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Did I think my love for Seirei no Moribito and Twelve Kingdoms could ever be eclipsed? No -- okay, not really -- but damn, Mouretsu Pirates is coming very, very close, and if it keeps this up, it will definitely stand alongside quite easily.

I think I've rewatched ep5 at least four times, and I suspect that ep6 is going to get the same. No ditziness passed off as cuteness! Genuine humor that has nothing to do with gender (but lots to do with inexperience)! And some incredible team-work and a club president who may be blonde and blue-eyed but is also steely and capable of delegating and has a quiet slicing humor, too. And a buxom "medic" who may be dressed like the fan service but her lines are nothing but intelligence, and a cast of what looks like equally male/female roles among the pirates.

Holy crap, did I actually die and not notice? Or did one of us save the president in a former life? Because what did we do to deserve this, so we can make sure to do it again, as often as possible?

although with the way the roles are set up between Marika (the cheerful but terrifyingly ingenious newbie pirate-captain), Chiaki (the somewhat tsundere quasi-rival), and Mami (the perky and naive best friend), if these three were guys, we'd already be neck-deep in shipping posts. It has all the early hallmarks of what slashfans seek, just with genders switched.
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