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Thoughts on if Shaw was in an AU where robots/synthetics had a prominent and humanoid-esque presence (which would be plenty of video games, tv shows, and also Terminator)? you can factor in her pre-Team Machine or post-whichever works for you. Would she consider robots that look like humans to be alive? does she think being sentient equates being alive? Do robots have a soul? Does she think The Machine has a soul? Samaritan?

The first thing I thought reading this was Westworld more than Terminator, not only for the Nolan connection and because of how easy it is I think WW could have sprung from POI but also, because, it's freshest in her mind.

possible spoilers to Westworld )

I don't know if she believes in souls but she believes in standing up to bullies, there is a reason why Shaw is called a straight arrow.

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19 Jan 2017 09:41 am
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I didn’t end up taking an Ativan last night. I slept better than I feared I would but not as well as I hoped (mostly because of being too warm, I think). Scott apparently slept really terribly, and Cordelia woke up with a crick in her neck.

Scott’s sister is coming down for lunch tomorrow. I need to pick a place to eat. I don’t want to go into town because of parking issues and because of me not being able to walk far. We went to Saica (Japanese) last time. There’s an Indian place in the same strip mall and a Syrian place that does carryout. There’s also a Thai fast food-ish sort of place, but the one time Scott and I looked at there menu, there was nothing that I both could eat and would want to. There’s a Panera and a Qdoba and a burger place across the street.

I’m rather wishing that I didn’t have an appointment this afternoon because today’s university e-newsletter contained an advertisement for a talk on queer manga by Erica Friedman. It’s from noon to 1:30, and my appointment is at 1:30 and a twenty minute walk away. I suppose I could go to the first hour and then leave, but a twenty minute walk would not be good for my tendinitis, and the buses aren’t convenient for that (the bus would require more time and about half of the walking that just walking would).

I mean, as a cis, het individual, this isn’t a personal topic of importance. It’s just something that I’d like to know more about. I also think that people like me need to seek out education on topics like this.

For right now, I’m going back and forth between getting things ready for the cleaning lady and doing mindless busywork, sorting lists of things into other lists. I ought to try to finish the two books that are due Sunday and can’t be renewed, but I’m not sure I have the brain for it right now.

Media consumption Wednesday

18 Jan 2017 08:59 pm
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[personal profile] firecat reminded me that I really do want to do this most weeks.

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I generally try to keep my linkspam posts to something like 15-20 links in the name of having them stay somewhat manageable, but my brain's been operating slowly for the past few days, mostly at about the speed where I can sift through saved-for-later links on Twitter (many of which have wound up in Pocket, possibly to never be seen again, at least by me). So the file is getting a bit scary and I'm dumping it out under a cut. If you venture in, I hope you find some things of interest.

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18 Jan 2017 10:42 pm
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I’m finding my anxiety really frustrating right now because the point at which I realize I need an Ativan is generally several hours after when I needed to take it in order to get any benefit from it. When I wake with a migraine or get up after almost no sleep (and all of it anxiety dreams) or when I have massive anxiety related reflux, it’s too damned late for the Ativan to make me feel better.

The Ativan won’t help at all when I’m groping my way through my day due to having not slept worth anything. The Ativan also won’t help much when my body is responding to stress that is already past. That’s a common thing for me and often more disabling than the impact of the anxiety on my ability to do what has to be done because the physical impact accumulates, building up pain and brain fog and… It all makes doing the next thing that much harder and that much more likely to have worse effects on my body.

I’m about 85% sure that the reflux trouble I had Monday night/Tuesday morning was my body’s reaction to dealing with two appointments and all of the time outside the house between them during the preceding day. I’m currently debating taking an Ativan before bed. I don’t want to, but I have an appointment tomorrow. It’s not an appointment that would usually be all that hard, but it’s a week when I’m already thoroughly stressed out, and we have a meeting to go to tomorrow evening.

But I might actually need an Ativan more for the meeting (required informational thing for Community, one of the schools Cordelia is considering. There are later sessions, but putting it off will ratchet up my anxiety. Also, the others don’t fit our schedule nearly so well) in the evening. There are going to be a lot of people, and I’d be surprised if the space is particularly large. I don’t deal well with that at all. I’m not supposed to take more than one in twenty four hours. I don’t know— Maybe one now and then one tomorrow at bedtime to deal with some of the after effects of the appointment and the meeting?

I might actually be fine if I wait. I just also might not. I feel okay right now, but I might not realize there’s a problem until 2-4 hours after I go to bed. I’m terrible at acknowledging that I need help sleeping. And waking with a migraine isn’t something I’d know about until Scott’s alarm goes off.

Media Consumption Wednesday

18 Jan 2017 04:04 pm
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Let's see if I can revive this habit.
There might be spoilers in the comments.
In which firecat rambles about books and TV shows )

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18 Jan 2017 09:01 am
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I’m finding both the Habitica website and the Habitica app very frustrating and buggy. The app is better than the website in terms of functioning at all, but there are things I can do from the website, if I can get it to load, that I can’t do from the app. I’ve tried the website in both Firefox and Chrome. I keep getting unresponsive scripts (Firefox) and notices that the entire page is unresponsive (Chrome) and things that ought to display and then disappear (streak achievement notices mostly. I can’t even get in far enough to disable those) that instead stay and cover the screen so that I can’t do anything at all or see anything at all.

I’ve been trying to get the website to behave for over an hour. I should probably give up, but… Part of me thinks that, if I can just manage to turn off the stupid streak achievement notices, I might actually be able to use the site.

The problems with the app are two fold— It keeps giving me 'communication errors' that lead to double posting of things I add to my to do list or tasks being marked as complete without me, as far as I can tell, getting any xp at all for them. This is all while I’m at home and using our wifi.

We ended up dropping by the downtown library last night. Cordelia wanted us each to pick out a movie for the family to watch later in the week. She got Disney’s Snow White, I got Groundhog Day, and Scott got the Green Lantern movie (he says he feels he shouldn’t be mocking a movie he hasn’t actually seen).

We went for gelato after visiting the library. I had sassafras, Cordelia had tiramisu, and Scott had… um… I can’t actually remember. Cordelia really, really wants to get out of the house every evening. We’re having trouble coming up with places to go at 7:30 at night that don’t cost money. She refuses parks because of the cold (and Scott and I don’t really want to go to parks in the dark in January anyway, but… It would be cheaper).

On Sunday, we drove out to Skyline just to take a look from the outside. It’s a pretty big building on a large lot with two sports fields (that we saw) and tennis courts. Cordelia was more boggled by the amount of parking than by the size of the building. Pointing out that some high school students drive to school helped explain the size of the lot to her. She had been thinking that the school just had that many employees.

I have just barely passed my minimum word count on the Small Fandom Big Bang story. I’m not sure where/how to end it. I think that I need to wrap it up close to where it is now because, if I go on much farther, I’ll probably be committed to another 20000 words before I find another stopping point.

Today’s to do list:

Bake bread.
Make two phone calls.
Change sheets.
Do my daily chores (dishes, sandwiches).
Write something.
Work on backlog of library books/CDs/DVDs.
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For [ profile] lazylaziel

Uh... YEAH!

source: [ profile] welcometoyourdoom

It is the best sci-fi set on a sentient prison transport!

Moya is amazing and great. And, I love that Moya was nurturing, but still badass, and also look at her fly!

source: [ profile] recycledstars
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For [ profile] terapsina

This a really interesting question!

And I swear I had an answer for this... a few months ago but now I can’t remember! I do know that I would love a story about all my favorites in one story!

Like a a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen except the team is composed of Buffy Summers, Aeryn Sun, Dani Reese, Sameen Shaw (yes they look alike, it freaks Dani out), etc., and all the other favorites banding together to save the world/fight crime.

I would like it to be a series of fun adventures, with an epic arc, excellent character development, and team bonding!

How did Belle put it? "Far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince/princesses in disguise!”
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Or, how to hack search results from the comfort of your mom's basement

Since learning Jews are maligned and misrepresented in Google's search results thanks to white supremacists' SEO manipulations which pushes hate speech above facts, I've grown resigned to how this search company in particular, which is owned and run by Jews, lets any hate group, including those that specifically hate them, hack their search results just to make money.

Was this how Germany fell? Jewish newspapers letting their pages fill with hate speech about themselves because, "Wow, this sort of speech sells more papers than ever before, you SEE that guys?"? Was it?

Selling yourselves and your own people out just to make money is fine until the haters who hate you, whom you made this money off of so indifferently, seize it along with your lives, which is exactly how Nazi Germany turned out. A bit chilling? Sure. But hey, it's all fun and games until no one but the haters can laugh about it anymore, amirite?

In that spirit - one of pre-ackowledging defeat not at the hands of the enemy, but thanks to the indifference of some powerful and influential members of the very group of people in most compelling need of defense - I've kept a jaded but watchful eye over the racial, religious and political slant of Google's results.

While I've seen many instances of right-wing slant, there have usually been enough left-wing or simply neutral websites (such as and/or mixed in to keep me from speaking out. So I waited for a more egregious and flagrant violation of both my intelligence and common sense. And I finally got it.

Background: last night; myself and another person discussing politics. Opening salvo: the other person asked what I thought of the Clinton Foundation shutting down. My response: silent open-mouthed disbelief, then one word: "WHAT???"

So began my Google search to learn the truth. Here's how it went.

Google lets SEO experts employed by right-wing websites hack their search results - a picture of Google's search results for [clinton foundation] being hacked by SEO experts]

In the above picture the top three results - framed and centered across the top of the page in big, gorgeous, drop-shadowed lightboxes with splashy pictures included for each website in question - point to three right-wing websites with the following articles:

  • National Review - The Clinton Initiative's Ignominious End
  • Fox News: - Clinton Global Initiative to Lay Off Employees, Shut Down Amid Dwindling...
  • NewsBusters - Silence From Networks As Clinton Global Initiative Shuts Down

But wait, I thought the person I was speaking with said "Clinton Foundation". Yes, he said "Clinton Foundation"; I'm quite sure of it. Maybe Google's having an algorithmic brain fart of some sort, giving results for Clinton Global Initiative instead of Clinton Foundation. So I tried again, using [Clinton Global Initiative] this time as my search query.

Google lets SEO experts employed by right-wing websites hack their search results - a picture of Google's search results for [clinton global initiative] after being hacked by SEO experts]

In the above picture the top three results - drop-shadowed lightboxes with splashy pictures included for each website in question - point again to two of the same three right-wing websites, and one other besides, running the following articles:

  • National Review - The Clinton Initiative's Ignominious End
  • Breitbart: - Peter Schweizer: Clinton Global Initiative Folded Because They Can N...
  • NewsBusters - Silence From Networks As Clinton Global Initiative Shuts Down

Well, given these titles at the top of the fold in search results, it certainly looks like the person I was speaking with was right; the Clinton Foundation has indeed shut down.

At a loss for what to think, I scrolled down the page to the so-called "organic" results, but those were just a strange mixture of the same right-wing websites and a few more, besides, with similar titles on their articles, along with some links to the Clinton Foundation and a Wikipedia page.

Not really wanting to, still I scrolled back up and decided to click on the Fox News article, considering them the father of, but still the lesser of most online evil you'll see around distorted news these days. Well!

From the article (archived version, in case they rewrite, move or delete it):

The Clintons are moving ahead with plans to downsize their controversial foundation’s network of offshoots, a decision carried out as the powerful family’s political influence wanes and its once-lengthy donor list shrinks.

Wait, "downsize"? I looked again at the article title: Clinton Global Initiative to Lay Off Employees, Shut Down Amid Dwindling.... The title says "shut down", but the first sentence says "downsize". So this already looks misleading. But hey, let's give it a chance; maybe the "shutting down" part is further down the page, "below the fold".

In a decision announced last week, 22 additional employees are being laid off from the Clinton Global Initiative – known for its annual glitzy gathering of high-powered leaders and celebs. The layoffs are tied to a decision to shutter CGI that originally was announced in an Aug. 22 letter from former President Bill Clinton.

Here we have a big problem: "22 additional employees". Additional? How many - if any - were laid off in the past?

At the time, the Clintons were under pressure to explain how they would handle potential conflicts of interest with their namesake foundation if Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton were to win the White House.

OK, unlinked and unsourced, but probably considered (disputed) common knowledge.

Bill Clinton wrote in his letter at the time: “Nine years ago in my book ‘Giving,’ I wrote, ‘I want to continue these meetings for at least a decade, with the objective of creating a global network of citizen activists who reach across the divides of our interdependent world to build real communities of shared opportunities, shared responsibilities, and a genuine sense of belonging.’ ... That is exactly what CGI, its members, and its dedicated staff have done.”

OK, but Bill Clinton does not, in that specific quote, say that the Clinton Foundation is about to "shut down". Does he?

Clinton lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump -- but the family is proceeding anyway with its CGI plans, and those “dedicated staff” are getting the ax.

The 22 staffers are part of a wave of layoffs.

The last sentence appears to be, at best, an unsubstantiated rumor. reported on Oct. 4 about a WARN notice announcing 74 employees would be laid off. Another notice was issued on Jan. 12 stating 22 more employees would be let go. WARN is the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, which requires employers to give 60-days advance notice of business closings.

The article isn't linked to; because it's not, there's no way to verify what Fox News claims they've reported. So I right-clicked and googled the first half of the sentence about the WARN notice, which is where this gets a bit interesting. The article says, and I quote:

The Clinton Foundation will lay off 74 employees at its Clinton Global Initiative office in New York City at the end of the year, according to a notice filed with the state.

The notice, required under the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN Act), said the 74 employees at the initiative's offices on the 42nd floor at 1271 Avenue of the Americas will be laid off on Dec. 31.

But the link to the WARN notice gives this message: This is an invalid WARN Notice ID. So there is no valid WARN Notice that has linked to to prove their claim.

While I won't speculate if created a false WARN number just to lie about what the Clinton Foundation is up to, it's quite possible. Getting back to the Fox News article, it goes on to say:

Under the form’s “Reason for Dislocation” section, a staffer wrote: “Discontinutation (sic) of the Clinton Global Initative (sic).”

Yep, sure they did.

The “layoff date” is set for April 15.

It’s unclear how many employees will be left at CGI after the latest round of layoffs, or if any of those workers will be shifted to other Clinton projects. A spokesperson for the Clinton Foundation declined to comment on the record for this story.

Again, the article's title is: Clinton Global Initiative to Lay Off Employees, Shut Down Amid Dwindling.... It says "shut down". Yet this far in we're still discussing 22 layoffs - in addition to 74 previous layoffs that supposedly occurred on Dec. 31st - and linking to another website which offers only an "invalid WARN Notice number" on yet another website as "proof".

Oh, and a Clinton spokesperson declined comment, so let's report this as the total annihilation of the Clinton Foundation, because they did. Moving on to the rest of the article to find any shred of linkage between this 22-person layoff and the Foundation going *poof*:

CGI, which began in 2005, is not a direct-action charity like the Clinton Foundation, but instead brings power players together to address “significant global challenges” through their own commitments to action.

While Hillary Clinton’s presidential prospects were quashed mere months after Bill Clinton penned his August letter, other factors may have contributed to CGI’s ending despite the disappearance of looming conflict-of-interest issues.

OK, so now we learn that "CGI" (the Clinton Global Initiative, which Fox News cleverly disguises behind an acronym to make it seem like it's the same - or just another arm of - the Clinton Foundation) is in fact a separate entity, and that "other factors may have contributed". These are "weasel words", strung together to seemingly substantiate a claim without presenting any facts.

Here we go with the speculation, unlinked sources and unsubstantiated rumors again (seen behind the cut, from the front page):

Here lies the body of the Clinton Foundation - wait...nope, 'fraid not )

I quote the entire article to prove that not once did it explain Fox News's use of the title, which was, again: Clinton Global Initiative to Lay Off Employees, Shut Down Amid Dwindling... It says "shut down". But there's no proof of any shutdown linked to or spoken of, nor offered in any way, shape or form. Nothing.

Google allows - and expects - the entire Internet to believe the Clinton Foundation has already shut down, even returning results for the Clinton Global Initiative shutting down (which is in itself an unsubstantiated claim) when one merely searches for the "Clinton Foundation". "Desire to broadcast the actual truth 404, that's all we know!" And they don't care if that's all you know, either.

Not only do they not care what you believe, they're actively working against your ability to even know what to believe by highlighting lies, distortions, and twisted facts in their big, beautiful, fully photo-enhanced lightboxes along the very top of their results. If that's not caring, then I don't know what is.

Who's actually said (or even suggested) the entire Clinton Foundation - including the Clinton Global Initiative - is shutting down? So far, just some right-wing websites. Not any WARN Notice, not Bill Clinton in his above-quoted letter, not Hillary Clinton at any point in time, not any spokesperson for the Clinton Foundation, nor any unnamed source speaking for the Clinton Foundation.

But if right-wing sources say it (or merely suggest it, or enhance their search engine "signals" to "prove it" by showing up in Google's top results) then it must be true, so let's take their word - rumors, unsourced speculation, and invalid WARN Notice numbers included. Google takes their word, and expects you to do so, too! Google returns almost nothing but their articles in search results, which are all some flavor of the same words - SHUTTING DOWN - up in those big, fancy boxes, so it must be true, right?

Most people won't question that. They'll say, yes, you're right, it must be, simply because they trust Google that much.

My over-arching message: if Google won't fact-check what they let SEO experts push into their big fancy lightboxes at the top of results then they need to get out of the search business, because their results are misleading everybody, which is actively harming users while threatening Google's existence through hate speech about the very people who own and run the search engine.

Objectivity draws in audiences and is much more trustable, believable, quotable, and verifiable then left or right wing slant or any form of hate, so why not leave slant and vileness to bloggers, leave bloggers out of the results, and start either holding news organizations accountable via search placement and ranking penalties, or else start fact-checking search results before pushing them out to users?

Or does Google really want to restrict their entire US search business to the SEO-enabled right wingers and white supremacists? If they won't change their results to more accurately reflect reality, that's the only audience they'll have left.

Creative Tuesdays!

17 Jan 2017 10:48 pm
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So, [personal profile] st_aurafina (and other people whose names escape me) was talking about instigating Creative/Crafting Tuesday as a regular posting thing - much like the 'What I'm Reading Wednesdays' which have become a thing. And Recipe Friday which I know several of you do. (I would also be pro the suggested Music Mondays, and did in fact plan a post to make yesterday but didn't quite manage it.) Anyway, in the name of being the change I want to see on Dreamwidth, I decided I would make a Crafting post this Tuesday. (Tuesday being an excellent day for me and crafting because I have knitting bee on a Tuesday so I almost always have something to report, even if that's only 'knitted six rows of new project, realised I'd done it wrong and ripped those six rows back again...twice'.) Also crafting used to be something I blogged about here on a regular basis - I got back into knitting pretty much at the same time I got back into comics, and knitting and journal-based fandom have kind of always gone together for me.


One of my new year's resolutions this year is to finish 5 knitting projects that I'd already started before the turn of the year. The older the better, but anything that was already on needles before 1st January 2017 counts. I broke myself in gently by finishing a jumper that's been nearly finished for the last two months, a lovely varigated chunky purple jumper.

Purple Chunky Jumper

Excuse the rubbish photo, I'm a) rubbish at photographing my finished objects when they're items of clothing and b) I was in a rush trying to get a semi-decent photo in order to be able to make this post, but nevermind!

It has a giant roll-neck, which I've not quite got the hang of wearing sensibly yet, but is the most cosy thing in the world, perfect for Inverness in winter. I love the wool - chunky and soft and machine washable, it knits up really quickly too - this is actually the second thing I've made from this wool, the previous item being an equally cosy cardigan that I made during the summer. I've been wanting to make myself a big chunky cardigan to live on the back of my chair at work for about six years now. For some reason, at nearly every temp job I've had, I seem to always manage to get stuck sitting in a draft, or beside a giant picture window in winter or under an aircon vent. And now finally I have the cardigan I dreamed of to combat it!
excuse the poor quality phone picture once more )

I also made good progress tonight on a cushion cover I started over the festive season. I bought the pattern and the wool at the knitting festival back in October. It was a bit slow-going to start with, but now that I've got the hang of the various cables it's beginning to speed up a little. Definitely a pattern that needs my wits about me but not the slog I was beginning to fear it might be.

Looking for Writing Help

17 Jan 2017 01:41 pm
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I need someone to bounce ideas off of for a WIP. The bit I need help with is a descriptive passage in a Weiss Kreuz story. I don’t think that canon knowledge is necessary because I’m pretty definite on the starting choices for the house I need to describe. The things I need to figure out are tiny things that would look wrong because the house’s appearance is drawn from a particular character’s mind. I want hints that he’s holding things together less well than might be expected by my POV character. I don’t want to beat readers over the head with it, though.

But I’m really, really terrible at this sort of description, and the story’s been stalled out for months on this section. I will likely put [insert description here] in and come back to it later, but the problem will still be there, so I thought I’d ask if anyone feels up to helping.

I’m pretty sure that the starting setting for furnishings was Danish New Modern and that the house used to be bigger than it is now and had rustic cabin retreat as the setting for the exterior and layout. The things the occupant uses regularly will still be in good shape; it’s everything around the edges that should be iffy.

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17 Jan 2017 12:42 pm
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I had a dental appointment yesterday at 11:00. My bite splint is definitely not long for this world, so I have an appointment soon to get an impression made from which to make a new one. The first one lasted about twenty five years, so I probably won’t need a third. We’ve cleared it with my dental insurance that they’ll cover it, so that’s not a concern.

Scott bought one of those OTC one-size-fits-all bite splints this weekend. I’ve been eying it dubiously because my mouth/jaw is noticeably small compared to most people’s. There aren’t any instructions on the package for what to do if the thing doesn’t fit. Scott says he’ll use it if I don’t, and I expect that he’ll end up with it.

I also discovered that my U of M insurance has been paying for all my dental stuff. That’s not how it’s supposed to work by the terms of my long term disability, but the dentist’s staff is afraid to upset things by trying to shift to the insurance through Scott’s employer which ought to be paying first, and I’m looking at the bureaucratic hoops involved and cringing. This is not a hill I’m willing to die on.

Cordelia (no school due to MLK Day) and I had lunch at The Brown Jug and then found seats at a Starbucks just down the block to wait for it to be time to go to her dermatology appointment. I think we were there for an hour and a half. It was very crowded, and we had to share a table with two university students who seemed to be studying for a chemistry class. At least, they were talking molecular structure, so I assume chemistry.

Cordelia tried a new to her thing from the Starbucks menu and discovered that some things there aren’t to her taste without adding sugar (it was some form of latte, so I didn’t suggest adding milk).

It cost us $25 to get the cab to the dermatologist. If we’d gone home, it would have been between $11 and $15 for that trip and then another $17 for a second cab to the dermatologist’s office. I spent more than that on lunch and the coffee at Starbucks, but… Cordelia really enjoyed being out.

The dermatology appointment was at 3:45 and was basically just for prescription renewals. Scott arrived at the office just as we were heading back and chose to wait in the waiting room. We stopped at Plum Market on the way home to get more liquid stevia for my morning tea.

There is no school today due to ice on the roads. For some reason, we never have delayed start times. Either school starts on time, or it doesn’t start at all. I was very grateful for the reprieve because I was up until about 1:00 with inexplicable reflux and then up at 4:00 with a recurrence of the problem. I couldn’t think of anything except stress that could be causing the problem, so I took an Ativan at about 12:30, and that settled things long enough for me to get about three hours of sleep. At 4:00, I took my thyroid medication and then realized that I couldn’t deal with the reflux problems, so I ate some vanilla ice cream which helped vastly and let me fall back asleep after Scott got up. I can’t use liquid antacids because they make me gag (and shouldn’t be taken in proximity to the thyroid medication anyway. I think the recommended gap is four hours in either direction. Other meds are either one hour before or at least two hours after), and I really needed something that would coat my throat and deal with the acid stuck there. Ice cream wasn’t ideal, but I couldn’t think of anything else with even a chance of working. Water tends to make things worse.

Our upstairs toilet has started running and running after it’s been flushed. Jiggling the handle seems to settle it, but that needs to be done a few minutes after flushing, not right at the time. It’s also not something that we’ve trained ourselves to yet.
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I just got this email from Deray McKesson, and I have found my new project. I hope some of you will join, too.

Today, we launch the Resistance Manual -- an open-source platform to collect information/resources to resist Trump's agenda & to continue making progress towards equity and justice in America.

Explore the manual to learn about the policies the incoming administration plans to pursue, how they'll impact our communities, and what you can do to stop them through federal, state, and local advocacy.

You can also find and contribute essential readings in resistance, learn and contribute information about policy issues in your state, and view a growing list of tools and organizations that can help to strengthen your advocacy efforts.

The manual will grow over time as more and more people contribute updates, facts and resources to it. As such, we encourage you to contribute important information for others to read.

If you would like to assist us in growing the content within the Resistance Manual, please reply to this e-mail directly. [The email came from deray at thisisthemovement dot org, but the wiki recommends as a contact address.]

We also urge you to dial (844)-6-RESIST to tell Congress to support the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and to vote against Jeff Sessions.

Get educated. Get organized. Take Action.

// DeRay, Netta, Brittany, & Sam

P.S. Shout-out to Chi/Donahoe for assisting with Design.

# of American adults who support the Black Lives Matter movement: 104 million
# of American adults who voted for Donald Trump: 63 million
# of reported incidents of hate since the election: 1094+

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16 Jan 2017 09:44 pm
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I wish I could bottle whatever's getting me to actually write every day and submit my work. I would be a kajillionaire.
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Cuddles for Comfort 2017 banner

[ profile] james just put together the Cuddles for Comfort 2017 collection on AO3, and notes:
The collection is open to fiction, art, vids, podfic, any type of fan creation that features cuddling.

All fandoms!

All relationships and ratings. Gen, slash, het; lovers, friends, siblings, sworn enemies, sentient battle tanks, all welcome!

The fest is from now until Feb 14, though the collection won't really close so folks can post after.

Yesterday [ profile] scruloose and I bought this coffee table...sight unseen, because there wasn't a floor model out. (We have a few days after its delivery to return it, no questions asked, if we change our minds once it arrives.) We looked at some others, but veneer tops are very common, and while our cats are never deliberately destructive, they're cats and have claws, and I suspect a veneer would start having visible scratches within a day. This one has a slate top.

And today I ordered an Alphasmart Neo2 (used, as they were discontinued in 2013 or so). I've heard about them on and off for years and always kinda wanted one. On Facebook, a friend mentioned having just gotten one and already loving it, so I finally went ahead, since the secondhand price on Amazon was pretty reasonable.

Oh, and I think I forgot to mention that a few days ago I caved and bought a supporting Worldcon 2017 membership so I can nominate and vote in the Hugos. I'm not gonna pretend that the main incentive wasn't this note in [ profile] seanan_mcguire's eligibility post:
The 2017 Hugo Awards will have a special category for Best Series, and because of the release of Feedback and RISE during the 2016 calendar year, Newsflesh is eligible.
Yes, hello, I am all over this.


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