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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you for signing up!

This time I've requested for fics in Tokyo Crazy Paradise, The Changeover, Journey to the West and Uzumaki.

I love gen fics and while I do like romantic fics, I usually prefer romantic fics where the couple is established and they are trying to know each other better. But gen fics that explore the world that the characters are in, and the different relationships that result with the people around them, are what really makes me excited.

I'm not keen on explicit sex scenes and non-con themes are a definite no. (Although given the fandoms I've requested, reference to underage sex is perhaps inevitable. So I'm prepared for that. More under the cut.)

Read more... )

Just some wild thoughts. Nonetheless, please feel free to write whatever you feel is most right. Thank you again!
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My pretty dream of getting fic posted before work today was, in retrospect, hilarious. (Instead, I was a good freelancer and put in some work on a script before heading to Casual Job.) And it's sure not getting done tonight, or tomorrow morning (tomorrow morning I'm due at the office around 9 AM, as opposed to today's 2 PM. In fact, I should already be in bed). But hopefully tomorrow evening. Yes.

(I realize this isn't a huge deal in general! *g* But [name redacted because I don't wanna spread other people's plans around]'s plans mean that getting it posted in the next few days would be convenient for them. So that's the goal.)

This morning I attempted to buy Maggie Stiefvater's Blue Lily, Lily Blue in the name of first-week sales and all, even though I haven't read the first two books of the Raven Cycle yet. As I mentioned to someone on Twitter, if this were the final book, I'd hold off until it's out in paperback so it'd match my copies of The Raven Boys and The Dream Thieves, but it's the second-last book in the series, and I don't plan to take that long to start actually reading the books.

Alas, the key word in the previous paragraph is "attempted", because and Chapters/Indigo both claim that the book isn't available until November 1. >.< And when Bakka-Phoenix posted their list of releases for the week, it wasn't listed there. But it's out in the US, and even more confusingly, it's available at the Kobo store...which belongs to Chapters/Indigo. (I didn't bother checking Kindle.) I am very confused, and also grumpier than is justified, given that heaven only knows when I'll actually read the book anyway.

Publishing is WEIRD. But this is not news.

At any rate, I did order vol. 3 of Hawkeye (which reminds me that I still haven't read vol. 2) and Beware the Wild, which is a debut novel about which I've heard good things. It will go on the to-read...bookcase. >.>

(Somehow when I stopped buying nearly as many manga titles--I think I'm now at about seven or eight, including Evangelion, which has only one more volume--I switched to buying many more novels. Which isn't a bad thing, but also wasn't exactly intentional, since I've always been a heavy library user.)

Pain in the neck

21 Oct 2014 03:09 pm
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I have arthritis. In my knees and my back, and now my neck. For years, I've watched both my parents become increasingly disabled, and I know I am d00med. D00med. Last week, I went to my orthopedic specialist who could instantly whip me into an X-ray machine and have pictures of my skeleton popped up on the back-lit board fifteen minutes later. But diagnosis is easy. Intervention, that's harder.

Physical therapy is always their first line. Last year, I learned a series of exercises to strengthen my back. The clinic offered me a nerve-numbing procedure, but it was too expensive and painful for something that might only last six months, so I nixed that. This week, I'm returning to PT for my neck.

I'm doing what I can to change my environment. I recently got a new, ergonomic chair for work, and one of those neck-supporting pillows for my bed at home. But the chair I lounge and write in at home has GOT to be replaced. I've jury-rigged pillows to fit under my knees and under my neck and under my lumbar, all in an attempt to compensate for the chair being arthritis-unfriendly, but what I need, since I use that chair constantly and for long stretches, is something genuinely ergonomic.

Only problem is, ergonomic recliners are also mega-expensive. I am perfectly willing to spend the money on a chair that will work for me, but I have had bad experiences walking into stores, trying out chairs that seem all right on the show room floor, and then are killing me two weeks later and can't be returned (usually, because they're customized in some way).

I will ask the physical therapist for recommendations about how to buy a good ergonomic recliner, but really, I'm not optimistic.

To top that off, somehow I also managed to pull a muscle in my shoulder, and that's making sitting and turning my head even more of a pain. Will mention it to the PT.

(no subject)

21 Oct 2014 09:36 pm
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The Midias Touch, John/Sherlock, cracky premise (John has a healing!cock), Sherlock, by flawedamythyst

The Son of Man, JARVIS, Avengers, Iron Man, by copperbadge

Operation Star-Spangled Double(s), humour, Avengers, Captain America, by oatrevolution


Had some time and crossposted some of my old fics to AO3 account.

I also added a new fic I wrote for the most recent round of Blind_Go, Attention to Go Players, which had a genderswap theme.

I hadn't done Blind_Go in ages, and I was about to give this round a pass too, only I went to bed thinking "ok, which genderswapped character would I like to write about?" and woke up with "!!!" Somehow my subconscious had dreamt up an entire scenario for me, and my main exertion was writing it out.Read more... )

(no subject)

21 Oct 2014 08:13 am
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I ended up making brownies yesterday. They didn't come out as well as they could have because I missed that there were a packet of chocolate syrup in the box that needed to be added to the mix. The brownies without the syrup are okay but not very chocolaty. They're also a little dry. I thought there wasn't enough liquid in the recipe, and, as it turns out, I was right.

Scott's still waiting on parts to get the car door fixed. The dealership managed to get the panel off to look inside, so they knew what to order. I'm not sure if the car door currently opens or not because I haven't so much as seen the car since they took the panel off (so I also don't know if they put it back on. I'm assuming they did because exposed electronics would not be good).

Last night I dreamed about a book series that I so would read if it were real. In the dream, I was in a library, and I was talking to someone, recommending this series of mysteries about a 40 something con artist (retired), female, who was something like Jarod of The Pretender but not quite on the same scale, and a 60 something retired police inspector or some such who had pursued her during her career and was friendly to her now that they were both retired. I think the books were set in Europe somewhere. Now I'm sad that this series doesn't exist. I don't have the right skills to write it, either (like I need another writing project!).

I did end up making the pot pie sort of thing for dinner. I wasn't able to use almond milk to mix up the biscuit dough because Scott bought vanilla almond milk the last time he bought almond milk. He does that from time to time and never seems to get that doing that severely limits what we can do with the stuff. I can't use it to cook anything savory. It's fine for what he uses it for-- making pancakes-- and it would be fine if I were making ordinary biscuits. Biscuits meant to be soaked in chicken stew aren't so great with vanilla flavoring.

I signed up for Yuletide yesterday. The requests were easy, but I dithered over my offers. I settled for only offering the twenty or so fandoms that I know well, could review easily, and would be thrilled to write. There were another thirty or so fandoms that I could probably write but that would be a stretch and that I'd be less thrilled to be assigned and that I couldn't review easily. I'm going to keep an eye on sign ups and see what's being requested. I may change my offers based on that, but I also may not. As of yesterday, nine of my offered fandoms had requests, and that's enough to match.

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed, though-- The only visible offers in my requested fandoms are from me. Someone might have put them in a bucket list, and that wouldn't show up on the summary, but I also might not have a writer match. I'll consider adding another request, but going through the tag set before, I didn't see anything that I could request that wouldn't disappoint me by not being one of my three original fandoms. I'm still hopeful-- Somebody else nominated Drujienna's Harp. That person might offer to write it.
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I may not be able to link to it on this device , but:


Y'all need to go to YouTube right now and see this video.

( edited to add that I really can't get the embed to work, either)

This video is amazing on so many levels.

First level, the way it presents a constructed reality completely at odds with the song lyric.

A song that is on the face of it about drinking and partying as a coping mechanism for personal pain( to the extent that it even includes a drinking game chant in the lyric ) is transformed into a an anthem about the persistence of hope and imagination in the most squalid of circumstances.

More specifically, it discusses how girls hold onto their dreams in a reality that offers them no support, but also, how even our most ambitious childhood aspirations ( as girls and women) include an element of performing for and seeking approval from an imaginary audience.

Even more amazing:

It does this all through dance. Really, really good dance.

Performed by one dancer. Who is eleven years old.

The video is one dancer, dancing powerfully.

And really, I could go on and on about how the costuming of the dancer tells its own story: how the dancer is both a stand-in for the singer, is clearly a girl but the dance is pushing back against performative femininity (except perhaps in the closing shot.)

There's a whole other level of meta-commentary,less intentional, perhaps, involving the selection and use of this particular dancer for this video.

The dancer (who is, by the way absolutely brilliant in her dancing: angry, lonely ,whimsical, desperate, athletic)
Is a reality star in a show that glorifies and rewards a dance style that evokes ' beauty' and typical femininity.

So a feminine and conformist reality star is cast in a role that pushes, hard, against femininity and conformity, but ends with an acknowledgment of how pervasive an oppression needing to perform is.

The whole thing is brilliant.

Well, drat.

21 Oct 2014 06:28 am
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I need to talk to the store and tell them I want a different pair of glasses.

This would be less stressful if they didn't have a whoops-the-head-came-off-screw that means the plastic "scabbard" on the arm comes off--not because that's a problem, but because I was in yesterday to get the screw replaced and they told me "oh, no, can't replace the screw, we'd need to take the plastic bit off and that'd break the plastic bit."

It feels distinctly weird to be going in to say "Hey, you were wrong, but I don't want the glasses anyway." I know that technically I'm not really being ungrateful and it's perfectly okay to express dissatisfaction with things I paid for, but... ugh.

Oh well. Onwards?

celtic cross

21 Oct 2014 04:13 am
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The card not shown but at the center of the cross, represents the atmosphere surrounding the central issue. Judgement: A swift and conclusive decision. The resolution of a matter long unanswered. A change in point of view, most frequently towards greater enlightenment. Final balancing of karma.

The card visible at the center of the cross represents the obstacle that stands in your way - it may even be something that sounds good but is not actually to your benefit. Four of Swords (Truce), when reversed: Restlessness and mental disharmony. Deserting a struggle in progress. A temporary retreat from stress that turns into a permanent rout. A lack of vigilance that could lead to disaster.

The card at the top of the cross represents your goal, or the best you can achieve without a dramatic change of priorities. Two of Swords (Peace), when reversed: Indecision due to contradictory characteristics brought together. Tension in the aftermath of a quarrel that has been resolved. Scheming, abuse of trust, and agreements made in bad faith. Allowing the mind to block off the emotions. Self deception as a means of justifying cruel acts.

The card at the bottom of the cross represents the foundation on which the situation is based. Death, when reversed: Stagnation or petrifaction. The refusal to let go of the past. Resistance to change because of fear.

The card at the left of the cross represents a passing influence or something to be released. The High Priestess: A pure, exalted and gracious influence. Education, knowledge, wisdom, and esoteric teachings. The forces of nature. Intuition, foresight, and spiritual revelation of the most mysterious and arcane sort.

The card at the right of the cross represents an approaching influence or something to be embraced. Two of Wands (Dominion): Established power and influence over others. Setting goals and a vision for the future. Coming to grips with the impact of past decisions, considering the current state of affairs, and developing a plan of action. Responsible leadership.

The card at the base of the staff represents your role or attitude. The Fool, when reversed: Apathy, negligence, and dangerous carelessness. Unquenchable wanderlust. Obsession with someone or something. Losing all sense of proportion. Foolhardy adventuring and lack of interest in critical matters. Immature or unrealistic ideals. Strange impulses and desires coming from unexpected sources. Vanity, delirium, folly, and oblivion.

The card second from the bottom of the staff represents your environment and the people you are interacting with. Nine of Swords (Cruelty), when reversed: Mental anguish or ill health endured and overcome. Refusal to be dragged down by the dishonor of others. Attempting to avert a shameful or regrettable act. Faithfulness, patience and unselfishness. May indicate the narrow avoidance of a death or other catastrophic loss.

The card second from the top of the staff represents your hopes, fears, or an unexpected element that will come into play. Four of Cups (Luxury): Being surrounded by love and devotion but taking it for granted. Ignoring the real and longing for the indefinable. Apathy and disengagement from the world. Dissatisfaction with the condition and direction of affairs, but the inability to accept new opportunities.

The card at the top of the staff represents the ultimate outcome should you continue on this course. Three of Swords (Sorrow), when reversed: Unsettling news that helps you to distance yourself from a destructive relationship. Painfully honest communication that needs to take place. Not letting yourself be dragged by your emotions into a negative situation. A trust or confidence betrayed in an attempt to help someone in need. The revelation of a painful truth.

Odds and ends

21 Oct 2014 01:48 am
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--I keep basically forgetting that I have a fic that's been ready for posting for over a week now. >.> I'll try to get that posted before heading to work tomorrow. La?

--Here's a photo [ profile] ginnikin took of me and Jinksy!Bear being snuggly while she was visiting. ^_^

--Successful Adulting of the day: went to a dentist's appointment and got a flu shot. (Downside: these combined to take up more time than expected, so I got nowhere near as much rewriting done today as I needed to.)

--Tonight was my last "regular" Monday workday at Casual Job for...let's say "the foreseeable future". Possibly ever, although "regular" is undoubtedly the operative word there, since there are still several circumstances that can/will bring us back in for some Mondays here and there. But maybe those as-yet-distant Mondays will involve starting our workday before 7 PM. That'd be nice.

--Reading people's Yuletide letters is awesome. *^^* (And my gosh, if In the Flesh were my zombie fandom rather than Newsflesh, there would be SO MANY OPTIONS for writing treats for people. o_o)

--I'm more acutely aware of being behind on all of my shows than I am of being "behind" on my reading (which isn't measurable in the same way), but I'm much itchier to sit down and read a book than I am to sit down and catch up on All The Television.

--My wallet would very much like Casual Job to continue for another couple of weeks, at least, but the rest of me is ready to be done. Which is a bit sad, because as Casual Job stints go, this one's been pretty easy overall. And I know I'm nowhere near the level of burnout I hit sometimes, which theoretically Should Mean I'm Fine, you know? But my deadlines are frazzling me. *sighs* (Note: I have no idea how much longer this is going to last. Because...we never know. ^^;)

--Sarah Rees Brennan has created a master post for The Turn of the Story, including ordered links to each chapter, info on how it came about, and links to extra bits of writing or explanation. Oh, and a bonus story!

Still not updating here!

20 Oct 2014 09:24 pm
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Still pretty much just on Tumblr.

I'm just posting because I've spent much of the past couple days yelling about my Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle reread, and that's kind of the only thing I've written lately that I think likely to interest anyone following me here and not there.
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I took a break from crossposting old HP fic today and crossposted some old miscellaneous fic instead. So now my three tiny Captain America 3-sentence ficlets are up on AO3, as are the three 15-minute Ranma 1/2 ficlets I wrote back in 2004.

I am always slightly at a loss when dealing with 3-sentence ficlets. They seem too small to stand on their own, yet there isn't always a logical way to group them. Thus far, I've posted all the Narnia ones as standalones (though grouped into series or collections, as appropriate), and have done multi-chapter collected versions for Star Trek: AOS, The Dark Is Rising, and now Captain America, since those didn't have the timeline issues that were a concern for the Narnia ficlets.

When I finally finish my HP crossposting, I may try to knock off some of my random crossover fics. Or not. I might be completely burned out by the time I reach that bridge. *sigh*


On a completely unrelated note, I am in search of a good image-hosting website. I finished writing a Homestuck kinkmeme fill yesterday, but I think it might work best presented as a series of images rather than plain text. The thing is, since the images are a series of letters written from various characters to one another, it seems weird to store them on DeviantArt -- they're not really art, you know? But the only other place I post images is Tumblr, which is definitely not the right place for this sort of thing.

Advice, anyone?

I just can't stop my....

20 Oct 2014 09:37 am
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Am I the only one who had Lindsey McDonald flashbacks during last night's OUAT?

(no subject)

20 Oct 2014 08:11 am
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Yesterday, Cordelia's Girl Scout troop held its second meeting. Only six girls came, and one of those arrived half an hour into the meeting. The troop leader has ambitious plans for activities. I won't be able to do most of them because they involve a lot of tromping around outdoors, but she says she has other parent volunteers for those.

Most of the things she's suggesting are formal Girl Scout activities-- Things sponsored by GSHOM that cost money. With the money left from last year and the money from the candy and magazine sale (I doubt we made very much. It was kind of slapdash and ended very, very soon after our first meeting), we can do one, maybe two such activities. After cookies, we'd be on a firmer footing financially, but doing a lot of activities would mean, most likely, no camping trip in the summer. I suppose we could ask for dues or event by event fees from parents. We were trying not to do that because not everybody can afford it.

While Cordelia and I got ready for Girl Scouts, Scott went to the library and picked up bubble tea. He talked to the folks at circulation about the book on CD that he'd been listening too-- The last CD turned out to be missing, so he couldn't finish it. I was afraid they'd charge us for it, but they didn't. Instead, they just found another copy on the shelf and checked that out to Scott.

Scott finally got rid of the branches that have been on the front lawn since June when a thunderstorm took them off the crabapple tree. I think he was hoping that they'd magically go away or something. They took up most of the space in our compost cart (the city provides us with three carts, trash, recycling, and compost. They pick up all three weekly April through November and trash and recycling only December through March), so there's a big pile of leaves in the middle of the yard.

It used to be that we could rake the leaves into the street and the city would come by and pick them up, but now we have to put them in the compost cart or compost bags (which we can buy at the hardware store) for pick up. Scott hates compost bags or, at least, seems to. Hopefully, we'll get rid of all the leaves by the end of November. The current pile is pretty large, and there are still an awful lot of leaves on the tree that overhangs our yard.

I'm trying to decide whether to bake a cake or brownies. Both would be from mix. The cake would be slightly more trouble (I'd have to flour the pan) but would last longer. Brownies are more popular, but the mix makes less, and they vanish rapidly.

I'm thinking to try making that sort of pot pie thing again tonight. We've got the right amount of cooked meat, and we've got chicken broth that needs to be used up. This time, I think I'll sift the Jiffy mix to get the lumps out. Or maybe not. That seems kind of silly. Except that there were a lot of little lumps of Jiffy mix that didn't mix into the dough last time. I'm not sure what the best solution is.

sleep schedule

20 Oct 2014 02:36 am
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Sleep schedule keeps drifting further out of alignment with the people I live among. I need to do a morning treatment to finish my traineeship at the raptor center, but they start at 7:30 and I can't. I pry myself out of bed, nauseated, at 9, and sit up drinking tea, hoping that not having had enough sleep will make it easier to go to bed the next night.

Having a lot of bad dreams. Like, I'm living with wolves instead of dogs, and my baby has disappeared. He isn't a baby-baby, more like two or three, and there isn't any blood or screaming, but he's gone, and I'm searching, yelling, "Simon! Where are you? Make some noise!" and wondering why I thought it was okay to let these wolves live in my house.

(My baby has in fact gone, but in a good way. And he skyped me for help with physics just before the wolf dream, so I have recent reassurance that he is safe.)

My local art cinema has posted:
The Lyric is very excited to announce that in November we will be hosting our very first Story Swap event. Story Swap is a time to gather together and share life experiences with each other. Each event (which we hope to hold every-other month) we will choose a theme for you to come prepared for. If you bring a story and submit your name to share, you just might be one of the names called! Story sharers will receive a special prize for being open and willing to share.

Our first theme is simple: Good Times, Bad Times. Maybe you have a story of complete joy and hilarity, or maybe your story is about the most difficult period of your life. As long as it is centered on the theme, we want you to bring it! Please make sure your story is under 10 minutes.
I think I should do this.

Nepal hiatus

20 Oct 2014 08:19 am
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Just putting a small hiatus notice until November, as I'm currently in Kathmandu Nepal and about to head to a rural village (which will have wifi because I'm setting it up for a school and teaching them how to maintain it) although it's still east Nepal so not that remote as far as Nepal goes). I should have limited access to email, but other things are proving frustrating. Definitely an experience so far - will blog about it later. Probably November. XD
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what i want to do is get back to work, i havent been doing much lately, just reading. reading is so much easier than doing things. at some point i am going to motivate myself to do shit. sooner rather than later...


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