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Went to Ikea yesterday (and again today to return & get what we'd not gotten yesterday). CP and I pretty much bled the place quite nicely, piling up various kitchen implements we've been needing, and picking up a few that we only realized we needed once we saw the item in place -- ooh, a cutting broad board that laps the edge of the countertop! ooh, a shorter bar for hanging all the tea stuff by the coffee maker! ooh, two carrying trays that would be perfect for table linens! -- and so on.

A'course, this was despite the oh-so-not-helpful Ikea yellow-shirts. There seems to be a general sort of not-really-getting-it to the local folks, both the sellers and the buyers: I saw so many folks looking absolutely baffled as they wandered through, not sure whether that was a display or could be picked up and taken and what was this about self-serve and full-serve and where the hell is the bathroom? And the yellow-shirts themselves seemed to swing between minding their own business and putting stuff away (as opposed to being totally aware of folks in their section and right there with a helpful tip) versus standing around looking bored out of their empty skulls. Self-serve does not mean no-serve.

In other news, Plastic Forks has returned to the roost. )...and now, I return to the world of staining shelves and boxes, putting a new desk together (yay!), and mantling the kitchen cabinets for over the fridge. Note to self, however: that two-in-one stain & poly deal? Not so with the greatness, although it's a nice idea. Or maybe it's me that's not down with the knack: it keeps streaking, puddling, and being sticky too fast, and it's not even that hot out.

I sanded another piece and tried the stain instead, and then remembered why I dislike 90% of all stains: you wipe ten minutes later and either it's so thick and uneven you might as well toss the piece, or it all comes right off and you're left with wood no darker than you'd begun.

Someday, I swear, I will get the knack of this -- without having to do eight coats of stain until it's the color I want. Sigh.
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There are times I feel almost relieved to get a rejection.

I have my stages: first, nerves at sending off the submission (during which I check the draft, if s-sub, or sent-email, if e-sub), akin to the way I find myself checking a room I've painted, just to make sure the paint's really there and that I didn't just hallucinate/dream finishing all four walls. )

Or so it seems to me.


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