Date: 21 Sep 2014 06:19 pm (UTC)
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v, v., that's odd. I was taught in govt class in school that the period was a piece of style that would clue you in on where the case was presented. Like, iirc, Supreme Court decisions are always 'v' while State was 'v.'. Also, that there are certain cases that get 'vs' -- I don't remember which, only that 'vs' is never used for Supreme Court. (Since govt class was focusing on constitutional law, that got most of our attention.)

I do know that there are several copy-editors on LJ/DW, and I recall some of them talking about publisher style-guides. Like, places where an author had been taught that it's X (and therefore diligently did X) yet the house style-guide declared it must be Y. With a footnote of the industry's internal debate over whether it's copy-editor, copy editor, or even copyeditor. It was like reading a run-down of my family's arguments over helman's vs mayo. Blood has been shed for less!

I don't know if journalism expects that kind of exactitude, but academia certainly does. Then again, academia is more likely to expect full citations and bibliography. Might have some impact, that people can check your sources for you (as opposed to demand your interview tapes, maybe?).

House-style is something I've just ignored, since as long as I'm unpublished it's not an issue for me. But there are some places I've seen authors -- justifiably, imo -- annoyed with copyeditors/editors flatly insisting on house-style. Things like what gets italics or which adjectives get capitalized, which can be a real political statement (see Older's youtube post about 'when we speak in spanish', I think it is).
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