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This is not entirely out of only curiosity, but in the wake of LJ dying its ongoing slow death, the rise of tumblr & instagram, the spammy desert of delicious, and the domination of pinterest, where does fandom mostly reside, now? Outside of behemoths like fanfiction.net and deviantart, there doesn't seem to be a central gathering place (application/site) for major active communities. Or is there, and I'm just not seeing/hearing about it?

Considering that once upon a time, one could post images, fic, vids, and whatnot to LJ, on one's own journal as well as on a community journal, is there any one place that handles all the fannish activity, now? Or is it all truly broken into pieces?

Happy Gundam Wing 20th Anniversary!

Date: 8 Apr 2015 02:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] isuimi.livejournal.com
Kaigou, hi! About your question... I haven't found a place to do what you said yet. I can only go to Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook (Pixiv, Deviantart, FF.net, AO3)... I miss the days of Gundam Herald for example or so many other communities on LJ. Talking about GW, at least the fandom isn't dead yet, so Happy 20th Anniversary!

Thanks for all the work you shared with us, you are one of my all time favorite authors. From time to time I go to Gundam Wing Addiction to re-read Kingfisher, The Drums of Heaven, All Of Me, Howl, Nothing Like The Sun, Tetractys! I've found your work really inspiring, and for all of it I wanted to thank you.

Best of wishes in the things you're doing now.



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