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Was thinking I'd go with titles based on constellations*, which in turn have legends (in the story's world) that relate to a story's themes. So far I've got the following + the constellation's basic theme. Some of these have also already been referenced in drafts, though I was still solidifying what was where and the references/uses.

- the weaving girl's orchard (separation, longing)
- the emperor's ladle (bestow/remove gifts)
- the sailor's spear
- the tiger's fang (regret, loss)
- the saola's crown (unexpected skill)
- the ship's keel
- the mariner's square

* some of these are riff on real-world legends and constellations, so if you know your legends/stars, you might recognize a few

Alternately, there's also navigational themes:

- Alidade
- Ephemeris
- Astrolabe
- Azimuth
- Volvelle
- Binnacle
- Almucantar
- Nonius

It feels like these would only fit the standard SFF titling schema with an adjective, ie: The Forgotten Ephemeris, or The Broken Alidade, or The Crooked Azimuth, or some such.

ETA: or just a pattern. Maybe going by the four parts, it's divided, re-united, lost, found. Hrm. Broken, Restored, Hidden, Raised?

- The Divided Shrine
- The Forgotten Shrine
- The Hidden Shrine
- The Broken Shrine


I used to come up with names so much easier than I do now. I have no idea why it's gotten so hard.

Date: 29 Jun 2014 08:16 pm (UTC)
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This is an intriguing process. Not being organized about these things, I never thought of applying a kind of geometric or quadrant-style logic to the 2 or possibly 3 interlocking words/ideas for a series of titles.
Also, instead of "shrine" for all 4, you could also rotate through a series of related words grouped around religious centers. The Hidden Nunnery, the Divided Abbey, The Broken Reliquary, something like that.

Date: 29 Jun 2014 08:55 pm (UTC)
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The constellations as chapter names appeal to me, because the names add an extra layer of world-building; as a reader, I would enjoy finding the references to and meanings of the constellations, even if not all of them were actually part of the story, they give depth and texture to the tale.
I think, also, that constellations are star groups that everyone sees but not everyone sees the same way or understands the same way, just as Tsiu and Kini and Sindhu might all look at the Emperor's ladle but know different stories about it.
Still, this is Tsiu's story, and the navigational titles would be meaningful to his world and his journey (plus fun for geeks like me to research).
That's a lot of chapter names to come up with, however. The four books…are there four essential types of navigational instruments that might correspond to each theme?
Eh, I don't really know enough about these things to offer any good suggestions, but now you have my thoughts, for what they are.


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