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I was never into superheroes, outside the exposure to the Wonder Woman television show and a handful of Saturday morning cartoons -- which I didn't much like, seeing how in her own show, Wonder Woman was pretty awesome, but in the Justice League getup, she mostly just flew around in her invisible/glass helicopter and, I don't know, made coffee the rest of the time. (At least, that was my impression as a kid.)

Awhile back CP and I were talking about one thing and it led (as it always does) to something else, and I finally confessed that for the majority of my childhood, I was convinced there was a really awesome superhero out there... but that not being very knowledgeable about superheroes and all that (and it didn't help that my parents discouraged comic book reading, and besides, the library didn't carry comic books), I never could find out where to read the superhero's stories.

See, at some point in 2nd or 3rd grade, I happened to see a poster, probably at the mall or something, at one of those shops where you could get everything from old posters to lava lamps to whoopie cushions. Bookending this particular poster was another I already knew:

This poster, along with posters for Superman, Batman, and even the little-known Captain America, all taught me How To Identify Superheroes: they were usually the ones standing front-and-center, and almost always had their legs shoulder-width apart, or wider (per Luke in the poster above). Superheroes didn't kneel at anyone's feet, and they didn't sit, either. The superhero's hands would be on his hips (or one hand, with the other holding his weapon of choice or brandishing a fist). Every now and then a superhero might have crossed arms, like Batman's laconic pose, or Wonder Woman showing off her bracelets.

But generally speaking, you knew it was a superhero if the character was larger than everyone else, and looked like someone who could hold their own, possibly even spell trouble for bad guys.

Thus it made perfect sense to me, at that young age, that this was also a superhero.

But I never found any comics or movies for her, and she never showed up on the Justice League (and I didn't understand the Marvel/DC hoohah whatever, or might've blamed this on this hero's being from the wrong company or something). It wasn't until I was in college and casually asked a comic-reading friend about a superhero I vaguely recalled. He scoffed at the very notion (though in hindsight I'm not sure whether he was really scoffing at my ignorance, or at the notion that Marvel or DC would ever bring us a superhero like that).

I realized my mistake, and dropped the subject rather than reveal my idiocy further.


If she had been a superhero...
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