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2 Dec 2016 12:16 pm
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Orthopedics called around 6 p.m. last night to set me up with an appointment about my hands. Since I’m willing to see a PA, they can get me in on the 21st of this month. If I’d insisted on a doctor, it would have been a much longer wait. But, really, I don’t think that it will hurt me to see someone who isn’t a surgeon first. I’m very dubious about surgery for this even though my primary care doctor said it is sometimes a thing for this problem. I would want to do some research myself on outcomes and such.

I did my recount observer training online last night. Due to technical difficulties, most of us in the webinar couldn’t see any of the power point slides, so they recommended that we do the training again in order to see the examples of valid and invalid ballot markings. I’m not sure I’m willing to spend another hour and a half on the off chance that the visuals will work this time.

I haven’t figured out exactly which shifts to sign up for yet. They’re planning three a day, one starting at 9, one starting at 1, and one starting at 5. The one at 5 is of indefinite length since the local civil servant in charge will decide what time to shut down for the night. Given that the Michigan recount is running a hugely compressed schedule (it was originally supposed to start today, but Trump’s people have filed to prevent the recount, so things are currently scheduled to start Wednesday and run either until the recount is done or until the 13th which is the drop dead point for giving the official results), it’s even possible that the 5 p.m. shift will run longer than four hours in some places.

Currently, the recount is set to occur somewhere that I can get to by bus, but I’m not entirely sure I want to try that if I’m going in for the 9 a.m. shift. I might have to leave earlier if I want the bus than if I take a cab. I’m not sure. Both are difficult at that time of day. I might be able to get a ride with someone else who’s doing the recount, but I don’t want to rely on that. I’m thinking that they’re more likely to get volunteers for the evenings and weekends because those are times that people who work are more likely to be able to manage. I can’t work the 13th at all, and I’m not sure I can manage the 12th because I really think that I’ll be too stressed over the Social Security thing the next day to be able to face any sort of added stress.

I think I’ve got serious problems with muscle knots in my left calf. Painful levels of massage give me temporary relief of the 'tendonitis' pain in my Achille’s tendon. That helps for maybe an hour before I need to do it again. I managed a fifteen minute walk last night without pain, but when I came home and sat down, everything tightened up and started to hurt.

Of course, massaging my calf muscle requires being able to use my hands which hurts. ::bangs head:: I’ve tried tennis balls in the past, but I can’t get enough leverage with them to get the pressure I need for my calf muscle.

I did a little more poking at the Wikipedia article about that enzyme system that I’m apparently genetically predisposed not to have work properly. If I understand correctly, tamoxifen and singulair are both potentially issues. I’m assuming, though, that if they were serious problems, I’d know by now. I’ve been taking singulair daily for more than a decade and tamoxifen daily for two days short of a year.

I made some progress on a fic I hadn’t touched in months, but I’m now stalled out by needing to write a description, something I hate doing but really can’t avoid here. I’ve put a hold on something from the library for a potential Yuletide treat. I remember the canon well enough to have started writing, but I need to review for minor character names and a few other supporting details. I own the thing on VHS, but the only VCR we have that’s plugged in is in the basement. I’m not willing either to try to plug in a VCR upstairs or to sit in the basement for hours in order to watch.

We ended up getting pizza last night. I gambled on the teriyaki chicken pizza and was disappointed. If I say that I want them to go light on the sauce, there isn’t enough to taste. If I say that they should put a 'regular' amount on, there’s so much that it drips and makes the crust fall apart. I blotted the pizza repeatedly with paper towels and still had the sauce dripping. The crust held together, though, so I count that a win.

Cordelia decided to try pesto on her pizza. Her verdict was that it was okay but not worth the bother.

I recently bought slippers through Amazon that turned out to be uncomfortable for me but that Cordelia loves. I had been planning to send them back, but I guess she can keep them. They were really wonderful apart from a seam across the top of the foot that pressed in hard, so I guess I can see why she wants them.

But I still need to find slippers that fit.

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2 Dec 2016 11:00 pm
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Watched, among others:

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

It sounds like damning with praise but it was nice? Loved the creatures and special effects, and the story itself has a lot of potential (I can see why sequels are forthcoming, and not just because of the franchise thing). Also, kind of weird to say this after 8 Harry Potter films, but it's just fun to see adults doing regular magic without thinking that at any moment, the big bad was going to kill everyone. Well, I guess that big bad does make its presence felt at the end but that was expected. Read more... )

Your Name (trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRfHcp2GjVI)

Which was all kinds of awesome and easily one of the best movies I've seen this year (though I've mostly seen blockbusters all year). I thought at first that it was going to be a quirky romantic story that makes use of the oft-misused body-switching schtick, but the plot was better than that. The point when the characters find out what really, really happened, and my heart was breaking when I thought that was it, no more true love. But luckily that was only the halfway point...

The artwork is great, though not very distinctive. That's all right, though; what really shines is the storytelling. And what I really loved was how it went into the local traditions of Mitsuha's hometown, going very micro in one part of it, linking traditional rituals and beliefs with the characters, and then, as the plot unfolds, connecting all of that with macro themes of love and longing and emotional ties. It's lovely work, a tiny bit sentimental without being preachy. And the plotpoint has kumihimo braids! I adore that part of it so much. spoilery )

Political linkspam (15 links)

2 Dec 2016 01:23 am
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"The Sky Remains: A Meditation for Anxious Times".

"Last week, tears. Today, the sun". [November 16] "Last week we elected a president who believes he is the sun. And we apparently agreed with him. Whether we cheered him, mocked him, vilified him, or taunted him on Twitter, we made him the center of the entire presidential campaign — and now our universe.

Well I’m done with that. I will not allow a racist, misogynist, hate-driven man to become the shining center of my universe.

I am going to choose my own sun.

I’m a writer. I hold the power of the pen and I intend to use it. Not to attack him. No, because that makes him the sun. In fact, his name will never grace these pages."

FYI, [dreamwidth.org profile] spikedluv is posting useful link roundups, including a fair number of news links.

Taking Action 2 links )

Essays, Op-Eds, Contemplations, "How the Hell Did We Get Here?", Personal Responses, etc. 7 links )

News 2 links )

Useful 1 link )

Media - November 2016

1 Dec 2016 09:53 pm
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Is it really obvious I bought a TV this month? I feel like it's really obvious I bought a TV this month.

Books )

Books: 7
  non-fiction: 1
  sff: 1
  romance: 3
  ya: 2
Manga/Comics: 6
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ugh, life

1 Dec 2016 09:14 pm
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When I got home from work this evening, my main kitchen light refused to work. Goddammit.

It's still kinda-sorta turning on, but it's dim, it's flickery, it makes a really loud and aggravating noise, and it won't fix those problems when I knock the casing with a dustmop, which has always worked in the past when that light glitches out. I am temporarily getting by (for very poor values of getting by) with my dim-ass secondary kitchen light (single bulb), my bathroom light, and my stove vent light, but that is not in any way a satisfactory or sustainable workaround.

So I texted Landlord Dude, and he is coming over around 9:30am Friday morning to fix the main light.

I also sort of set up an agreement where I will rake more leaves tomorrow and set the bags in the front yard for him to use as mulch on his garden, since the city's yard waste pickup service ended on Nov. 30 and won't start again until April. (I unilaterally give myself a small rent reduction in return for doing what ought to be Landlord Dude's yardwork obligations. He has not yet complained, so I think we're cool on that front.)

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1 Dec 2016 09:33 am
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I’m slowly whittling down my to do list. I keep adding things, too, but they’re generally small things. Things look much better if I don’t include my list of things I want to finish writing. There are so very many of those, and right now, I’m flitting back and forth between several different stories.

I checked last night, and the face to face training for the recount is, while technically in Ann Arbor, well outside of reasonable travel range if I have to take a cab. The bus doesn’t go close enough for the ride planner to accept it as a valid destination. They’ve set up about five online training sessions, though, so I signed up for one of those. I still need to email the coordinator and let him know that I’m not coming to the face to face session. I’d kind of rather do the face to face because I’ve never done something like this online and don’t know if it suits my learning style.

I didn’t get back to sleep after Cordelia got up this morning. I stayed in bed until she left, though, so that she could have the time to herself.

We had a game session last night. We did a little more first contact stuff, but the group is being sent on an off-planet mission next session, so I don’t know if we’ll go back to that. The npc who’ll be taking over seems only sort of competent, but I suspect that’s largely because the GM wants the pcs to make the decisions about what to try.

I made chocolate chip bars last night. I’d gotten to the point of not easily being able to delay when we discovered that we had no baking soda in the cupboard. Neither of us could figure that out because that’s not the sort of thing that we usually run out of, especially not without realizing that we need to buy more. Scott ended up making a trip to the store to get some, and I pulled things together while the game session was getting started. I didn’t want to deal with our rock hard and years old brown sugar (I know there are ways of softening it. I didn’t want to deal with it), so I used white sugar and molasses. That changed the color of the resulting bars but not the taste.

My hands are hurting a lot. I keep doing the things I need to do, but I say, "Ow. Ow. Ow!" a lot and use heat and cold and wish desperately that there was something I could take that would actually help. I need to prod my doctor. She said she was going to refer me to orthopedics and that they’d call me with an appointment. It’s been three weeks now, and I haven’t heard anything. Given that it will take months for me to get in, I really want to get things rolling now.

I have one library book due on Sunday that can’t be renewed. I’m about twenty pages into it. Finishing it is possible, but I’m not sure I will because I’m not finding it engaging. I’ve got another book that can’t be renewed that’s due in the middle of next week that I haven’t even opened and another unrenewable book that I have started and really want to finish but am not sure I can because holding it hurts a lot. The latter has a lot of full page pictures, so it’s not a long as it looks, not in terms of time spent reading words.

books and theatre in november

1 Dec 2016 10:10 pm
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A Little Bush Maid - Mary Bruce Grant
Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo
Crooked Kingdom - Leigh Bardugo
Aida's Ghost - Patricia Barnard
Aristote and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe - Benjamin Alire Saenz
Bethany - Adam Roberts

November books )

A Flea in Her Ear
The Screwtape Letters

three plays and one ballet )

december prompts

1 Dec 2016 02:21 am
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Is there anything you'd like me to write about? I'm not promising to write about certain topics on certain days, because that is not a promise I can keep. But, understanding that I do fall down a lot, and that if I fall down on your topic, that doesn't imply anything wrong with your topic or with how I feel about you, would you like to propose a topic that I will try to write about in December or sometime?

Catch 'em being good

1 Dec 2016 12:24 am
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[livejournal.com profile] akirlu suggested that we collectively try to shape Donald Trump's behavior the way animal trainers and nursery school teachers do: shower him with positive reinforcement whenever he moves toward where you want him to be.

I think this strategy could work. Trump is hungry for praise the way some dogs are for food. He'd stand on his nose if that's what it took. But who's got the patience? I find it hard to spend that much time watching my dogs, and I love my dogs; even when they're doing something disgusting, I think they're adorable.

Maybe the Office of Government Ethics does: Ethics Office Praises Donald Trump for a Move He Hasn’t Committed To. (link to the New York Times)
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Two of these are actually from the previous iteration of the ficathon, which I apparently neglected to ever post to my journal. Oops?

Anyway, here is the link to the current ficathon if you want to play too. :D


25. ) For [personal profile] syrena_of_the_lake: Any, any, everything outside us is mad as the mist and snow, written 1/18/16

battle magic (250 words)

"The trouble with magic," Edith said, studying the penciled reports of King Feyraud's current position with an absent frown, "and by 'trouble' I mean the reason it's so inefficient, is that it has no system. Every magician has a different center, which means there isn't any way to generalize from one to another. And that means people who try to turn magic into a rational field of study or practice end up writing treatises of rather dodgy philosophy and dictionaries of ingredients and spells that won't work for anyone but their creators, instead of something useful like a maths textbook or an engineering manual. So yes, I know some battle magic, but that doesn't mean anything in practical terms since none of what I've read will work for me. Especially not Jadis's spells."

"That is very interesting and I'd love to hear more once we're back at Cair Paravel," Mary said, "but at the moment I only need to know if you can do something both large and subtle enough with your shadows to keep the Sarovencian sentries from noticing the raiding party I plan to lead across the river this evening."

Edith lifted her eyes from her contemplation of the map. "Oh, is that all? I can't do it from here, but if I'm with the party, that shouldn't be a problem. It might even be fun." Her hand dropped to the stone knife at her belt, and Mary felt a moment of sympathy for the unsuspecting Sarovencians as her sister smiled.


Note: This wound up as a tiny installment in As the Morning and the Night, my genderswapped Pevensies AU. King Feyraud of Sarovence is an OC ruler of a mountain country near Archenland who has a tenuous blood relation to the old Narnian royal family; he attempts to claim Narnia by conquest both in this AU and in my normal timeline.

I consider this ficlet non-canonical (for the AU) in its fine details, but I intend to rework it into a proper story someday.


26. ) For [livejournal.com profile] killing_kurare: Any, Any, You must have made some kind of mistake // I asked for death, but instead I'm awake, written 2/29/16

the seer and the light (150 words)

She rises out of the Green Sun, shedding plasma in her wake, and for a moment everything is gloriously, impossibly clear: all the paths of fortune laid out in terrible, shining simplicity to the end of all possible universes. Then it occurs to Rose that sight implies someone to do the seeing, just as paths imply someone to travel them, which implies that she exists, which implies that she isn't done, and her enlightenment begins to fade.

She buries that thought with practiced skill, but buried isn't quite the same as gone and she retains just enough memory of future choices to know that she'll chase that taste of oblivion in other ways -- the same way she's spent her whole life chasing the void where her mother's love should be -- and despite the ruin down that road, she already knows she won't manage to (won't want to) make herself stop.


Note: Homestuck, obviously. :)


1. ) For [livejournal.com profile] notoriousreign: MCU, Laura Barton/Clint Barton, vacation, written 11/29/16

to get away from it all (175 words)

Once Laura got Clint past the urge to rehang the door of their very swanky hotel suite, and made him call in a tip to SHIELD about the suspicious behavior of the front desk clerk and two of the cleaning staff instead of pursuing the people himself, he settled fairly well into relaxation: his only stipulation that she try either scuba diving or surfing before they headed back north.

"I never really appreciated how fun doing nothing could be, before," he said, breath tickling along the curve of her ear as she lounged on a beach towel and basked in the sun and the pressure of his strong, callused fingers rubbing sunblock into her shoulders and down the hollow of her spine; "Maybe I just needed the right beautiful woman as my partner and mission coordinator."

"I'm telling Nat you said that, and getting Maria to record the resulting carnage," Laura murmured sleepily into the cradle of her folded arms, and smiled to herself at a job well done when Clint stopped his massage to laugh.


2. ) For [livejournal.com profile] hanorganaas: Star Wars, Han/Leia, Passionate, written 11/29/16

the ruling passion conquers reason still (175 words)

They never stop loving each other; that's not the problem.

It is, however, a symptom of the problem, because the same passion that fuels their connection -- that makes them fight the whole galaxy when it would keep them apart -- drives them in all things, and what they want (besides each other's embrace, and Luke safe, and Vader and the Emperor dead) is fundamentally incompatible; Han will chew off his own legs to win freedom for himself while Leia will bind her entire self into service to win freedom for everyone else, and neither is willing to give in any more than they could possibly let go.

They love each other from a distance, then -- a comet swinging around a sun to spell glory or disaster, a meteor shower burning up in the atmosphere of the planet it can't escape, a pair of unstable stars perturbing each other into massive solar flares -- and each takes comfort knowing the other is out somewhere in the void, burning with a flame as unquenchable as their own.


3. ) For [livejournal.com profile] adamas: Daredevil; Ensemble or Matt Murdock/Any; teaching how to see without sight, written 11/30/16

absence makes (275 words)

After Karen banged and tripped her way across what felt like miles of treacherous floor and furniture, Matt guided her (both of them still laughing) to his couch and said, "Maybe we should start with something simpler, or at least something that keeps you in one place and doesn't split your focus so much."

"Oh?" Karen said, and immediately wanted to kick herself for the breathless inanity of the word and her tone of voice, and then wanted to kick herself again for the way the jump in her heartbeat and the flush of heat across her cheeks (just kissing the edge of Matt's old mask, pulled low over her eyes) might have given Matt the idea that she was upset at him instead of mildly annoyed at herself and how much this was turning her on.

"Yeah, just, I'm going to hold my hand near some part of your body so you can feel the heat and air displacement -- because nobody's ever completely still -- and see if you can reach out and touch my hand with your own: no guessing," Matt said, sliding one hand through the loose tendrils of her hair as he spoke, in a slow, tender gesture of farewell before he shifted his weight off the couch and left Karen's skin tingling at the suddenly untenable lack of his touch... and she wondered, not for the first time but with more force than ever before, how he could possibly stand to live this way -- all his nerves raw, exposed, and hungry -- because despite the blackness that (temporarily, voluntarily) shrouded her world, she had never been more conscious of his body in her life.


4. ) For [livejournal.com profile] silvr_dagger: Star Trek TOS or AOS, T'Pring/Uhura, a logical arrangement, written 11/30/16

no diplomacy like candor (250 words)

"He must contribute his genes toward the continuation of our species; he requires an advocate to navigate our people's internal politics in his name and that of his family; and he needs my control to lean on when his own fails, as I am sure you can attest it has done at inopportune moments," T'Pring said, somehow managing to make Spock and Nyota's shared bed and cabin look like a throne in an audience chamber, a domain entirely within her own control rather than someone else's home she had entered without invitation.

"All logical arguments," Nyota said, and left the implicit 'so far as they go, which isn't very' hanging in the tone of her voice, the position of her eyebrows, and the faint roughness at the end of the final word as if she'd been about to lead into another phrase.

T'Pring smiled, as shocking and unexpected as rain in the desert, and said, "A most elegant turn of phrase and a true display of cross-species linguistic mastery, though if you had spoken so to me in another world, I might have challenged you to kal-if-fee for your presumption at standing between me and my betrothed; in this one, however, necessity and loss have taught me the art of compromise, and I think that any person Spock would choose to bind himself to is one I might equally choose for myself, for mind, for soul, and for body -- and most particularly, in matters of the body, for your talented tongue."


Note: I went with AOS. :)


Part two coming tomorrow, maybe...
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--Update 2016-11-30: After the Green Party filed for a recount and paid Wisconsin's estimated fee, Wisconsin more than tripled the fee: Now WI wants 3.5 million dollars. And they're trying to get away with just a machine recount, not having real human beings examine the ballots.

Hillary is now suing to make Wisconsin do a real hand recount. And she's recruiting volunteers to help with the hand recount.

Also, Wisconsin's initial vote tallies include at least two places with more ballots cast than registered voters, a Trump campaign staffer in MI has been convicted of felony election fraud, and - in this year of massive public focus on the presidential race - Michigan and Florida claim that amazingly large numbers of people voted on every question except who should be President.

Pretty much all my news tonight is from http://www.palmerreport.com/

Nano (YES!)

1 Dec 2016 11:09 am
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10006 / 9900 words. 101% done!
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Yeah, after a good start I just couldn't make it. Better luck next year.

In the meantime, there is this embroidery machine just sitting in our living room, and I am on the internet browsing ALL THE THREAD. All of it.

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30 Nov 2016 11:47 am
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My radiation oncology appointment yesterday went well. I got there about 45 minutes early and expected to have a leisurely time filling out my paperwork and reading some of the books I’d brought with me. Instead, they took my vitals and took me back right away. I was out of there by the time of my actual scheduled appointment. I need to remember that they do this because it’s happened both times I’ve gone back for check ups.

The main takeaway there is that I need to keep massaging my breast because the lymphedema is still an issue. I knew that, but I was mostly ignoring it because it rarely hurts.

I walked over to the cancer center afterwards to ask about my genetic testing data. I talked to something like four different people before I got someone who could help. Nobody seemed to understand what I was after until I’d explained two or three times. The nurse who finally helped me told me that I will have to call the testing company in order to get what I want because the testing company doesn’t actually give them that information. Which seems really ridiculous for a cancer center that’s supposed to be at the forefront of research. She gave me a copy of everything that the testing company gave them, but I think it’s exactly what they sent me through the patient portal.

I got home to find a FedEx package on our porch. It contained the two nightgowns I’d ordered and not gotten. I’d be wondering if I’d actually ordered the purple pants if the packing slip with them hadn’t clearly said that it was supposed to be a two pack of nightgowns. I have no idea why they sent this when they said they wouldn’t/couldn’t. I’m glad to get them. I’m assuming they were shipped overnight after I complained yesterday because, if they were sent before that, it’s… well, it’s beyond weird.

I let Scott mail the pants back because they were the wrong size. Since he had to go to the post office anyway, he mailed a package we’d planned to hold onto until January.

I was up later than I wanted to be last night due to reflux. I have no clue what caused that. No, that’s not true. I’m 95% sure that it was anxiety/stress. I had applesauce, almonds, and vanilla ice cream for dinner, and those are all things that are hugely safe for me as far as reflux goes. I ended up writing on my phone for about an hour before I risked lying down again. I started a new story, so it wasn’t progress on any of my WIP. If I finish the new story, it would be the first time I’ve written a Yuletide treat, so I’m kind of looking at it sideways and wondering.

I got word from the folks organizing the recount volunteers that there’s a training session tomorrow evening and that the recount might start as early as Friday. I foresee a shitload of Ativan in my future, and I’m pretty sure that anxiety over this is what caused last night’s reflux. I don’t actually expect the recount to make a difference, but it’s the sort of thing that needs doing anyway. I’m just glad that the training session for our county is here in town. I have to email the coordinator to let him know that I’ll be there. Scott might or might not be available to give me a ride, but a cab is possible (I don’t think the bus goes out there, but I haven’t checked the address yet. I just know the bus doesn’t go very far out Jackson Rd).

The training session will be inconvenient from a family point of view because Scott and Cordelia were assuming we’d find a way to fit in tonight’s Arrow episode tomorrow before Legends of Tomorrow airs. I don’t see it happening when Scott won’t be available until after 6:00 and I’ll be gone from at least 5:30 to 8:00 (and that assumes that transportation is rapid and available immediately).

I’m on the email notification list for FDA recalls, and I’ve seen two in the last week for packages missing allergen information about crab cakes containing seafood. On the one hand, it’s good to have allergen information required for everything. On the other hand, is there actually anyone buying crab cakes on the assumption that they don’t contain seafood?

Scott and Cordelia have decided that we will put up the Christmas tree this coming Sunday. That means that I need to make fudge and some cookies between now and then. I told Cordelia there’d probably only be time for fudge and chocolate chip bars. She said that was fine. I want to do the sort of Christmas baking I’ve done in the past, but I’m not sure there’s a point. Scott’s mother is GF. Scott’s father has type 2 diabetes, and my blood sugar is borderline.

I emailed Scott’s mother to suggest that they come down here for Christmas Eve and then we go up there on Christmas Day. There are four Methodist churches around town that have services that might be possible and that I think Scott’s parents wouldn’t find uncomfortable. (There’s an AME church about three blocks away, but I think that Scott’s parents would be hugely uncomfortable and that taking Trump voters to a black church would be utterly icky. Not to mention that I feel like white people going uninvited into a black space is, in general, intrusive and rude.) We could also drive up to Brighton after dinner for a service. Scott’s parents know people there, and it’s not far for us and is on their way home.

Scott may or may not have to work on Christmas Eve. Some years, the plant runs. Some years, it doesn’t. We won’t know until right before. I like the idea of doing things down here because it means that, if Scott’s home by 4:00, we could do a 5:00 or 5:30 service with dinner after. The options for later services locally are more limited. There’s a 7:30 and an 11:00 at the campus Methodist church. 11:00 is more feasible now than it was when Cordelia was waking up at 5:00 on Christmas mornings, but it’s still not attractive for a number of logistical reasons. Scott’s parents would have an hour drive to get home after, and Scott and I would still have to do the last minute preparations for the next day.
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"Oh Man, Logan: Wolverine’s Most Brutal Injuries". [CBR]

"Riverdale promo reveals The CW's gritty Archie series — exclusive". [EW]

"Jubilee Will Lead a New Team of Teen Mutants in the New Generation X Comic". [io9]

"Unseen HG Wells ghost story published for first time".

"Remembering Sheri S. Tepper, Eco-Feminist Sci-Fi Firebrand". [Genevieve Valentine at NPR]

Social Justice

A Storify of author [twitter.com profile] mishellbaker's tweets on "How to Make Black Friends: A tweetstorm for white folks".

"Because I Was a Girl, I Was Told ..." [New York Times] [Note: huge scrolling graphic at the top of the post]

"How White People Can Support People Of Color Now". [Buzzfeed]

"How to Stay Sane While Black".

[twitter.com profile] likhain wrote "Each angel, burning", and it's tremendously beautiful. "People who point out kindness as if it were an antithesis to anger at injustice are vastly oversimplifying both things, and in so watering them down deprive them of their strength. Because kindness, and anger at injustice, come from the same root. [...]

I’ve been told to answer hatred with love. The thing is, I do. Love isn’t a sheep to the slaughter. Love is not a coward covering her face. Love, too, is a sword. And if we’re looking, again, at readings of the Bible, at the nature of the Divine, we’ll see that angels, messengers of the Divine who exist in close proximity to that perfect radiance of love — they are hardly easy to look at. They aren’t comfortable beings to confront. They say, “do not be afraid!” — they burn. [...]

I have no time to spare for people who are only interested in furthering oppression; whose desire to learn about social justice is prompted primarily by the need to know the acceptable degree of harm they can cause; who, when taken to task for the injustice in their words, double down and explain that the readers have it wrong, it wasn’t their intent, and in any case, couldn’t you have been kinder doing it? –No. I notice that things like “keep YA kind” always seem to act only in one direction: we must be kind when we confront those who have hurt us, when we speak the truth of the marginalized to the powers in the center — but there is no kindness for those who have been hurt, who see themselves once again turned into monsters, savages, people not deserving of humanity or redemption. There is never enough kindness in the margins."

"The code I’m still ashamed of". "If you write code for a living, there’s a chance that at some point in your career, someone will ask you to code something a little deceitful – if not outright unethical.

This happened to me back in the year 2000. And it’s something I’ll never be able to forget."
[tw: reference to suicide]


"You can now download Netflix shows and movies to watch offline later". [The Daily Dot]

"An oral history of Sobeys' 'Star of Christmas' holiday commercial: As Sobeys prepares to resurrect the song, a look at the making of the 1987 ad loved across the Maritimes". [CBC]

"The Entire Internet Will Be Archived In Canada to Protect It From Trump".

"16 Photos That Will Make You Laugh, Cry, And Feel Better". [Buzzfeed]

"15+ Sea Slugs That Prove Aliens Already Live On Planet Earth".

"Art is not an escape — it’s our most powerful weapon against apathy". [Salon] "It is for this reason, among others, that Honoré de Balzac brought political debates among friends to a close with the admonition, “Let’s talk about more important matters,” and then ask a question about poetry, music or theater." [Includes some election talk, for those who're trying to avoid that altogether.]

"Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: It’s Okay to Mourn the Election Results and Still Want a Good Moisturizer".

"Piglets, Pink Floyd and Purple Rain: 20 Things You Never Knew About Boys For Pele".


30 Nov 2016 03:39 pm
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9665 / 9900 words. 98% done!

stuff done: Monday-Tuesday

29 Nov 2016 10:19 pm
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1. Finished my Not the IRS paid skills training (...for now).

2. Made two political activism phone calls. Granted, this only involved leaving messages on answering machines, but still. I dislike calling strangers on the phone as myself. Making phone calls as Employee of Company X is a different issue. That's a role; it's impersonal. I can also make phone calls to schedule appointments (both medical and job interviews), because again, those are roles with a set script and I've been through that scenario dozens of times before so I know, viscerally, that everything will be fine. Politics is an inherently higher-emotion thing, plus there's unfamiliarity, so making these calls is a more spoon-intensive proposition. I will probably try to make another one or two on Friday, though, because one does what one can and what I have to give right now is time rather than money.

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15. Wrote one fill (to get away from it all, MCU, Laura Barton/Clint Barton) for this year's Three Sentence Ficathon before heading out to my tax course tonight. This is the first proper piece of fiction I've written since the NFE at the very beginning of September.

(Let me clarify that. I consider my tiny comment!ficlets from an October meme response more of a meta post with examples than any kind of functional story, and the few hundred words I've attempted toward a Cotton Candy Bingo prompt fill haven't gone much of anywhere since I got that prompt in August, so. Like I said, the first proper writing I've done in nearly two months.)

I burned out pretty badly earlier this year, creatively speaking. Actually, I probably burned out in late 2015, but I kept walking on broken legs for quite some time. Eventually, though, I realized that attempting to shove through was doing me more harm than good, and (with gritted teeth and a bunch of lectures on how this wasn't being irresponsible and lazy and useless) gave myself permission to take a fucking break until writing no longer felt like a dreaded chore.

Writing started to feel thinkable again a couple weeks ago, but until today I'd only managed some speculative outlining for Yuletide and the Daredevil Secret Santa exchange (which is going to be a bitch and a half, because my recipient wants big, emotional, tropey genre romance fics and what I am capable of writing is... not that *wince*) and the aforementioned unproductive noodling for the CCB prompt fill. So it feels really good to dip my toe back into the pool.

I am not sure how many more prompt fills I'll manage for this iteration of the ficathon, but what the hell, anything beyond that first one is gravy. :)


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"When you make the finding yourself— even if you're the last person on Earth to see the light— you'll never forget it." —Carl Sagan

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