13 Jan 2005 10:41 am
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"A what? You rode a..." Ed's gaze moved past Alphonse, and his eyes went almost impossibly wide; his mouth was as round as his eyes. "That's not a horse," he hissed furiously, never taking his gaze off Mustang - with Becky across his lap - guiding the horse down the footpath to the road. Ed swallowed, hard. "That's...that's a fucking house! On legs!"
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Okay, rather than extend that one page even longer (though you're welcome to reply there if I missed a point), I'm going to try again and see if I can get this clear in my head.

Found a study on China's birthrates... )
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I can't recall now who I was fussing at (oh, I do it so often) but sometimes the most aggravating thing about a good fic is knowing that in a chapter, there will be a sentence that makes me almost squeee in happiness. Alright, that probably sounds egotistical, but hey, us writers need our little moments of "yeah, that's exactly it." There are lines like that in nearly every story, that just stand out... )