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This terrible memefate

*I close Tumblr and am confronted with the Gdocs tab containing the first chapter of my paranormal romance novel Taken By Two Draculas*

And all those aftershocks...

22 May 2015 10:21 pm
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I saw a trailer for the movie San Andreas yesterday (before Mad Max: Fury Road) and will not be seeing the movie. This is partly because apparently I am still twitchy about seeing cities destroyed by earthquakes but mostly because the trailer instantly earwomed me with the Animaniacs' "A Quake!" song ("A fault! Whose fault? The San Andreas' fault!") and I am still trying to shake it off a day later. Apologies to those now similarly afflicted.

I liked Mad Max. I didn't love it - the opening thirty minutes or so was too gruesome for me, somehow, but I did love Charlize Theron's character.

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21 May 2015 04:03 pm
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Googled for fantasy quidditch leagues. There are several.

blah blah stuff

21 May 2015 04:12 pm
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The ICSD election was on Tuesday, with polls open 12-9pm. There were eight candidates running for four slots on the school board, plus budget approval and permission to take money from the capital fund to buy some new buses. The budget and purchase request both passed, and two of the four people I voted for were elected.

School elections tend to get really low voter turnout, but I figure that A) voting is a responsibility as well as a right, and B) if you don't vote, you have no justification for complaining until the next election, because you didn't even try to make a difference. I kind of like complaining about stuff, so... *wry*

I voted at about 12:15 and hit the road shortly thereafter, taking Dottie home to NJ. While in Madison, I had dinner with my parents (who arrived perhaps an hour after I did) and then went over to Susan's place to hang out. This involved sort of half-watching The Legend of Drunken Master on Netflix, because she was in the mood for comedy, I was in the mood for action/adventure, and we figured it's hard to go wrong with Jackie Chan. :-) In brief, Jackie Chan was about ten years too old to be really believable in his role but likable as always, the first twenty minutes or so seems like a bunch of completely disconnected and unrelated plots but they do eventually pull together (except the factory stuff, which I'm pretty sure was only there to provide a cool setting for the climactic fight scenes), and it's really refreshing to have an action film that doesn't bother creating an extraneous love interest. Also, that is not how alcohol works, but what the hell, Rule of Funny trumps biology, I guess.

On Wednesday Mom and I drove back north to Ithaca, where she helped me install my air conditioner -- just in time for the weather to take a three-day plunge back into early April temperatures. *sigh* Oh well, I'll need the blasted contraption in another week or two, I'm sure, and while I can take it out on my own, the installation really requires a minimum of three hands.

In other local news, for the past couple weeks road crews have been redoing the sidewalks along the corners of N. Tioga St. in an attempt to make them handicapped-accessible. In several cases, this did lower the concrete to street level, but in other cases it only succeeded in reducing the height differential from four inches to two inches. But! I now know why the workers weren't especially careful about making the concrete and asphalt line up.

It's because they've now ripped up the entire surface of Tioga from Lewis St. south to the bridge over Cascadilla Creek. I am in favor of that, don't get me wrong! The street has needed repaving for years. But it's going to be interesting for a while.

And now I should get back to revising my Betapalooza fic (because it's complete and functional as posted, but would be much better with an additional scene in the middle and some more detailed character work), and possibly writing a couple fills for the Daredevil kinkmeme, because, um, reasons. Yes.

SPN 10x23 Episode Reaction

21 May 2015 10:25 am
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Well, that happened. I have thoughts about the end of the tenth season of Supernatural, but I don't really have feelings about it, which tells me something has changed in my relationship with the show this year, since last year I was still touched by the "I'm proud of us, Sammy" moment.

I had hoped for more from a tenth season finale. The one time it tugged at my heartstrings just a little bit was when I realized that a scene was set up as something of a parallel to Swan Song. But while the idea tugged at my heart, in the end, the scene didn't land for me. And the more I think about the last three episodes, the more I feel like the show's writing is spinning me around like a kid at a birthday party, hoping that if I get dizzy enough that I won't notice that the pinata is already broken and all the good candy is gone.

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I have pretty strong opinions about how these axes should be labelled.

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21 May 2015 08:55 am
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One of the CDs I put a hold on and got last week turned out to be a boxed set of fourteen CDs. I did know there would be more than one CD, but I didn't realize quite how many there would be. I'm not sure how many of them I'll get through before Sunday, but it probably can't hurt to keep the thing an extra week. It's actually not due until mid-June because the downtown library will be closed for ten days, starting on the 29th.

For some reason, the library website doesn't say that on the front page anywhere that I can find it. There's an article about the construction being done there, but it doesn't mention a closure at all. I only found out because I noticed that my CDs weren't due when I expected them to be and emailed the library to ask what was going on. I double checked the article after that, but I couldn't find anything at all about a closure.

Scott had to work late again last night. He's hoping that that will mean he can come home on time tonight and tomorrow night. He's almost certainly going to have to work Saturday which he resents because he was really hoping to have a four day weekend. It's also not great because there's a lot that needs to be done on Saturday so that we're ready for his family's gathering on Sunday. We'll be celebrating the four May birthdays then. Scott ordered presents for his parents from Amazon last night. He has Amazon Prime, but they apparently aren't guaranteeing that his purchases will arrive before Tuesday.

Scott's father wants Scott to come up and help him put together his new grill (which he will want to use on Sunday), but I don't know if Scott's going to manage it. He's so utterly exhausted every night, and it's an hour to get up there. Scott's father did tell him not to do it if it endangered his health, but I know Scott wants to do it.

I woke with a headache this morning. I don't know why. I've taken Tylenol for it. Hopefully that will help. I slept pretty well, better than I expected at least. My foot and ankle aren't currently giving me any trouble. I'll see how they are after I shower.

Next year in Madison

21 May 2015 10:23 am
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I'm not at WisCon this year; I'm in Tokyo, because I don't have a teleporter. I hope everyone has a wonderful time, and I will see you all next year! ♥

WisCon Schedule

20 May 2015 02:55 pm
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I'll be at WisCon starting tomorrow and leaving on Tuesday. I am scheduled to participate in these sessions:

  1. Imaginary Book Club, Fri, 4:00-5:15 pm in Conference 2. Five panelists discuss books that don't exist, improvising critiques and responses. I proposed this panel a few years ago (you can see video of its debut) and it has continued, which is cool!
  2. Lighthearted Shorthand Sans Fail, Sat, 8:30-9:45 am in Capitol A. What are your go-to phrasings to avoid sexism, ableism, etc. while getting your point across in casual conversation? I hope to walk out of this with some new vocabulary to replace bad habits.
  3. Vid Party, Saturday night 9:00 pm-Sun, 3:00 am in room 629. I am premiering a fanvid. Once it's premiered, I'll hit Post on blog posts to announce it publicly as well.
  4. Call Out Culture II: Follow-up to the Discussion Held at WisCon 38, Sun, 10:00-11:15 am in Senate A. Meta-discussion around discourse in social justice movements. I predict this session will be pretty intense.
  5. Vid Party Discussion, Sun, 1:00-2:15 pm in Assembly. We will discuss some of the vids shown at the vid party, and fan vids in general. This will be the first time I've engaged in public realtime conversation about fanvids. Before this panel I hope to publish some notes about what I learned from watching several vids that drew from multiple sources (including stills), made a political point, or were otherwise particularly ambitious. I'll probably reference those lessons during the panel.

I also proposed "What Does Feminist Tech Education Look Like?", "Impostor Syndrome Training Exercise", and "Entry Level Discussion Group", but am not a panelist or presenter for those sessions; I bet they'll be interesting, though, and you could do worse than to check them out. You can read Entry Level ahead of time for free online.

I look like the photo to the left. I am often bad with names, and will remember 5 minutes into our conversation that we had an awesome deep conversation three years prior. I apologize in advance.

If you are good at clothes, consider joining me at the Clothing Swap portion of the Gathering on Friday afternoon to help me find pieces that suit me. I'm introducing two old pals to WisCon and spending a lot of time with them (we live in different cities), and they're both white, so I might not be able to come to the People of Color dinner on Friday night. And sadly, The Floomp dance party on Saturday happens during the Vid Party so I probably can't attend that. I did buy a ticket for the Dessert Salon and will attend the Guest of Honor and Tiptree Award speeches on Sunday, and maybe you will be at my table!

One of my pals who's coming to WisCon is Beth Lerman, an artist who will be displaying and selling her work in the art show. Check it out!

Also I am open to doing a small room performance of my half-hour geeky stand-up comedy routine if several people ask for it. I don't know when or where it would be; Monday night would be easiest. Speak up in comments or some other medium if you'd be interested.

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here's some decor that is not worth all that much and also some stuff on my walls. now is a good time to buy my stuff because i just lost my disability.

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20 May 2015 01:17 pm
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Well, the appointments went pretty well. The dermatology appointment, as I expected, was a whole lot of nothing. Yes, I have a little bump next to my right eye. Yes, it's probably a cyst. No, it's nothing to worry about. That took about ten minutes ,and that was only because the resident I saw had to have an attending sign off on his diagnosis.

The dermatology clinic is on the first floor of the Taubman building which is attached to the University of Michigan hospital (the cab dropped me off at the hospital main entrance). Radiology, where I was scheduled for my bone density check, is on the second floor of the same building. I had over an hour and a half left before my appointment when I finished at dermatology, but I figured I might as well wait in the radiology waiting room as anywhere else.

As it turns out, that was a good call because they were able to take me back about an hour early. I actually got home before my scheduled appointment.

The scan was no big deal. They scan my lumbar spine and my left hip. For the spine, the technician propped my legs up on a big foam block so that my back would lie flat. That part was easy. The hip scan required that I turn my left foot inward as far as I could. She strapped it into place so that I couldn't move. That was fairly uncomfortable, but I don't think it lasted more than five minutes, if that.

I don't know the results yet. I expect to hear in a day or two (hopefully before the long weekend!).

The cab to the hospital took nearly half an hour to arrive, and the driver was very reluctant to take my credit card because their computer was down. I had enough cash to pay him that way, so I did. I forgot how much the trip cost, though, so I think I tipped him nearly $4 which is more than I meant to. ($4 for and $8.00 trip is a lot. I wouldn't think much of it if it was a $20 trip.) The cab home came after less than ten minutes. This cabbie was happy to take my credit card even though the computer was still down. He said it didn't really make any difference, that it would be cash in hand tomorrow.

My foot hurts a lot. I think I'm going to stay off it as much as possible for the rest of the day. Wearing the boot meant that it didn't hurt while I was out, so that made things easier, but now that I'm just sitting around at home, my foot is complaining rather loudly.

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20 May 2015 07:46 am
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Cordelia's not pleased that I'm up while she's getting ready for school, but I need to call a cab at about 8:15, so I needed to get up at 7:00. Of course, I forgot that I'd reset my alarm clock to go off at 8:01, so it's really lucky that Cordelia made enough noise to wake me.

I just hope 8:15 is early enough. I've never taken at cab at this time of day, and I'm worried the wait will be longer. I've allowed an hour for the cab to come and actually get me to the clinic. That's usually enough, but traffic is much heavier before 9:00, so I don't know.

Scott had to work late last night. There were leftovers Cordelia and I could have eaten, but I decided, since it was relatively cold out, that I'd bake the potatoes Scott bought a couple of weeks ago. Those came out pretty well and didn't require a lot of time on my feet to prepare.

I did spend too much time on my feet yesterday, though. My foot and ankle hurt all night, keeping me awake, and still hurt. I had been dithering about whether or not to wear the boot for the appointment, but I'm pretty definitely going to do that. The two appointments will involve more time on my feet than anything I did yesterday, and that hurts less if I wear the boot.

I'm still not at all sure that the dermatology appointment is worthwhile. The thing by my eye is almost certainly a cyst. I mean, I can't get a good look at it in the mirror, but I think that's what it is. And I really don't know what a dermatologist can (or would) do about that. I suppose it may be a good idea to see a dermatologist anyway. My father's father had many, many bouts of skin cancer. Of course, he worked out of doors all of his adult life in a time before sun screen.

Drat. Cordelia has gone to school and left the TV on. We can't find the remote that turns it on and off, so turning it off requires walking over there. The Today Show is on, and I do not want to watch, but I also don't want to stand up and put weight on my foot/ankle. I suppose I'll have to eventually.

Brief museum round-up

20 May 2015 05:12 pm
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The Bridgestone Museum
This is the favorite Tokyo museum of the father-in-law of a good friend of mine, and my friend B and I more or less randomly glommed onto a line of old ladies who were queueing to get in on the Monday of Golden Week, since it closed for renovation last Monday for a period of several years. The farewell exhibit was "The Best of the Best" and was more or less the collection's greatest hits. They had a few very fine Monets, some really interesting contemporary Asian art, and two really great Meiji-era Art Nouveau paintings, Aoki Shigeru's Paradise under the Sea and Fujishima Takeji's Reminiscence of the Tenpyo Era. I wish more Japanese Western-style art of the period had taken on that sort of approach. Female artist count: two works (two different women) out of 161.

Pola Museum Annex
It was totally by chance that I realized that this museum is in the same building as one of my favorite cafes in all of Tokyo. I'd wanted to go because it's free and it's currently hosting a series of paper sculptures by Su Blackwell, who does amazing art made out of books. The level of detail and the sheer craftsmanship that went into each of her pieces is amazing, and both B and I were, it's fair to say, enchanted. Even better, there were some of our favorite books in the exhibit, including The Dark Is Rising and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I'm considering going to the actual Pola Museum, except it's in Hakone, which has that whole volcano thing going on right now. (Also I really dislike Cezanne, the current main exhibition.) We'll see.

The Ghibli Museum
It's been seven years (goodness) since my one and only prior visit to the Ghibli Museum, and they still won't let adults go on the Cat Bus. That sadness was offset by the fact that they now make Ghibli Museum beer, available in the cafe for quite a reasonable price. As much of a pain as it is to buy tickets for the museum (crucial realization: you can use the Lawson tickets website to scope out which days and times are available before going to the actual Lawson, or maybe your web browser will let you actually buy tickets online), they're quite reasonably priced for a few hours of being totally enchanted by the museum itself. I understood much more of the exhibits on the principles of animation this time around (funny how being literate will help with that) but I was, overall, just as pleased by the experience, which is still utterly charming. Miyazaki couldn't buy his pseudo-European palace house, so he built it himself in Mitaka. Also this time the movie playing in the theater was "Mei and the Kitten Bus," which is a vignette follow-up to My Neighbor Totoro and was vast improvement on the sexist "Whale Hunt" short that was on offer the last time I visited. The kitten bus was adorable, to no one's surprise.

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19 May 2015 10:05 am
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I've been having a little trouble with nosebleeds, nothing major but still noticeable. It doesn't make sense given that it's more humid in the house now than it was all winter. I do wonder if it relates at all to the way the Wellbutrin has been giving me dry mouth, but that's been going on for months now, and the nosebleeds are new. I did email my psychiatrist to ask, but she'll be out of the office until next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Yesterday, I mostly worked on link finding. I think I've only got an hour or two of work left to do on that today. I'm about 90% sure that the new link finder will do LJ this week. I've been exchanging emails with them, and they should have the access they need to do it properly. I believe it's my week to post, so I'll check over the LJ links to make sure they're tagged properly as that's one of the more challenging parts of writing up links. Some of the tagging isn't particularly intuitive.

Cordelia has been complaining a lot about the tests that they're taking at school right now. These are big standardized tests, and she hates them. She's good at taking tests, too, so I can only imagine how other kids feel. It just seems like a waste of time.

Scott grilled a pork loin last night. It took about three times as long as he expected, so it wasn't done until about 8:15. I need to eat by 8:00, so Cordelia and I scrounged dinner, reheating vegetables and making an almond butter and raspberry jam sandwich that we shared.

I want to watch some Netflix DVDs today. I've got three (though I can only find two of them). Unfortunately, I can't find the remote I need to switch over to the DVD player, so I'm not sure if that will happen. Also the two DVDs I most want to watch are subtitled, and I'm not sure I'll have time to focus on those. Of course, I need to devote time to them eventually, so why not today? The other DVD, I'd been hoping to watch with Scott as it's a new to us TV show.
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I'd be surprised if anyone was awaiting my opinion on Gay Slavefic [Lymond Chronicles|Mary Renault Book] before wading in there, but it does its thing pretty well! I bless your endeavor.

I am sleep-deprived and read the first two books in about six hours today, in between fits of stunned incoherent torpor, and other fits of impatient banging on the keyboard working on the amazing Dwarf Fortress lesbian romance novel idea I came up with sometime in the carnivorous insomniac mists of the past few days. It's about girl-version Cacame Apebald, but it's the future, so the dwarves have mecha and the elves have genetically engineered trees such that they are mean. It is my best silly concept ever and I will definitely finish it well before the fever I apparently have breaks. I'm leaving room for the possibility is that I will instead pass the fuck out in a pile of cat litter during this timeframe, but that's an equally productive course of action.

I'm pretty sure that noise outside is villains and not just a branch so I'm going to go lock myself in my room or some shit.


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