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31 Mar 2015 02:03 pm
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stardreamer 2015-03-14: "Are you seriously suggesting that increased awareness of consent issues is a temporary moral panic, and that (say) 30 years from now, date rape and acquaintance rape will be back to 'business as usual'? Would you have said the same thing 30 years ago about child sexual abuse?"

Thirty years ago, child sexual abuse was taken much less seriously than it is now. My guess: thirty years from now, it'll be somewhere in between being routinely covered up, and it being a very bad idea to post a picture of your child taking a bath.

Consent issues: I don't think it will go all the way back to the way it used to be. (And I very much hope not.)

Just as the back and forth movement of attitudes on racial discrimination hasn't included a return to legal slavery. And has included the possibility of a Black being elected President. (A few decades ago, fictional Black Presidents didn't reach the White House by election; they were in the line of succession.)

***Lee Gold: " 'If you graduated from high school thirty years ago, don't take for granted that nothing has changed. Check.'

"Dan, let's start by discussing whom and what data sources you check with. Asking the nearest teenaged relative is probably not good enough."

I would begin by reading magazines for teens. They're an imperfect mirror; but they do show startling differences.

"'Places you haven't been to in a while have undergone change. In 1965, some Paris restaurants had hectographed menus in their windows; this is probably no longer the case.'

"I didn't see this in 1971. But maybe I was just looking at the wrong Paris restaurants." Or maybe copy machines had become more familiar in the meantime.

"'When "Jennifer" became the most popular girl-baby name in the US,


" ' it was easy to predict that in a bit less than twenty years there would be a lot of college women named Jennifer.

"Or perhaps domr og yhrm eoulf [sic] have changed their names to Jenny and Jen."

One member of Twin Cities sf fandom is called Seven. She was the seventh Jennifer in her Star Trek club.

"'By the late 1980s, it should have been obvious that the Soviet Union was in no shape to successfully invade the US.

"As opposed to bombing it to a glowing nuclear wasteheap." Maybe. The Soviet Union was sufficiently badly organized that such orders might not have been carried out.

"'Take account of moral panic cycles.'

"I'd have thought that network TV shows fading in viewership and cable and web shows gaining and help start niche panic cycles gaining. So far I haven't heard of a TV / web medical or legal show favored by anti-vaxxers but I expect to do so eventually. (I am fervently pro-vaccination. That's not the point here.)"

Most niche Viewing With Alarm doesn't become mainstream (or large minority) moral panics most of the time.

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31 Mar 2015 11:36 am
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I spent yesterday writing, link finding for [community profile] metanews, and playing solitaire. There really wasn't anything particularly interesting going on.

I'm tending to sleep quite late the last few days. I think it's because I'm sleeping poorly. I keep moving my foot and ankle wrong so that they hurt a lot. Specifically, I tend to stretch in a way that pulls on all of the things that I'm wanting to keep still. I do it when I'm half asleep, so it's hard to remember not to do it. If I remember to keep my foot flexed when I stretch, it's not so bad, but if my foot is pointed, it hurts lots, and when I'm relaxed, my feet tend to point.

The further I get into the stuff I'm currently writing for the Harry Potter AU, the less sure I am that this section really belongs there at all. I'm not sure that the person instigating it would really think it was necessary or helpful. He might get the same effect more easily just by giving the other character a kitten. That would be less dramatic and/or traumatic, but it may well make more sense. The way I'm currently doing things, a scene that I originally meant as a bridge has grown to about 3000 words. I like some of the backstory I've put in there and some of the character development, but... I'm just not sure.

Scott's sister and her kids are sick with a stomach bug. I don't know what that means for her helping out with my mammogram appointment on Thursday. Scott thinks she'll be well enough by then to come down anyway. I need to ask her what she thinks. I can always take a cab if I have to. I have been wondering if I should call the Cancer Center and let them know that I will need to sit during my mammogram if it's at all possible. They probably have facilities for that, but those may not always be available.

Scott is expecting to have to work late tonight. I'm not sure if that's just general pessimism or if it really is likely. I'm hoping that he doesn't have to. Cordelia should have at least one parent at Expo, and I really, really can't go.
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After a recent blaze of discussion with [personal profile] ideological_cuddle about his predilection for the iPhone (brief synopsis of convo: "Convince me I want this damn thing" - of course, he couldn't) he mentioned the beauty of Windows phones. Since I've been wanting forever to flee the Android ecosystem by hook or crook and since I used to use my ex's Windows phone to surf the Web (almost every night) just because, and because I've had a thing for Windows phones since they uh, came out, I decided right then and there that my next phone would have Windows. And it does! It's amazing how these things can work out.

Because I have budget limitations this is the one I got - it's nothing fancy but it works. For those not inclined to click through or who simply like words with their pictures, it's a Nokia 635 running Windows 8.1 with just half a gig of RAM and a quad core 1.2GHz processor. It's identical to the slightly older 630 with the sole addition of 4G LTE. While there are small quibbles about performance differences between the phones, with the 635 coming out better or worse depending on whom you believe, I won't be discussing that.

This phone is an upgrade (for me) from an LG Fuel running KitKat - a phone that still works perfectly, but the camera broke a few weeks ago so that when you open up the app now to take a picture (or a video) the screen is solid black. All the pictures (and videos) come out solid black, too (but the video portion still captures sound). I'm not sure what that could mean...has the lens shattered? Is the camera software seizing on me? I tried a phone reset but that did not fix the problem. But I'd bought the Nokia by then, so it doesn't matter.

When people talk about how blazingly fast Windows phones are, with any amount or next to no amount of RAM - and trust me, they do - it's true: you have to ignore the piddly amount of RAM because the devs seemed to have optimized the OS to run with as little as possible. The only thing that's not been so fast is the lock screen: sometimes I can't get it to work. It can take up to a half dozen tries, swiping my fingers in all possible directions before the unlock keypad finally scrolls into view.

Also, the battery is awful and I'm not sure if I should go for a replacement or if they'll all be like that. And does this phone get hot when used out in the sun? After 10 minutes, yes, you can fry an egg on it. And the screen does have some glare. This can be helped by reducing screen brightness, but as your hostess is ever so slowly and rather subtly going blind (and it does seem to be a light and angle-based blindness, denying me the dignity of just going all-out blind like any normal person would do) that's not a great option for me. So yes, an anti-glare screen protector is on the way.

But the phone is beautiful and swift and does things you only wish Android phones could do without needing an app for that, which makes up for most of what's mentioned above. AT&T, a network I've never used before except perhaps unknowingly as a fallback CDMA carrier (I was with Net10 before this phone, and with TracFone - Net10's owner - before that), seems pretty good so far and call quality seems kind of flat but perfectly loud and clear as needed. The speakerphone works great (I make most calls hands-free except for any requisite dialpad-pounding involved, and Android's speakerphones have historically been unpredictable and tinny-sounding, featuring harsh reverb and a terrible echo along with mysterious, eardrum-piercing noises).

When I say this phone is beautiful...I hate to drool on it like I have on just about every Windows phone ever, but the style of this one really is quite "wow". It's one long sheet of solid Gorilla glass (I think this is the first phone I've ever had without a screen made entirely of plastic) with no buttons. The screen wraps clear around to the back, which is all plastic. I went for all-black; while there are wild colors involved in this style a) I didn't have access to them at the store I bought this phone at and b) I wouldn't have chosen them, anyway. Black is better.

I miss the buttons along the bottom as most Androids can wake up from pressing on one and I'm all about getting things done fast and effortlessly - even something as seemingly trivial as a screen wake-up. You wake this phone from the power button on the middle right side, but I'm used to that button being on the top right on the Fuel, so I haven't gotten the hang of moving my finger down where it belongs. The button above that is the one I keep hitting. It's the volume control, but I'm so used to pressing there that I just. Keep. On. Hitting. It. Until finally I realize it's the wrong one. And yes, I always look around afterward, waiting for someone to observe my dyslexia-by-proxy and shake their head and mutter, "You idiot. Wrong. Button.".

But outside of wrong-buttoning, a lock screen that's not wanting to give up its ghost and a battery that scares me, the phone is a pleasure to look at it and a pleasure to use. The strangest thing about it has been that I'm used to Android's dialpad button placement and a link for contacts being at the top of the phone app, not along the bottom as an icon-only thing like it is in Windows. But searching contacts is actually easier than it is on Android: just open the contacts list, hit the pound symbol along the top, start typing and what you're after pops into view. I really like that.

Other things I like: my main MS email account is finally linked to a phone. I've never been able to check non-Google email on any phone without actually logging into the site - which I refuse to do from any phone browser for security reasons - so I went years without being able to use that feature in a meaningful way, as I only get junk and a little personal mail on GMail, which is quite intentional, again for security reasons. As an added bonus, my Google account is linked to this phone as well, so my Google and Windows email accounts are running as native apps.

When I first set up the phone I did something I never do and actually read (some of) the instructions, which was truly fortunate, as the ones I read told me there was an app for importing contacts from my Android phone. The one thing I'd dreaded about switching from Android to Windows was having to laboriously hand-type in every contact from one phone to the other. But the instructions took me to a link that explained there's an app for that called Transfer My Data; the app pulls data from your Android account right into your Windows phone.

I didn't believe it, of course, but I downloaded and ran the app, anyhow because dread. It failed on the first run, imported all of my contacts on the second run, and imported less than half my texts and maybe a third of my pictures in each run after that. Repeated runs did nothing to change my luck. I wound up deleting incomplete threads from my texting app as retries were giving me what I already had in duplicate, then triplicate, and I gave up getting the rest of my pictures off of my Fuel. I can always import them from another source later (they're on Google Drive - and everything I imported to my Win phone and all that's accumulated since then is stored on OneDrive, so that should work out).

There's nothing I miss about using an Android except for Android apps that aren't being published on Windows. I'm a hopeless ColorNote, GO! homescreen and GO! texting addict - and I was also a 1Weather addict, but the MSN Live Weather Tile is so good I'm not missing 1Weather too much. (1Weather crashed a lot, anyway. On every Android I ever had. They really need to look into that.)

This phone feels more grown up than my Androids did: it looks more grown up, the styling, fonts and display feel more grown up, and it displays my email (very grown up) and got me using IE like that's a normal thing to do, when being a Firefox addict since 2006 I thought it would be a difficult transition to make just for the sake of using a browser on my phone. But I guess from using IE so much on my ex's phone it simply doesn't bother me (which, after years of rebelling against IE, feels just terribly grown up). While I'd love to see Mozilla publish a browser for the Win phone platform, they need to fix Firefox on Android first. That's another post but the synopsis of it is this: outside of webpage display, which overall is okay, the browser sucks.

IE on a Windows phone displays webpages rather well. I have it set to load mobile websites first - and for sites that don't have a mobile option, display will be as nice or as shitty as the website's devs and designers make it. That's why responsive design is kind of a thing these days, and why people should be doing it. My own blog has a responsive stylesheet and it looks quite good on this phone (again, the ex's phone figures into this because I finished the design a year or so ago by checking it on that).

Other things that make this phone feel grown up: I linked a payment option to it (something I never, ever did on any Android) to buy my first-ever paid-for app - a sort-of replacement for ColorNote that displays a sticky note as a tile on your home screen. It's available for free but I bought it for the color and font options because I have this Pretty In Pink (and magenta) thing going on here and I love using handwriting fonts (an option ColorNote actually does not have).

The best parts of using this phone are how the lock screen shows how many missed phone calls, unread emails and texts I have and how it feels to use the native texting app. On Android I could never use the stock keyboard (too tiny and hard to see, so I'd make too many mistakes and couldn't find the subset keys fast enough or at all, depending on which ones I was after) and the only replacement for it that I could live with - the Big Buttons keyboard - has the same bug as the stock keyboard, wherein hitting the top right of any key risks selecting the key above it. Which I did constantly, right up until the very end.

The Windows keyboard has no such problems, and has auto-correction built-in for when I'm not paying enough attention. Auto-correct is right maybe 90% of the time (Android's native auto-correct never comes close) and when all else fails, it has a built-in Swype-y type of thing (just drag your finger around; the software will figure out what you mean with surprising accuracy) that actually works. I sent entire chains of texts with it one night because my eyes were tired, and while it was a bit slower than straight-up typing for all the corrections I had to make, it works better than Swype with less jitteriness and smoother, more swoopy glide-y stuff built right in. I had to say "swoopy, glide-y" at least once, because I always do when I'm talking about Windows phones...sorry.

But they're so swoopy and glide-y! It's simply amazing. Overall I'm pretty pleased with this phone.

Oh, and yes, the camera (my entire reason for buying it) works quite well. I just wish it had flash and a front-facing camera, too.

Live and learn!

31 Mar 2015 03:15 am
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So I've been driving myself crazy trying to sum up this story in a simple way, and it wasn't until I decided my website needed character bios that it all fell into place. Now this shit MAKES SENSE! It's quick and easy to read! It lets you know who's who and what they want! Why the hell I never thought of doing this before I have no clue but there you go, there are PICTURES and INFORMATION and I really need to hit the sack because wow look at the time.

But I made it. This thing will make sense yet.

Good night!

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31 Mar 2015 01:27 am
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I think TED is an amazing thing, I've never left the site without new ideas to think about. Currently, there are two videos juxtaposed in my brain, kinda on opposites but kinda not, too.

Dave Isay: Everyone around you has a story the world needs to hear )
I'll let those talks speak for themselves, they are amazing. I am definitely gonna interview my mum, next chance I get. And maybe a friend or two, and maybe my aunt. I wish I could have done this with my dad, or any of my grandparents.

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30 Mar 2015 01:29 pm
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I think if you did one of those word-cloud things on me, my most characteristic word would probably be "ostensible." I've thought about dropping it before parodying me becomes to easy, but like. I like the word.

Another thing I probably do too much is say "but, like. [petulance]." Also: "I mean, [defense of thing I'm being petulant about], but [continued petulance]." Also: "Also: [stuff]."

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30 Mar 2015 01:30 pm
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The wastebasket next to me has started to smell, probably the result of me putting banana skins in there every morning since Friday. I prefer to put such things in the kitchen garbage, but that's too far for me right now. It's also too far me to empty this wastebasket. I'll have to wait and have Cordelia do it when she gets home in an hour and a half. Of course, it's possible that what I'm smelling isn't the wastebasket but is actually the kitchen trash. I hope not because we can't do anything about that until Scott gets home, whenever that may be.

Hopefully, Scott won't have to work late. We need to cook chicken tonight, and I don't think I can get Cordelia to do that. First, she's freaked out about the idea of touching raw meat. Second, she dislikes chicken passionately and isn't likely to want to participate in making it dinner for the next several nights.

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30 Mar 2015 12:20 pm
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I'm a little worried. It's a minor thing, but it would be an inconvenience, especially right now. Basically, the sound on my laptop is fading in and out unpredictably. It doesn't vanish altogether, just gets very faint and then comes back and then fades again. I spend a lot of time listening to music while I'm home alone. It makes me feel less alone.

If I can't play music on my laptop, my other option is to use the TV and the DVD player. I've got most of this music on CD. I just can't currently get to my CDs (the walker won't fit into the study what with all the junk in there, and music isn't important enough for me to do without the walker).

I don't think the sound going on my laptop would be important enough to pay to get it repaired, especially not given how long I'd be likely to be without a computer (and thus internet access and the ability to write easily). I'm not sure how old this laptop is. Three years? Four? Older? We really can't afford to replace it any time soon.

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30 Mar 2015 10:53 am
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I took a bath yesterday evening. Getting into the tub was relatively easy. I didn't manage it entirely without putting weight on my right foot, but I came as close as I could. Getting out again was much more difficult. I couldn't do it on my own. After the water had drained, Scott had to get into the tub with me and lift while I used my good foot and both arms to push up. I think this means that washing my hair again will have to wait until next weekend. I'll do a washcloth bath Wednesday or Thursday just so that I can stand myself. My hair was awfully tangled when I got up this morning-- It took me three times as long as normal to brush out the knots, and I'm not sure I got all of them. I think it's largely due to washing it in a bath as opposed to in a shower.

Scott and Cordelia went to the library around 2:00. Scott has put the barcodes from our library cards on his cell phone, so he didn't even have to carry my card or Cordelia's card. I had a few CDs waiting and two books, one an interlibrary loan book. I was afraid Scott would forget the interlibrary loan book because it requires going up to the front desk to get it, but he remembered.

I'm having a hard time leaving the chores to Scott. The dishwasher has been full of clean dishes for three days now, and the sink is piled high with dirty dishes. Scott only brought half of the clean laundry upstairs. That's enough for me to find clothes for today, but it bothers me. Also, I want very badly to put away my laundry, but I can't. I'm not sure I can ask Scott to do that because I'm very particular about how my stuff should be. I also want very much to change the sheets on our bed, but the clean sheets are in the basement, and I couldn't do it anyway. I hesitate to ask it of Scott (he doesn't care if the sheets get changed) as it's usually a two person job.

I was better about staying off my bad foot over the weekend because there was pretty much always someone around to fetch me water or food or my meds. All that I had to do was go back and forth to the bathroom. I'm thinking seriously about getting up with Cordelia so that she can make me coffee and carry my breakfast banana into the living room for me. I don't much want to, and I know she'd be annoyed by it, but it might be the best course of action.

I am a little concerned that I'm putting weight on my bad foot while I'm just sitting around. I'm not sure how to avoid doing that, however. The weight of my leg just naturally rests on my foot.

I did a good bit of writing yesterday, maybe as much as three pages. I've added a complication that I'm not sure I'll keep. It may be one thing too many, and I'm not completely sure the characters would go there. It's potentially interesting, but... I'm not sure.

Scott finished writing up a general overview (without mechanics) of magic for the FATE game. I haven't read it yet, I must confess. I really should since my character uses magic. I also need to spend some time figuring out my character's skills. Everybody else had that done more than two weeks ago, and the group will meet again this Wednesday. I'm just not very motivated to do book work. Plus, all the stuff I need is in a part of the dining room that I can't access while using the walker.

Cordelia's teacher just got back to me-- It's okay for her to attend the Expo on her own if Scott's not ready when it starts. They are willing to let me use the elevator, but Cordelia thinks me going would be a bad idea since it will be nothing but walking around, looking at things. I'm just glad she doesn't mind. I'm not sure exactly how they'll be able to display the projects on tables. If I'm recalling correctly, Cordelia told me the project was to make PSAs about earthquake safety.

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29 Mar 2015 11:24 pm
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Relatedly, the other night I dreamed that Caliborn had created a creepy glitchy puppet-dimension with The Power Of His Artist Soul, populated by living cloth puppets of various characters/real people which did his bidding.

The puppets didn't necessarily like it, and maintained some character traits of the people they were formed after, but were definitely not those people and were not able to disobey Caliborn. Very few of the puppets were Homestuck characters - there was I think a Yukio Mishima one? And most of the SDR2 cast, which makes more sense.

But he did have a puppet version of Andrew Hussie. He had sex with the Hussie puppet.

me upon waking: ...the guy did pretty much bring this upon himself.

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29 Mar 2015 08:22 pm
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In the past, some of you have helped me subsidize my good friend [livejournal.com profile] glitterophelia's electric bill, and I thank you. Now, her family's home has been sold, and she's been given 18 days to move out. If you can help in any way, please do. Because I just moved myself, and was out of work for four months, my own ability to help this time is very limited. http://www.gofundme.com/qabgbbc

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29 Mar 2015 11:21 pm
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tfw you accidentally start shipping two characters in your ofic in ways that fuck up plot shit

"these are my own characters, I don't have to write them this way, I can alter their character traits -"


End-of-weekend mishmash post

29 Mar 2015 11:25 pm
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--This CBC article on last night's plane crash has been updated throughout the day. Initial reports of no severe injuries were true; 20-odd people went to the hospital, and that article currently says only one person is still there and will be released soon. Whew!

--In the last week or two Jinksy has had several days where he's been noticeably snugglier than usual, with multiple instances of curling up on my shins and napping while I'm reading on the couch. Increasingly-snuggly-kitty is definitely a trend I can get behind. ^_^

--The Amazon order I placed last night is probably not literally the most random one I've ever made, but it amused me: a business card organizer, a takeout menu organizer, and a new set of headphones in the style I prefer (clip-on, no stiff head/neckband or frame, nothing at all actually in the ear) but have an astonishingly hard time locating in person. Every once in a while I remember to search for something on Amazon that I've been having trouble finding, and nearly every time it turns out they sell it, thus annoying me a bit at myself for not thinking of it sooner.

Anyway, the new headphones are because on Friday I managed to get to the office with a dead iPod and no charger, which is only mildly annoying, but it got me worried about the possibility of forgetting the iPod entirely...which would be a huge problem if my headphones were forgotten along with it, since I need those for work. The Urbanears pair I've been using for a while is pretty great, just bigger than I'd like, so until I remembered to search Amazon I was thinking I'd just get a second pair and leave one at the office. But if these new little ones work out well, they can just live in my bag with my music player (I'm thinking of finally switching to having my music on my phone, since my iPod is a Mini I got in...I don't even know, maybe 2009? Long enough ago that I couldn't borrow a co-worder's charger because the style I need hasn't been around for ages) and the Urbanears can live at work.

--The rewrite that's due tomorrow needs a tiny bit more tweaking but is otherwise ready to go (nearly half got turned in on Friday so my editor could start in on it). The one due this coming Friday is only about 1/3 done, which is alarming. Dear self: you HAVE TO get a lot of work done on that tomorrow. Like, most of what's left. Because you are in the office from Tuesday-Thursday (hopefully the Tuesday and Thursday shifts will be on the short side, at least, since things are still revving up). There's a morning meeting on Wednesday, which'll add four hours to the day, but I can skip that if I really have to. My wallet would very much like me to attend, though. *fingers crossed* So wish me luck and focus tomorrow?
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An extremely serious work of Neprezi for blurds/eptified.

NEPETA: :33 < the pouncellor rolls to seduce the dragon!

VRISKA: Not this again!




NEPETA: :33 < yeah but you're making that rule up!

ROSE: Alas, it is in the rule book.



VRISKA: Yeah, can we please quit screwing around and get something done, for once????????

NEPETA: :33 < ...all right, then! i WILL role-play it! the pouncellor will seduce her old rival with the very fiercest of furvor!


VRISKA: Oh, my god.



VRISKA: Oh my godddddddd...

NEPETA: :33 < hmm... rose, can your guy shapeshift me?

ROSE: Given a live sacrifice of appropriate “narrative weight,” the wizard *could* transform the pouncellor into a dragon. However, he is willing to take so drastic a step only for the sake of true hate or love - not merely to avoid a confrontation.


NEPETA: :33 < the pouncellor’s intentions are pure! it is her heartfelt intention to capture the dragon’s bloodpusher, which i assume is in a box somewhere nearby, and carve her name into it!


NEPETA: :33 < - but the dragon did kidnap the princess, so maybe the shape-shift step isn’t even necessary? i don't know, how big actually is the dragon?



ROSE: The wizard is fully prepared to sacrifice the Marquise for this scheme. Or really, pretty much any scheme.

VRISKA: The HELL he will!!!!!!!!
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See ETA at end...

The code block at fault is shown below this paragraph (and it could purely be bad coding that led to all the overrides - there are floats, absolute positioning is used on a link and there are all kinds of margins and padding). I'm not sure if I'm coding anything correctly, but my weird coding is mostly because the linkbar under each entry is two linkbars that I've jammed together. All DW styles have the misfortune of having two linkbars where we could get by with just one - one is for .entry-interaction (like sharing the post or leaving a comment on it) and one is for .entry-management (like editing a post's text or tags). The absolute positioning on the most errant link in question is, if I recall correctly, because I want to use border-radius on the reply count and it doesn't clear or position correctly without some pretty wonky code - which led to the reply count laying on top of the reply link in every browser except Firefox using just my original code - before I added in the following hacks.

/* original code */
.entry-readlink{position:absolute;} .entry-readlink a{float:none;vertical-align:top!important;padding:8px 12px;background:#555;font-size:95%;color:#fff;border-radius:50%;margin: 0 0 0 1.8em;}
/* because ms ie8/9/10/11/webkit desktop/phone will not parse a normal fucking margin: http://stackoverflow.com/a/22085269 - ie is flipping margin display with chrome/opera webkit and ie8/9 hacks will not work on dw */
.page-entry .entry-readlink a, .page-reply .entry-readlink a {margin:0 0 0 1.8em !important;} .entry-readlink a, .entry-readlink a {margin:0 0 0 5.3em !important;} @media screen and (-ms-high-contrast: active), (-ms-high-contrast: none) { .entry-readlink a {margin:0 0 0 1.8em!important;} }@media screen and (-ms-high-contrast: active), (-ms-high-contrast: none) { .page-entry .entry-readlink a,.page-reply .entry-readlink a {margin:0 0 0 5.3em!important;} }
/* revert fx back from universal hacks above */
@-moz-document url-prefix() { .entry-readlink a,.entry-readlink a {margin: 0 0 0 1.8em!important;} }

In order of arrangement:

The first hack is universal - for IE, Chrome, and Webkit on Opera - I don't even want to know how Presto renders reply count links now, but it never gave me trouble before I added absolute positioning, which I believe is what screwed everything up in all browsers but Firefox. This hack involves writing your property/value declarations normally but then adding a space before the ! in !important. Like the hacks that follow, it clears the reply count link.

The second and third hacks - @media screen and (-ms-high-contrast: active), (-ms-high-contrast: none) {} - in theory work only in IE 11 but in practice work in any version of IE that supports the IE Edge HTML declaration (which I was using long before DW adopted it last week) so that's 10, 11 and presumably (unless MS has changed shit around again) the upcoming 12 (and no, I haven't grabbed an IE 12 preview yet and don't even know if one's available). This is to reset the universal hack for IE Lt because the reply count link fails to clear on the .page-recent, .page-entry and .page-reply views in all Webkit browsers but only misses clearing on the .page-entry and .page-reply views in IE versions 8, 9, 10 and 11 (don't even ask me to discuss 7).

The final hack resets Firefox to my default CSS, since it always worked just fine in Firefox despite fucking up in every other browser.

Which sort of brings me to the reason I wrote this post: I have multiple hacks for every version of every browser in existence that I can safely use on Dreamwidth except for IE 8 and 9 (the space before ! hack works in these versions, but I had to reserve it for my Webkit issues, so I'm shit out of luck). The only other hacks those IE versions will recognize are forbidden by Dreamwidth: backslash hacks (your CSS will be completely stripped by DW's CSS cleaner) and conditional comments (you can safely add these to your s2 but DW's compiler will just blithely ignore them).

While I'd like to kill the absolute positioning that led to this mess I don't think I can without re-introducing whatever problem I was solving. And while I'm not exactly asking my reading list for CSS help (I'd just drag myself over to [community profile] style_system if I was really, uh, determined, but they tend to get all flinchy at even the merest mention of IE problems, which will keep them from actually helping me almost every time) if any of you can see where I could kill or edit any part of my original code to not need the hacks, I would truly appreciate it.

ETA, early next morning: as usual, closing my laptop and being unable to re-open it for over 12 hours brought instant clarity. The code at fault was indeed .entry-readlink{position:absolute;} but the absolute positioning was more non-critical than I first recalled. All it did was allow me to set a negative margin on .entry-readlink a, and while setting that margin solves another problem I'm having (the reply count number sits either too low or high on every linkbar depending on which number it is - my layout is truly Bug Paradise) it's not important to keep it if that means keeping all the hacks I had to work around it.

I'm keeping this post up for now because it highlights two topics that sort of matter: 1) it shows absolute positioning can be kind of hard to play with in many browsers and 2) to remind me we could always use more good hacks (especially on Dreamwidth, given our CSS cleaner and s2 compiler limitations) to work around problems like that.

pepper update, March 29

29 Mar 2015 01:58 pm
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OMG, my peppers have started to sprout!

When I left for church this morning, at 10:15am, nothing was visible above the soil. When I returned home at 1:00pm, there were eight visible sprouts! They are all from my first batch of seventeen seeds, planted on March 15, so they broke the surface in two weeks exactly.

I only photographed four of them, because the others are just tiny arches of ultra-pale green stem and thus don't show up well at the resolution my camera can manage. I may take another set of photos this evening if things have noticeably progressed.

sprout in blue mug
tiny pepper sprout, omg!

sprout in gray stoneware teacup
and another!

sprout in off-white plastic pot
and a third, which probably broke the soil first judging by how close its leaves are to being uncrumpled

sprout in salmon ceramic pot
and a fourth, which hasn't quite managed to shed its seed coat yet, d'aww :-)



Eeeeee, peppers! *dances*

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29 Mar 2015 12:04 pm
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I completely forgot while I was writing earlier-- Last night, Cordelia got a nasty splinter from our hardwood floor. She was just walking along (probably dragging her feet a bit) and the nasty thing went straight through her sock and into her foot. It was bad enough that she was bleeding after Scott removed it. Scott wants to get some small rugs to put over the trouble spots since we can't really afford a more aggressive solution. (He was pricing out alternatives last night, and the cheapest one he found was $4000. I think he was looking at floor replacements, though, so refinishing would probably be cheaper.) The main hesitation right now is fear of making it more difficult for me to use my walker to get to the bathroom.


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