click on the "english" link, it doesn't give you the page in English. It gives you some other page about investing (in the company). I just want to bloody well unsubscribe, but there's no link (that I can see) that lets me do this quickly or easily.

Is there anyone on my flist/dwircle fluent enough in Japanese to help me decode this, and possibly figure out how to unsubscribe? I have tonight's email, and I know the address it's sending it to, and all I want is to make them stop sending me emails. The other option is to change my email, but that's a last-ditch thing seeing how it's gmail, not my own domain, so that's more of a hassle. But sheesh, this is annoying. Are unsubscribe options only a western expectation? or are unsubscribe options just spelled out in the kana, with no actual links? No idear.

*cries* I promise to love you and cherish you and call you George, if someone happened to have a few minutes to help me figure it out, or point me where to send an email to ask them to unsubscribe.
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