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2 Jul 2015 09:05 am
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I'm excited about Black Sails. Possibly because I've managed to remain completely and utterly unspoilered on the series.

Typical issue being that the first three episodes squeak around the edges badly and there's a terrible look of holiday resort, before everyone seems to settle into a flow.

I had cynically low expectations regarding how the brothel/women would be handled by the writers, to be surprised at how quirks of real, honest personality are squeezed into even the smallest screen time of each prostitute. The sailors and townsfolk are handled in the same way - even small background behaviours are striving to add personality quirks into those who have no speaking role.

Powerful, diversely written women who quite naturally talk to each about things other than men.

Bisexuality abounds. Sexuality in itself treated as one of the many aspects of what informs a character's identity - influences decisions but does not completely dominate decision making.

And the overall story driver: is POLITICAL!!!! Well, capitalist maybe, but still. Better than GOT, where the driver of this political/zombie imperative is lost in the gratuities of characterisation and grimdark, Blacksails is a cast full of people who live in a grimdark world and who all, in their own way, actively struggle to better it rather than simply survive it. It's good to see stories displaying a level of realistic, grounded optimism, compared to the grinding nothingness dominating these epic fictions of late.

I am ridiculously pleased at how intense the relationships/partnerships are, and how NO ONE is presented as a villain. SO MUCH PARTNERSHIP. So much rising from the ashes. So much shifting alliance. And everyone CHANGES within the parameters of their defined characterisation. A very dynamic storyline, not static/repetitive the way GRRM seems to be. Many surprises amongst the small areas of 'well, I totally predicted that'. The balance is good and entertaining.

But I can't focus too much on timeframes, or it'll seem like the most unrealistically dense six weeks of anyone's life.

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1 Jul 2015 08:30 pm
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1) Okay, where's Aradia? Is it Aradia Time yet? I feel like it should be nearly Aradia Time.

2) Also, potentially Aranea Time.

3) Going back to Sad Striders: they're going to be really-super fucked up about it if they get Bro Vibes/AR Vibes from Union Jack, aren't they?

3a) Wait, how did Dave get his unspellable Welsh sword back in this timeline? Jade had to re-alchemize it for him before, right?
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They are really good at being American teenagers, a job whose skillset is FEAR, PAIN, AND FUTILITY.

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1 Jul 2015 04:21 pm
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there's an infinite amount of stuff i could do. i could do my edits of george cooney. i could finish whitetrash. i could be looking into professors at concordia. i could be finishing ld, or editing and shopping around any number of other manuscripts. i could be flinging short stories at the 50000 resources given to me by my gender therapist. i could be doing one of the creative things i allegedly do, such as bookbinding or drawing.

the problem is really that sure, i WANT to. i'm sure i would even enjoy all of this! i just keep staring at facebook and thinking, "man, i'm tired. i could take a nap." every day.

perhaps i should be temporarily banned from the internet and also possibly given amphetamines.

Media - June 2015

1 Jul 2015 12:31 pm
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1 Jul 2015 12:33 pm
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Scott's phone interview yesterday seems to have gone reasonably well. We're a little worried by the fact that they didn't talk to him for the full half an hour that was originally scheduled, but they did talk nearly that long, and finishing the time would have kept the interviewers there past 5:00. I don't expect they were eager to do that.

Second shift at Scott's work has lost another person, so there's going to be even more overtime. Scott has been frustrated because they have a handful of competent temps who he thinks should be hired permanently, but management doesn't seem to be making any moves in that direction.

The oldest of our nieces is a big John Green fan, and there's some sort of event related to the Paper Towns movie that will be happening near our vacation rental while we're there. She desperately wants to go and is trying to talk Cordelia and the other cousin near their age into lobbying for it. Cordelia's reaction is that she's not interested in the movie until and unless she reads the book first, and she's 45th on the waitlist for one of the library copies. I'm not sure how enthusiastic Cordelia would be anyway-- She's not at all big on movies, generally, and never has been. We can't get her to the theater even for things that she's really eager to see.

Scott was going to order a larger hard drive for me, but I'm not sure if he got around to it before we lost power on Saturday. I'll have to remember to ask him. He says that putting a new hard drive into my laptop will be trivial. My current hard drive is 120 GB; the one he was talking about getting is about 500 GB, so it would be a really big difference.

My shoulder is doing a lot better in spite of my not doing the exercises since Saturday. I haven't wanted to put the stress on my ankle which does still hurt, just not as much as it did on Monday. I've been trying to walk and stand as little as I can get away with. Unfortunately, that means that the dishes are piling up, and that the laundry still needs to be put away.

Drat. Something weird is going on with our internet, but I can't get any information about it. From my laptop. Usually, I can tell, without getting up, whether or not our local network is connected to anything external, but right now, the program won't give me that information. Of course, that may well mean that there isn't a connection at all. I don't know. There is a dial tone on the landline, so it's not that. I suppose I should hack my way into the study (which is full of empty cardboard boxes) and try cycling the modem.

Oh, and suddenly we're back. I have no idea what happened.

The anniversary presents I ordered for Scott finally arrived yesterday. He seemed pleased with them. One of them is an Atomic Robo book, and the other is some sort of game book. He's now got three or four different game systems that he'd like a chance to try and probably won't end up doing anything with.

Some time when the weather is nicer (It's currently raining, I think), Cordelia will probably walk to Bookbound and buy the two Hunger Games books she doesn't own. She tried to do that on Monday but discovered that the store is closed on Mondays. She was more than a little cranky about that.

Scott might have to work late tonight. He's hoping not, but he said there was a chance he'd be working late tonight, tomorrow and Friday. If that happens, dinners will be a challenge because we're out of leftovers. Of course, maybe by tomorrow, I'll be comfortable standing long enough to cook.

montly word count - june

1 Jul 2015 03:42 pm
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TOTAL: 12 612


-landlord ofic: Workplace in the Romance (8 246 words) (some of which was actually deleted scenes as i rewrote this thing like a motherfucker; will be posting them in this post just because)
-landlord ofic: Luce POV thing (1 564 words)

-Covalent 'verse: Meenah, Damara, Kankri (2 802 words) (might actually be complete but also needs to be reread and fixed for continuity and descriptions.)

... i did plot a LOT for demon patrol, so while nothing is writen yet the thing is unblocked and might start to flow again any time soon, so all was not in vain!

... *flops*

cut-out snippets from ofic )

Disappointed in Rebecca Solnit

30 Jun 2015 10:22 pm
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I liked Rebecca Solnit's article that spawned the term "mansplain." Here she has written an op-ed titled "A letter to my dismal allies on the US left." In this post she unfortunately uses the same sort of language and phraseology ("Leftists explain things to me") to punch in the other direction and complain about people she calls "radical leftists" whom she claims are full of "bitterness and negativity."

I don't like it at all, largely because of the "us and them" dichotomy she sets up. "Please, radical leftists, spare us the bitterness and negativity; we need hope and incremental victories and you provide neither." So who is "us"? I can only assume she means people who are more mainstream than "radical leftists." So, it's a person who is closer to the majority viewpoint dressing down people who are farther away from it. That reminds me of Christians who complain that they are oppressed because people greet them with something other than Merry Christmas during the holidays.

If she were talking about people who approach the world using a negative mindset and admitted they exist in every pocket of the political spectrum, I wouldn't mind it so much. She doesn't like complainers, fine.

If she were talking about a conversational pattern where person 1 says "Such and such is good" and person 2 says "yabbut such and such is bad," and she didn't irrevocably tie it to a particular corner of the political spectrum, I wouldn't mind, because when that pattern dominates a conversation it can shut things down.

If she were talking only about people's behavior when they are playing a role as activist, she has a point: negativity can be a bad strategy and inviting positive dialogue with people who don't completely share your views is one way of practicing activism.

But she isn't complaining about people in their roles as activists. She's complaining about any situation where she mentions something positive that a politician did and someone replies by saying they did bad stuff. She complains about how people converse at dinner parties, and presumably she doesn't mean political planning meetings. So she comes across as insisting that if you're left of Democrats and interacting with people more moderate than you in any way, you don't ever get to mention anything politically negative to them. That sounds like bright-siding to me. (A word made popular by Barbara Ehrenreich in Bright-Sided: How Positive Thinking Is Undermining America.)

She then proceeds to give seriously embarassing straw man examples: "Can you imagine how far the civil rights movement would have gotten, had it been run entirely by complainers for whom nothing was ever good enough?" Does she have any idea how old that cliche that is? Does she have any idea of the huge variety of viewpoints and actions that made up the civil rights movement in the 60s and 70s? She's white, but she is a writer and the same age as me, she should at least have read one book about it or watched Malcolm X or something.

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30 Jun 2015 11:30 pm
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John Allison doesn't have the "well he wasn't dead when I started writing it" excuse this time, like he did with Michael Jackson. He is literally just writing unkind posthumous RPF about Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs shot some young girls into space to die just now.

This isn't something that bothers me, obviously someone has to do it, it's just I'm not sure I understand his priorities in re giving offense.

(Remember that time he sincerely apologized for drawing Esther with an undercut, and promised that he was not serious about this undercut.)

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30 Jun 2015 09:31 pm
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it has probably been long enough that none of you remember who i am, but i would like to reassure you that i am 1) alive, 2) transferring to the university of wisconsin-madison in the fall, and 3) writing at least two fics about LADIES DATING EACH OTHER.*

*one is in khr fandom (angsty gay mafia ladies), and the other—much longer—one is in the flash comics/tv fandom (romcom bisexual superheroes). this may be the first time i've written about girls actually dating, as opposed to pining about it and not doing anything.

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30 Jun 2015 09:13 pm
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Today I got to talk with a man whose English nickname is Super, because he has a character (超) in his name that's the same as the 'super' in Superman (超人). It was marvelous.

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30 Jun 2015 07:25 pm
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Dad had a bad day at work or something, so he came over just now and started painting the deck without 1) removing all the deck furniture, 2) clearing off all the acorns and twigs and stuff, 3) bringing enough paint, 4) bringing enough brushes, 5) using up all the paint which he did bring (he got mad at himself and and left), 6) putting away the leftover paint before stomping off, or 7) checking the weather report. There's supposed to be a thunderstorm shortly.

He also left the shed open and knocked over a lamp.
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The Remix Madness archive is open as of yesterday. Go! Read! And specifically, read the two ficlets that wonderful people wrote based on some of my own work.

First we have Truth and Nothing But Truth (In Song and Story remix): Edmund wants to establish newspapers, but he keeps running into problems. Do newspapers print the truth? A missing scene from "In Song and Story" by Elizabeth Culmer. (350 words)

This is based on In Song and Story, which is, unsurprisingly, about Edmund's attempt to establish a Narnian newspaper, which he hopes will quash the tradition of conveying news through not-always-terribly-accurate (and often embarrassing) narrative songs. Here he runs into yet more incomprehension of exactly what a newspaper is, and also a pertinent caution raised by Peridan.

And second, we have Slide Into A Choice (The Illusionary Perfection Remix): Eve has a choice, and she will make it. Eve/fem!Serpent. (325 words)

This is based on Thelema, a three-sentence ficlet I wrote for [livejournal.com profile] lizzie_marie_23 back in 2011, in response to the prompt: girl!Serpent/Eve, it's Madam and Eve and they don't need Adam. The remix focuses less on the garden and more on the relationship between Eve and the Serpent, and decompresses the scenario to give Eve time to consider her choice. And she chooses only for herself, because no one should decide anyone else's life for them.

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30 Jun 2015 10:23 am
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My ankle is still hurting. I'm trying to stay off of it as much as I can, but it's difficult to do. I also keep forgetting to take the naproxen when I should, even though I have it right there, waiting for me. (I just realized that I forgot to take the pill I had set aside for breakfast. Since breakfast was forty minutes ago, I'll have to find something else to eat in order to take the stupid thing.)

I'm trying to decide whether I should attempt a shower or try a bath. The down and up of a bath may be as much of a challenge as standing for fifteen minutes for a shower. I don't know. It's not like Cordelia can really help me get out of the tub if there's a problem. Maybe I should wait for this evening when Scott's home.

I got through a good chunk of my link finding yesterday. I've still got about fifty links to sort through, and then I have to do Pinboard, but I think I can get it all done before Scott comes home, assuming I start promptly.

Cordelia washed all of the laundry yesterday, but the sheets still need to go in the dryer. I will ask her to do that after lunch. I don't think it's urgent. We can't change the sheets until this coming weekend.

I'm worried that I may have upset my remixee. Someone pointed out that my remix might very easily be taken as saying something nasty about the original fic. I didn't mean to do that, but intent matters very little in such things. Anyway, I have to figure out a way to apologize.

Scott's family is trying to plan meals for our group vacation. I'm not sure what to suggest as something Scott and I can cook. Last time we did this, each family dealt with their own breakfasts and lunches, and we took turns cooking dinner. With four families and seven dinners (possibly less if some of the day trips run long, which they might), we'll likely need to do two dinners. There are a ton of food restrictions to remember and work around. I think I may ask people to send out lists of what the members of their families can't have or absolutely won't eat (our eleven year old niece won't eat mammalian meat for ethical reasons).

I called my psychiatrist yesterday to find out when my next appointment is. I got that information and then, right after I hung up, realized that I can't make that appointment. I'd forgotten that my parents want me and Cordelia to visit them that week. Oh, well, that's the first week of August, so I have time to reschedule. I'm going to add that vacation to my iCal today so that I don't forget again.

Scott has a phone interview scheduled for after work today. I've got my fingers crossed that it works out. Last time they tried, something went wrong, and they got cut off and had to reschedule. I suspect that, if it happens again, they'll give up on interviewing Scott.

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29 Jun 2015 09:30 pm
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Did sylladexes stop existing?


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