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1 Aug 2015 01:26 pm
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Cordelia and her friend ended up making lunch yesterday-- macaroni and cheese. Cordelia was very reluctant at first, but, about half an hour after she absolutely refused to consider cooking, she and her friend had the box of pasta out and were asking me what to do. No one put away the leftovers, so they're kind of cemented to the bottom of the pot. I'll have to see what I can do to pry them loose later today.

Scott is working 3-3 today. His alarm didn't go off at 2. Fortunately, he woke about 2:30, so he wasn't too horribly late getting to work. He called to let them know he would be late (it's about a half hour drive, so the time he needed to get dressed meant being late). His alarm did go off at 5:10, and I had a heck of a time figuring out how to turn it off. I had to turn on the light and still couldn't read the labels on the buttons on his alarm. I'm not sure how much of that was the tiny print and how much of it was the light still being fairly poor. It stopped making noise, and I got the light on it to dim, so I was able to go back to sleep eventually.

I actually dreamed that I was going to have to start high school and had missed the application deadline for the special program I wanted. I'd think I was too old for that sort of dream, but I do still have occasional dreams about high school normally. In this case, though, I think it may be anticipatory anxiety about figuring out where Cordelia will go to high school. We don't have to decide until she's in eighth grade, and she only starts seventh this fall, so I'm worrying early.

I would like to be able to send her to Community which is a smaller high school, still in the public school system, with some specialized programs. Unfortunately, Community always has at least three times as many applicants as it has spaces, so getting in is difficult. It's a lottery, so everyone has pretty much the same chance. I think, given transportation constraints, that Community and the normal high school we're zoned for are the only real options. I consider Community viable because one of the buses that runs near us has a stop about a block away from the school. I think the trip would take about ten minutes. Cordelia would have to ride a school bus in order to get to the normal high school, so the bus trip to Community doesn't look so bad at all.

Oh, well. There's time to think about it.

Scott grilled pork last night. I think it came out tasting kind of nasty. He said he put sesame oil on it before he grilled it to see if that would keep it from sticking (it didn't). I normally like sesame oil but not this time. Of course, I'm not sure that what I was tasting was sesame oil-- It tasted kind of like gas smells.

Cordelia's friends' mother sent home made spring rolls and home made baklava yesterday. The spring rolls were oddly buttery. I think she must have cooked the cabbage inside in butter. The baklava was a little scorched and very lemony but still good.

I'm doing the Metanews posting this week as the other moderator has been having both personal issues and connection difficulties. We're very late this week because the other moderator wasn't able to do any links until today. We will likely be at least a bit late next week due to me having three doctor's appointments in the two days when I usually link find.

My ankle's mostly doing better today, but I gave myself an issue earlier by bending my ankle wrong when I was getting up from sitting down. Basically, what that happened was that my heel was on the floor while the ball of my foot and my toes were on something about an inch and a half taller. That hurt considerably.

I'm thinking that I'll try watching that Chinese movie I've had from Netflix for a few weeks now. I want to watch it and return it ASAP, and this afternoon ought to be a good time. I'll just close my laptop for the duration so that I can focus on the TV and actually follow what's going on and which character is which. I will probably go back to the start and watch the fifteen or twenty minutes I already watched again. I wasn't paying enough attention the first time to catch most of what happened.

I did end up signing up for [community profile] iddyiddybangbang with a Weiss Kreuz PWP. Now I just have to put the dates for the challenge in my calendar and review the bits of the story that I've already written. I said I wouldn't mind being matched with an artist or person making a fanmix, but I don't know that I will be. Weiss Kreuz isn't nearly as widely known now as it used to be, and the majority of people signing up for the challenge seemed to be doing so in big western fandoms like the MCU.

monthly word count - july

1 Aug 2015 03:40 pm
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TOTAL: 12 752 words.


on the upside i've gotten demonfic restarted... i guess...

also tons of tiny daemon AUs, but those were fun to come up with at least.

-daemon AU: awake at night, dad & karkat & gamzee (478 words)
-daemon AU: demon patrol: the coffee shop scene (542 words)
-daemon AU: married knights davekat: Hal and Seb (764 words)
-daemon AU: jaeger x townie otp in the tree silliness (157 words)
-daemon AU: 30th century night, dave re: rose (176 words)
-daemon AU: battlefield terra chapter 8 (236 words)
-daemon AU: demon patrol: chapter 26 (434 words)
-daemon AU: lord of these future lands (landlord ofic) (1 230 words)
-daemon AU: visitation rights (landlord ofic) (575 words)

-BT chapter 9 (115 words) (orz)
-landlord ofic: dating or not??? (361 words =_ =)
-Demon Patrol chapter 28 (6 838 words!!)
-Demon Patrol, discarded scene (846 words)

I also posted chapter 27 of Demon Patrol but it's been written for a while so it's not in the word count.

The play

1 Aug 2005 07:54 am
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"MacBeth. MacBeth, MacBeth. MacBeth! MacBeth! MacBeth!"*

-:- -:- -:-

As I'm sure you know by now, I believe that the Universe will give you messages, if you pay attention. And I believe that if you follow what the Universe tells you, things will work out.

Here are the messages the Universe sent me, telling me to see Orson's Shadow.

First there was the commercial on TMC. Between movies, they talk about movie stuff--books on movie stars that are coming out, DVDs being released, plays with movie connections that are being performed. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was watching some movie, and the commercial afterward talked about a play about how Orson Welles directed the play Rhinoceros with Laurence Olivier and Joan Plowright, before they were married, but while they were having an affair. (Olivier was still married to Vivien Leigh at the time.) It sounded just wonderful, so I looked it up online and found that it had an open-ended run. I went over and told my mother about the play. She seemed enthusiastic, but a little baffled at why I so wanted to see this play.

That was in April.

I, of course, waffled about everything. Was it a good idea to even go to NY by myself? Not that it felt dangerous to me, but I was so afraid that I would go and hide in my hotel room the whole time. And then I had to change when I was going. So I didn't buy a ticket; I decided to wait and see what happened.

One thing that happened was a billboard they put up a few blocks from my house. I don't know what it was for. I do know that it had a picture of a rhinoceros that nearly filled the whole canvas. Yes, OK, I get it!

Still, I didn't buy a ticket. (It's very, very hard for me to remember to write "a ticket." My hands want to type "tickets." I still try to buy two tickets when I go to the movies, too.) I did pack, and I did make my hotel reservation, and I did make my plane reservation. I got ready to go. I thought about the play, and I looked at the billboard, and I told myself I'd see when I got there.

Well, I got there. And it was wonderful, and I was confident, and I took the subway, and I got on busses by myself, and I rode the Cyclone, and I walked and walked and walked, alone mostly, and sometimes in the dark. (You remember that I'm not allowed to be out in the dark by myself, right?) And it was fine--it was wonderful.

Still, I wondered what to do about the play. Did I want to go to Manhattan? Well, yes; I needed to go to the ESB to research a story. And as long as I was going to Manhattan anyway, it was silly not to go to a play I'd been thinking about for two months. Right?


On Friday, after I'd been to the cemetery, I got on the bus and went to Bay Ridge and took pictures and wandered around. I decided to go to the diner I ate at the first time I was in NY, and there was a newspaper box with The Village Voice in it. So I grabbed one, went into the diner, and ordered a brandy Alexandre (don't ask). I told myself that I'd look to see if there was anything about it in the paper, and if there was, maybe I'd call.

I opened the paper to the exact page the listing for Orson's Shadow was on.

"All right! Stop pushing!" I didn't say it out loud. But I realized that if I didn't call and reserve a seat, it was clear somebody was going to abduct me and drag me to see this play.

So, that evening I called to reserve a ticket.

Now, you already know how I got to the theatre, so I'll skip that part and get to the play.

Well, first there was pizza right around the corner. Then, because I still had time, I walked around another corner and bought some clips for my (still-uncut) hair.

And then the play.

It was wonderful. From www.orsontheplay.com:

Orson's Shadow is set in 1960, as notorious film director Orson Welles senses his foothold in the screen industry slipping. Coaxed into a new endeavor by theater critic and friend Kenneth Tynan, the directorial giant finds himself at the helm of a West End production of Ionesco's Rhinoceros starring Laurence Olivier and his paramour Joan Plowright. Olivier's eccentric wife Vivien Leigh adds to the volatile mix as legendary egos collide on stage and off. A fictional rendering of actual events, Orson's Shadow imagines the circumstances behind the staging of this absurdist masterpiece and reveals the human frailty of these titan personalities.

The cast--particularly Ken Marks, who played Laurence Olivier--was extraordinary. The play was both remarkably kind and very--is honest the right word when you're imagining how real people behaved in times and places you didn't witness? (Am I the wrong person to even be asking that question?) Let's assume honest is the right word. It's clear that Austin Pendleton loves the people he's writing about even as he sees so clearly how awfully they can treat each other. And the writing itself is both graceful and strong. I was transported.

At intermission I had gone to the ice cream place and bought a brownie and a bottle of water, so I wasn't all that hungry after the play. In fact, I was a little sick to my stomach (too much sugar) and I spent some time in the restroom (and yes, there's a reason I'm telling you this). Because being that much later leaving the theatre, I got to meet Austin Pendleton.

He was standing out front, talking to someone. I stopped and told him what a wonderful play he'd written, and he thanked me and shook my hand.

Janine had told me that if I walked past the theatre and just kept going straight, I'd be able to see the Statue of Liberty. I tried that, but it did not in fact seem to be the case, so I just started wandering around, sort of looking for the subway and taking pictures. It was a glorious day, cool, and it looked like it was going to rain several times, got lovely and dark, but it never actually did anything.

I managed somehow to walk across Manhattan without finding the subway. I'm not entirely sure how that's possible, but I did it. I didn't have any particular plan, but after a while I started to get tired. And then I saw the Queens Midtown Tunnel. I'm not much good at reading maps, but I knew that was very much the wrong direction to be going in, so I turned around and started walking the other way. (Mind you, all of this was done in a sort of meandering way.) I was feeling tired, and a little sick to my stomach again, flagged down a cab, which took me back to my hotel.

*Vivien, Orson's Shadow

Media - July 2015

1 Aug 2015 07:27 am
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Books: 5
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Manga/Comics: 31
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New York & Existentialism

31 Jul 2003 10:28 pm
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"Yeah, Well, You Think Everything's Boring. You Know, I Mean You Wouldn't Say That If It Was the Lost Hope Diet."*

-:- -:- -:-

I want to die.

Or, as Millay put it, "I've a weary head, and I wish to be dead, but I do not want to die." Only I do want to die. I want to put my weary head down on a cool, cool pillow and never wake up again. I'm hurting in so many ways, an empty feeling that isn't really empty, it's overflowing with loneliness. Filled with nothing.

Much as I hate the big dramatic "you're too much trouble" scenes I've lived through more than once, what I think I hate more is the, "ignore her, maybe she'll go away" way of ending a friendship. If you can call it a friendship, though I always do, always. And the expressions of joy when we run into each other unexpectedly. "Oh, are you still on the planet?" OK, no one's ever said those words. But what else does it mean when someone who has no time for you seems so happy to see you? "I don't have a spare minute" means "I don't have a spare minute for you."

Obviously I'm doing something wrong. Why should this surprise me?

Couldn't I just stop? Go away, forget?

Next month, next month. I can see myself in New York (only I can't see New York), I can see myself on Celia's doorstep, knocking, but there is no reply.

I wrote her yesterday, hoping to sound . . . not crazy. Yeah, good luck with that. Not obsessive and strange, not a stalker, just a fan, and a friend. Does she think of me as a friend? Does she think of me at all?

I have to break down these walls. I guess I put them there, these self-conscious, don't-bother-anybody walls, but they are very much my mother's walls, and probably my grandmother's, too. Probably my great-grandmother brought them over with her from Switzerland. They're Swiss walls, do-not-disturb walls, only it's us straining not to disturb anybody else. I might as well be dead, if I'm not going to make a ripple in the water while I'm here. It's cold here on the mountain, it's lonely. I'm not Swiss enough for it.

I want to sleep. OK? Forget about dying, I just want to sleep, for a year, or two, or a million. And wake up feeling like I can talk, think, smile.

My anxieties are attaching to money (as I believe I have said) and I'm trying to detach them. I'm really afraid of being disappointed with Celia, of Pat having a bad time, of getting lost and never getting home again, of being arrested (for . . . ? Yeah, I don't know), of Something Bad Happening, the Something Bad that has been haunting me ever since the first Something Bad Happened when I was a little girl. Pre-emptive separation anxiety. If I was pretty, I wouldn't feel like this. (Do I believe that? It depends which part of my brain you talk to.)

There's fog today, and it's discombobulated the sparrows. They were tweeting and chirping, flying fretfully from one low-to-the-ground thing to another, afraid to go too high. I nearly got out of the car to join them.

*Michael, The Big Chill

Friday linkspam

31 Jul 2015 04:30 pm
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A couple more posts rounding up links and quotes from various comments in the Metafilter discussion on emotional labor: this post by [dreamwidth.org profile] elf, and a second post from [dreamwidth.org profile] kaberett, with a few more links to go with the ones singled out earlier.


Via a Tumblr post, a neat interview with poet Richard Siken (whose work I discovered via [dreamwidth.org profile] musesfool, I believe): "The Poet Laureate of Fan Fiction / The internet mistook Richard Siken’s poetry for TV fan fiction—and then it consumed him". I was unaware that Siken has a second volume of poetry out this year! War of the Foxes, one day soon I will order you. ^_^

"How 'A Wrinkle in Time' Changed Sci-Fi Forever".


Zen Cho has a new "My Publishing Journey" post up: "Signing with a literary agent".

At The Dissolve: "We’re losing all our Strong Female Characters to Trinity Syndrome". "So maybe all the questions can boil down to this: Looking at a so-called Strong Female Character, would you—the writer, the director, the actor, the viewer—want to be her? Not want to prove you’re better than her, or to have her praise you or acknowledge your superiority. Action movies are all about wish-fulfillment. Does she fulfill any wishes for herself, rather than for other characters?"


Via [twitter.com profile] criacow, an adorable one-minute YouTube video of cows being petted and hugged.

"The Oddly Soothing Sound of 9 Cats and A Kitten Eating Dinner Together At The Same Time". The post has two videos: one in which all of the cats eat together, and one in which the new kitten is introduced to the nine cats already in residence. (You'll also be linked to this Japanese blog, 9 Cats, about the ten cats.)

"21 Cats Who Are Too Adorably Stupid For Their Own Good".

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] alisanne, tremendously cute kittens and equally cute otters.


Vienna Teng's website has been updated with info on The Fourth Messenger album release. The Fourth Messenger is a musical Vienna wrote with Tanya Shaffer, and Vienna sings the lead role on the album.

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] boxofdelights, this slow-motion video of a goshawk maneuvering through a fairly dense forest.

Via Facebook:

--"Why Proof-Texting Is Not Like Other Sins". "Proof-texting is an intentionally deceptive practice that offers out of context proof while ignoring the greater witness of scripture and any other evidence that might refute the desired (and predetermined) theological conclusion. It’s the tool necessary to perpetuate the myth that the Bible is always perfectly clear about everything, when in fact that clarity often only exists when we proof-text our theology by ignoring the overarching themes of scripture in general and the message of Jesus in particular in order to condemn and exclude people we’ve deemed unworthy of salvation."

--"Hey, Internet: Stop Trying To Inspire Me" "I’m tired of people trying to inspire me to have a better, bigger, happier life. Let me exist. Let me fumble. Let me find the patch of light in the long tunnel of darkness. Let me figure out some shit on my own. I say we need less fake inspiration in this world and more realness. Less doomsday. Less fake happiness. More real shit. Less preaching. More storytelling. Less advice. More community."

--"Artist Celebrates Late Grandfather By Drawing Each Of The 100,000+ Items He Left In His Toolshed".

--This is only a couple of paragraphs, but sounds neat: "Let's visit the Cave of Hanging Snakes!" (Here's a slightly longer post about it.)

--"What A 47-Second Quick-Change Looks Like". "At the 2015 Tony Awards, Kelli O’Hara allowed the documentation of what a quick-change looks like backstage – and the army it takes to pull it off successfully."

--"Let Yourself Be the Change You Want to See in the World".

--"Living Bio-Concrete Can Heal Itself".

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31 Jul 2015 09:43 am
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Scott and Cordelia went to the store last night and remembered to buy all of the extras, the it-would-be-nice-to-have-that things, but forgot the must have that they went for-- bread for Scott's lunch. He decided not to go back and simply to use a tortilla instead.

I'm having a lot of trouble with Google chat and docs right now. My mail inbox keeps updating, but everything else is giving me a continuous "We're having trouble connecting to Google." message. Everything but Gchat and Gdocs indicates that my internet connection has remained stable and continuous. It's very frustrating because I have a friend who's online who I'd love to chat with. Even before the official connection problem, I was having trouble. I'd type something in the chat window and hit return, and Gchat would tell me it was trying to send the message. It would continue 'trying' for fifteen to twenty minutes and never go through. I would still get what my friend sent, so there was some sort of connection there. Reloading the site helped for about five minutes and isn't really a good solution if it has to be repeated that frequently.

I think I am going to sign up for [community profile] iddyiddybangbang. I considered five different fics, but two were likely to be too long to finish in time (and I wasn't sure exactly what to do with either one) while two others might very well have ended up too short to meet the minimum word count without a lot of padding. The remaining story is already over the minimum and is, I think, about half done.

My foot and ankle are giving me trouble today. I spent twenty minutes to half an hour continuously on my feet yesterday as I made lunch and did the dishes. Most of that time was spent searching for the hamburger buns that I thought Scott bought on Saturday (I remember seeing them!). They were nowhere to be found. Cordelia looked, too, and couldn't find them. When I asked Scott later, he had no idea where they might be. I'd already looked three or four times in all of the places he could think of. So maybe he didn't buy them after all, and I'm just remembering seeing hamburger buns after some other shopping trip. I ended up giving the kids the last three slices of bread with their chicken patties in lieu of buns.

At any rate, my plan is to stay off my feet as much as I can manage today. I had to load the dishwasher and run it so that we'd have dishes for lunch, and I'll have to cook lunch (unless I can persuade the girls to do it. I suppose that's at least theoretically possible).

Scott is 95% certain that he's working 3 a.m. to 3 p.m. tomorrow. He says it will take a miracle to get him out of it. He's going to have to grill tonight. There's no way around it. We finished off our leftovers last night, and I don't see doing carryout again so soon. Scott won't want to do it, but it's too warm for me to use the oven, so grilling is the only way we'll get meat for dinner for the next few days.

Our guests brought spring rolls and baklava. The kids have been eating the spring rolls, but they haven't offered me any (I haven't asked because I'm not sure their mother sent enough for me to have one, too). The girls are getting frustrated because the boy is refusing every option they offer for the three of them to play together. He's playing a Lego Wii game, solo, and won't even consider a three player Wii game instead. I'm not sure if I should intervene or not. The girls have gone off to Cordelia's room for the moment. I think they're reading Rick Riordan books.

I still haven't found that missing library CD, but I also still haven't gotten down on the floor to look under the couch. I need to find a flashlight for that, and all of ours seem to have wandered off.
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Behold, I have a [dreamwidth.org profile] trope_bingo card! First question: when one's primary fandom is set 20-odd years after the zombie Rising, what does one do with an "au: apocalypse" square? Write them into a different apocalypse, I guess? (It's a theoretical question--realistically, I'm probably not going to take a bash at that one. See also: the thing where I like getting cards and seeing if they get me writing, but never actually finish a bingo, so I don't spend any time strategizing for lines or corners or what have you.)

Also, admire the typo in one square, which says "art initiates life". ^_^ I hope someone else with that square works with it literally, rather than autocorrecting it and going from them.

Card under this cut )

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30 Jul 2015 01:39 pm
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I would like to cancel my hormones and sign up for some other sort of secretion, like extra fucking dandruff or something.

Mishmash post

30 Jul 2015 12:49 pm
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--The Kickstarter to fund year 3 of Sparkler Monthly has only four days left, and still needs about $2500. If you haven't looked at them and are at all into the idea of female gaze-oriented prose/comics/audio drama covering a variety of stories, brought together by lifelong fangirls with tons of experience, please consider checking them out and helping to make their third year happen.

--For the last several days I've been waking up around 7 or 7:30, lying awake long enough to seriously wonder if I should just get up (despite my having been staying up late enough that my alarm's been set for 10 or 10:30), and then falling back to sleep and having incredibly bizarre dreams. It's an odd pattern. :/ Can't say I like it much.

--Last night [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose prepped Doughbot, so I woke up (the second time) to the smell of fresh-baked bread and had some for brunch, with the raspberry jam Kas and Ginny made after our first berrying outing.

--I need to spend more time reading in general, but reading through a stack of graphic novels from the library has reminded me of my theory that reading one GN or one manga volume every day would be a significant change to my current reading habits, and it wouldn't take all that much time each day. It'd be nice to put a dent in that part of my to-read backlog, esp. given how much manga I own and haven't read. >.<

--Via Twitter, NBC has all of Kings posted for online viewing. (Doesn't seem to be available in Canada, alas.)

--Last night I did the first part of the Scrivener tutorial, and mostly it just hurt my head. A few different people on Twitter weighed in and said they hadn't really spent much time with the tutorial except when they actually needed to figure something out. It's very jargony, so I think I might take that approach. And right now clicking "take snapshot" completely freezes the program. Awkward. (Opening the system monitor reveals that instead of a CPU percentage, the monitor says "zombie" for Scrivener [O_O], which [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose says is a specific error that he forgets the meaning of offhand. He and Kas are both very busy from now until the beginning of next week, but hopefully we can get it sorted out.)

--[livejournal.com profile] seanan_mcguire's new CD, Creature Feature, is out! It's also already out of stock at CD Baby, but I've placed an order for whenever they get around to sending her a restock request.

--The newest BPAL update includes...well. Let them say it: "We’ve had myriad political figures throughout US history that have possessed acid tongues, but few in the modern era have provided such a constant stream of colorfully vitriolic superlatives as Antonin Scalia.

He is the federal court’s beat poet of indignation and right-wing rage.

For your pleasure, we present a line dedicated to SCOTUS’ reigning Sick Burn Champion, the cranky, flamboyant, inimitable Justice Antonin Gregory Scalia. Proceeds from every single bottle will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Trevor Project, and the National Center for Transgender Equality."

(I'm hoping to avoid going in on any decant circles, because once again, I haven't worn any perfume in months and have plenty of other places I spend my money. >.> But the applesauce scent sounds tempting, and the idea behind this small line is great.)

(no subject)

30 Jul 2015 11:34 am
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I really want to get back to writing. I'm not sure I care so much what I write as long as I write something. Maybe I should have done one of those exchanges I was considering. I suppose I can look through the prompts for those exchanges and see if anything inspires me to write a complete story as a treat. I did see a recent pinch hit request that included fandoms I've written previously, but the focus of the exchange is shippy, with specific pairings, and I'm not sure I can do that in those fandoms right now.

There is another challenge (not an exchange) for id fic longer than 5000 words with finished old WIP being perfectly within the rules. I do have two old WIP that would fit, and it would be nice to finish either one of them. Unfortunately, one of them is likely to end up 30-50 thousand words and is currently only 3000 words. The other has been stalled at 7000 words for quite a long time because I'm not quite sure which direction I want to take it. Of course, for id fic, keeping the characters in character and being realistic about what's possible aren't the point, and that might be freeing. That second story isn't likely to be nearly as long as the first one because it's pretty pure PWP that I can tie up at almost any point if it stops being fun. Also, I doubt my ability to write tens of thousands of words of PWP.

We ended up getting Chinese carry out last night. Scott didn't want to risk grilling in a thunderstorm (naturally, the weather improved after we made the decision). We ended up skirting very close to my I-can't-eat-after-this time. I have no idea what Scott does with himself. He's almost always home by 4:30, but somehow, he doesn't get out of the shower until 6:30 or 6:45, and then getting dressed and grilling take forty five minutes to an hour more. He knows that this is a problem, and I think it's within his power to change it. He just... doesn't.

At about 10:30 last night, I had a little reflux which made me worry that I wouldn't be able to sleep. Fortunately, it didn't recur, and I was able to sleep fairly well.

The kids are having more arguments today than they did the last few days. I think the novelty of being together has worn off. The eight year old, the boy, has been refusing repeatedly to do the things that the girls want to do that will only work with more than two people. They won't accept a 'no' either.

I do miss having time when I'm alone in the living room and can play music or watch a DVD. The kids do occasionally go into the dining room or into Cordelia's room, but I never know how long they'll stay, and very often, the boy comes back to the living room almost immediately to play Wii Sports Resort.

I'm debating what to do for lunch. It's not horribly hot in here today, so it might be a good time to make the chicken patties, which require the oven. It might be hotter tomorrow; it's hard to tell. And I have to do chicken patties either today or tomorrow (with mac 'n' cheese the other day). The thing is that heat doesn't escape the house very rapidly in this weather so that running the oven means the house feels way too warm for many hours afterward.

I should call my grandmother. She doesn't much like talking on the phone these days. I think part of it is that she can't hear very well. The hearing aids help, but I think phone conversations are harder than face to face conversations. I think, too, that she finds the phone more tiring. My sister thinks that Grandma is withdrawing, pulling her life in so that there's not so much to deal with.
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At Tor.com, [dreamwidth.org profile] kate_nepveu posted Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell Reread: The BBC Adaptation, including, as she says, a spoiler-free "is it worth watching" section. (I have not read the full piece; I read the book long enough ago that I'll be going into the show with only a vague sense of what's to come, if I ever watch it.)

"The Afro-Diasporic Fantasy Art Of Nigerian-American Illustrator Odera Igbokwe". I've got this under "fandom" because the (gorgeous!) art shown is of racebent Sailor Moon characters, but it's a great piece in general.

Social Justice

At [dreamwidth.org profile] ladybusiness, [dreamwidth.org profile] renay posted "Five Ways to Add More Diverse Writers to Your White Male Dominated Reading Lists".

"Aya de Leon On How to Talk to Small Children about Racism: Celebrating Bree Newsome".

"13 Tips on How To Speak While Female". "9) When you form words at all, which should be but rarely, make certain they come out in a low, gravelly growl, like a hungover Joe Cocker who has just gargled shards of glass. Strive to sound like a cigarette would sound if it could talk. Strive to rumble like thunder that has taken a class to counteract its vocal fry. If you sound like the love child of Darth Vader and a female Ent, you have achieved your purpose. Speak so that those who hear you wonder aloud and say, “Surely this speaker is a man. Or a grizzly bear who has swallowed a man whole.”"

"Fatphobia: A Guide for the Disbeliever".

At Everyday Feminism:

--"5 Simple Ways Men Can Better Respect Women".

--"5 Effective Ways People with Thin Privilege Can Fight Fatphobia".

--"Here Are 5 Cultural Appropriating Outfits It’s Time to Retire for Good".


"10 Breathtaking Photos Of The Northern Lights, Taken On A Scottish Island".

"Interview: Photographer Christopher Swann Captures Whales and Dolphins in All Their Glory". There are some truly spectacular photos included.

At io9, gorgeous shots of the Milky Way over Yellowstone.


[dreamwidth.org profile] muccamukk has posted a list (with links) of neat things NASA's up to these days.

For anyone in the vicinity of Toronto: "Now you can play an escape room game at Casa Loma". (Casa Loma is the castle downtown which doubled as Xavier's school in the first X-Men movie. [I can't actually remember if it was used in the second movie.] It's a neat place, and well worth a visit in general.)

[ETA: [dreamwidth.org profile] muccamukk says that for X2 Hatley Castle was used for Xavier's.]

Via Facebook:

--Twelve gorgeous swimming pools from around the world.

--Two closely related links from Vox.com: "A Renaissance painting reveals how breeding changed watermelons" and "Here's what 9,000 years of breeding has done to corn, peaches, and other crops". [with graphics]

--At Serious Eats: "The Chain Breaker: A Dairy Queen Like No Other". "With its seasonal hours and walk-up service windows—plus a penchant for producing menu items you won't see elsewhere—the shop has more in common with the first Dairy Queen, which opened in 1940 in Joliet, Illinois, than the sleek stone-walled Grill and Chills that make up many of the franchise's over 5,000 restaurants today."

("Rogue Dairy Queen has been ignoring corporate HQ since 1949" is another article on the same Dairy Queen location, if you'd like to read about it with fewer lingering descriptions of the food.)

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29 Jul 2015 04:24 pm
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Good news from my sister. She just saw her doctor. They got the pathology report back, and they're certain now both that it was contained and that they got it all.

There was some hint of a second, different cancer starting to develop, but that was still 'pre-cancerous' rather than actually solidly there. There was enough to show up on the MRI but not much more than that. She didn't say, but I suspect that this means that she'll need regular and thorough screening for other types of cancer. I would take the presence of two different strains of breast cancer as potentially indicating that she's prone to developing cancer in general.

I need to print off my sister's various emails on this topic so that I can take them with me to my appointment next week. There's no way I'll remember the technical details, and the technical details matter.
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involves Steven regaling Pearl with increasingly-untrue bug facts from an educational children's book which Amethyst and Vidalia wrote. I've almost written more of this fake kids' book than I have of the fanfic for which it is intended.


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