Date: 4 May 2014 11:32 pm (UTC)
kaigou: pino does not approve of where the script is going. (2 pino does not approve)
From: [personal profile] kaigou
I think it's mostly the fact that (other than the gods, and her cousins, and three or four other people) there's pretty much no one else in the cast. I would've expected that someone from a close-knit society (which is the impression I get of where she came from), that she'd be craving the same, rather than perfectly fine being left utterly on her own. The rest of the premise is interesting enough that I'll probably keep hammering on it, just to see where it goes, and maybe rewrite in my head the staff that's being ignored by the actual text.

I can't actually recall now how Eli's described, but I do find myself pleased to see that Maia, Yeine, and Gen (to a slightly lesser degree) are all non-white, non-blond, non-cookie-cutter. Maia's strengths are those normally coded feminine; Yeine's strengths are those normally coded masculine. Gen real strength is his brain, more than his fighting skills, and he willfully plays second fiddle to one, then two, incredibly powerful and strong women. Not exactly mainstream, any of them, which adds to the pleasure.

Although about Yeine: she's described as short, dark, and curly-haired, and apparently this counts against her as much as Maia's darkness does among the imperial elves. The problem is that I've always considered short, dark, curly-haired women to be the bee's knees, so it's hard to get into a story where the main character is treated like visually she's some kind of unwanted leftovers. But I'm probably not in the majority in terms of that response.
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