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Okay, this is for [personal profile] brainwane. The idea is to take some facets of the AAS conference and apply them to tech, as a way to incorporate people who might not normally present on their own.

The first thing to note is that each panel is run by a moderator, and other notes about how the panels were set up at AAS. )

If I think of anything else, I'll add it. Let me know where/when/how to send you the full post, B, although I reserve the right to cut a lot of this wordiness the hell out! I also expect [personal profile] starlady and [personal profile] branchandroot will probably be able to weigh in, too, being academics.


29 Mar 2014 08:26 am
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Isn't there a responsive layout on dw? This non-responsive crap is almost impossible to read on my phone.
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Well, wiped the drive & upgraded, and now I have to (a) figure out wtf Mac has changed for all its settings, (b) wtf is up with making me use my admin pw for EVERYTHING, and the most important, (c) MAKING IT DO WHAT I WANT. Sadly, experience has taught me it's the last that'll take the longest (if it's ever achieved). On the plus side, very speedy now! Though I wonder how much of that is because my address book got messed up and/or didn't save to the backup drive, and now... well, that was a lot of addresses. Guess I just need to spend a few days convincing myself that I didn't want to write any of you, anyway. Sheesh. It's always something...
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[Note: get a drink and have a seat. This is almost up to my usual levels of longwindedness, but this time, I do have a point! Other than the one on the top of my head.]

I came across an insightful comment the other day while researching, and the comment resonated with me strongly in light of the requirements compiling I was tackling at the same time.

"If you're not paying for it, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold." -- blue_beetle

Think about that for a bit, but first I want to run past everyone some of the thoughts bouncing in my head as a result of researching Delicious, Diigo, Pinboard, and various other (past and present) bookmarking applications. One particular journal entry (from 2008) compares Delicious and Diigo, though I'll rephrase some of the author's conclusions, since I think he got his main summary backwards. Here's the basis of his argument, thought:
Delicious, an original web 2.0 company, still has “user-generated” as its core raison d’être. Diigo has the later-stage web 2.0 philosophy of being a “social network”.

In essence (and to undo the backwards of his summary): Delicious is grounded in using content to find users, while Diigo emphasizes using users to find content. Somehow, I'm not surprised that so far, of the folks replying to my informal poll, that most of you have indicated that you follow the content and then, as a secondary step, discover like-minded users -- seeing how many of you have said you preferred old!delicious and don't like or care for the diigo approach.

Granted, these two things (users, content) are intertwined: you find a tag you want to follow, you start seeing the same names pop up, you realize the same people are marking things you're also liking, and you may switch your focus from the tag to the user, in hopes they'll lead you to even better stuff.

Here's the crux, though: what is the actual product?

This shit ain't free, y'know. Servers and storage and developers and designers don't just grow on trees. It's got to be paid for, either in cash or in kind or in stock or in some way, but usually cash since most landlords & mortgage companies don't accept vegetables, these days. If you see a product that you can consume, and it's free, someone paid for it. Maybe not you, but someone: NSTaaFL, after all.

Let me step back here, to the days when I first found an investor, wrote a business plan, and opened a bookstore... and other commentary about the dot-com and post-dot-com business models. )

More thoughts later. For now, it's your turn.
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This is partially leading off my post from this morning. I had the pleasure of chatting with someone, yesterday, who does the same thing I do, job-wise. If you realized how few of us are actually around (for all that our job may sound awfully necessary, most corporations don't seem to agree), then you'd realize also what a rare pleasure it was to talk to someone who totally gets it.

Think of web application creation as a balancing act between two extremes: there's the design (what it looks like, what it does on the page, all the way to colors and fonts and whether you get a thank-you note when you're done), and there's the development (the code, basically). Designers don't code, and coders don't design, for the most part, and IMO/IME this has less to do with any integral dislike between them... so much as the fact that both sides require a lot of expertise. It is not half as easy as you may think it is, to code the backend of an application, or even to do a nicely-turned out page of CSS and Javascript on the frontend. Nor is it half so easy as you might think it is to come up with the buttons and the corners and the logos and the whatever else in Photoshop or Illustrator or Fireworks or whatever is the in-thing this week. These are areas that, to do well, do require a fair bit of training and experience -- and by then, you're probably firmly into the perspective of your area of expertise.

I'm the person in the middle. )
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I just got back from Sears. My little veedub, the longtime trooper, has been having sluggish starts on some mornings. I rephrase that: in the morning, it won't start at all. By noon, or midafternoon, it'll start... sluggishly. Last time I tried, I think I flooded the engine or something, and figured I'd let it sit, then have it towed over to get a new battery. But today, it started on its own (by around 3pm, after a half-day in the winter sun), and I said, oh, hell, I could use some chocolate, let's go to Sears.

Me: I need a new battery.
Sears Guy: *opens hood*
Sears Guy: *looks at car*
Sears Guy: .......
Me: *not paying attention* Y'know, I'm thinking, I can't remember ever getting a battery for this car.
Sears Guy: .........
Me: It's a '96, and I got it in '98...
Sears Guy: .........

This is where I look around and realize there are now six Sears Guys all flocked around my engine compartment. Which sounds really obscene, but carrying on.

Me: Hello?
Sears Guy #1: We don't sell this battery anymore.
Me: You don't? That sucks, because it's been a great battery. I was gonna ask for another just like it.
Sears Guy #1: I imagine it's been the best battery anyone's ever seen.
Me: Hunh? It's a regular Die Hard. Aren't you supposed to change them like, I don't know, once a decade?
Sears Guy #2: *does the math* Or about every fifteen years, in your case.

All the other Sears Guys look shocked. I think some of them even looked positively reverent.

Sears Guy #1: Ma'am, batteries are expected to last about three years.
Me: Really?
Sears Guy #1: Really really.
Me: ...
Sears Guy #1: ...

Everyone else joined in the moment of silence, and then:

Me: Maybe I did change it and forgot.
Sears Guy #1: No, we discontinued this type.
Me: What, like a year or two ago?
Sears Guy #1: Like ten years ago.
Me: Wow. So I really haven't ever changed it.
Sears Guy #1: You're either doing something really right with this car...
Sears Guy #2: ... or really, really wrong.
Me: Can I go with "right"? I like how that sounds.

When I left -- with new battery in place -- four of the guys were arguing over where best to display that positively ancient battery in a good location of honor. I'm not sure whether to be flattered, or worried.
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1. Why does DW keep logging me out after only four hours?

2. What are they smoking over at Sunrise? Was there some kind of water-fountain dare to see how many cameos they could squeeze into one movie while simultaneously introducing seventy-nine new characters, forty-seven new Gundams, and eighteen new types of firepower? While also trying to maintain at least three canonical and five implied romances? And doing all this while also making every explosion-in-space fuschia?

Whatever they're smoking, I think they should share.

ETA: Holy crap, they turned Tieria into fucking Tinkerbell.
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I was watching a Taiwanese pop-idol drama (that is very much NOT the usual fare), called Gloomy Salad Days. I'll post more on it later, but the object of my extreme fury right now is Wikipedia. There's an entry for the drama, with episode summaries, cast listing, etc. The drama deals with some pretty intense topics -- teenage pregnancy, same-sex love (both male-male and female-female), even a transgender character. What's important to me is that the transgender character is not just respected by the script -- his wish for a regular, every-person kind of life as the man he is (on the inside) is treated by the script as right, as a valid and worthwhile desire. That's pretty unusual.

...and then you get to the Wikipedia entry. It's not just that it's a jumble in terms of grammar, spelling, and punctuation -- it's clearly an adaptation/translation from a non-English description -- but the real capper is that some asshat decided to use apostrophes around the transgender character's pronouns. As in, 'he' does this, 'he' does that. Maybe it's just me, but after watching the episodes that give the transgender character such respect, and empathize pretty much entirely with his plight, and give voice to his desire for acceptance, friendship, and love (and then give all of that to him!) -- I found the apostrophes to be absolutely and completely offensive, above and beyond violating the very spirit of the storyline itself. It's not an understatement to say I was livid.

So I edited, as I'm wont to do, here and there, when an entry is particularly egregious in re bad writing. I cleaned up the descriptions, made them clearer grammatically per English, adjusted some of the inconsistent anglicization of some of the names (ie, the surname Ah, which when written as simply A is awkward in English)... and then rewrote the episode summaries to remove the apostrophes. If the character is identifying as male, then per English, use "he"; if the point (which I would disagree with strongly, but still grant) is to say it's a female character from the get-go, then freaking use "she". You don't put freaking apostrophes around someone's pronoun unless you're mocking them or intending to imply that the pronoun is false.

This evening, I'm back by Wiki, and I see an odd note about a message. I'll let it speak for itself.
Although everyone is welcome to contribute to Wikipedia, at least one of your recent edits, such as the one you made to Gloomy Salad Days, did not appear to be constructive and has been reverted or removed. Please use the sandbox for any test edits you would like to make, and read the welcome page to learn more about contributing constructively to this encyclopedia. Thank you. ~ Draksis314 01:39, 13 December 2010 (UTC)

Dear Draksis:

Fuck you.


see comments for updates -- haven't gone back to the entry myself yet; still working on that calm-down concept.
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Did this new layout over the weekend, which might sound like a lot but it's really just a riff off a redesign I did for a non-DW site, so the basics were already in place. (Well, mostly, given that all LJ-clones have the same wacky multiple-multiple-multiple divs coming out of the ears.)

The font is entirely em-based, and the width is fluid, with a fixed left column. This is only the first draft, so there's no flipping columns and no double-column -- not sure I'd do a double-column with this layout, but having the option to flip might be nice, for anyone who prefers sidebars on the right. Anyway, here's how I got what you see on my pages.

Steps and files for duplicating the layout. )

Alright, those are all the setups I've got currently, so if you run into trouble, I'll dig deeper on what it might be... but I'm hoping the extra bits do the trick.
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Because sometimes you're the shark... and sometimes not. BEHOLD THE GLORIOUS CHUM.
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Yesterday I flaked out on errands because it was 4pm already, a torrential downpour, and the start of a three-day weekend. Given this city's penchant for water-soluble driving skills, the last thing I wanted to deal with was a whole highway of the oblivions, in rain, on a friday afternoon, when everyone's getting into the holiday mood. Bleah.

So instead I went out at 10pm to get cat food, and that's when my clutch cable snapped, instead.

On the other hand, the 10pm trip was supposed to be short, because CP was going to head out with the car in time for a midnight get-together with friends -- which means if the cable was that close to snapping and it hadn't been me, it probably would've been him, instead. On the side of the highway, in a torrential downpour, at two in the morning.

All things considered, better to have the cable snap in the grocery store parking lot when you're not even out of first, yet. Unfortunately, stupid modern computerized cars means you can't even start the car unless the clutch pedal's down -- as opposed to the Porsche or the Austin-Healey, which you could start in neutral without the clutch pedal down. And that means no starting the car at all, once the cable's snapped, and that means no point in even trying to remember the specific ratios for shifting sans clutch pedal. Damnitall.

Oh my god, it's my grandfather's car and it's parked in my driveway. )

However, I'm still not entirely sure how to explain to my little veedub that I'm no more happy than it is about that sofa skulking in the driveway.


23 Jun 2010 08:59 pm
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$result = mysql_query("SELECT `termid` FROM connected_texts");
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_BOTH)) {
    $orig_term_tax_id = $row['termid'];
    $result2 = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM term_relationships WHERE `term_taxonomy_id` = '$orig_term_tax_id'");
    while ($row2 = mysql_fetch_array($result2, MYSQL_BOTH)) {
        $objectid_textid = $row2[0];
        if (!$bookpart) {
            $result3= mysql_query("SELECT `bookpart` FROM `texts` WHERE `textid`='$objectid_textid'");
            while ($row3 = mysql_fetch_array($result3, MYSQL_BOTH)) {
                $bookpart = $row3['bookpart'];
                if ($bookpart == '1') {
                $bookno = $objectid_textid;
                $result4= mysql_query("UPDATE connected_texts SET `textid` = '$bookno' WHERE `termid` = '$orig_term_tax_id'");
        $result3= mysql_query("SELECT `bookpart` FROM `texts` WHERE `textid`='$objectid_textid'");
        while ($row3 = mysql_fetch_array($result3, MYSQL_BOTH)) {
            $result4= mysql_query("UPDATE texts SET `book` = '$bookno' WHERE `textid` = '$objectid_textid'");
    $bookpart = '';

It's amazing what your brain can do when it's not got two tons of unhappy perched on top.
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I don't really do locked posts much, anymore, so I'm going to be culling down my access list to three two* groups: in-person friends and longtime critters. So if you're seeing yourself drop off the access, I'm still reading you. I'm just going to keep the access list narrowed tightly until I organize this journal -- since things got converted from two different LJ accounts with some funky locks and filters. I hadn't realized some thing had been left open accidentally, so I want to clean up those messes, and then I'll have a better handle on what and where there's a need for access.

* Also, it appears I can't count.
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I got the new belt on the tablesaw, after much fussing and arguing. I got the tablesaw's outlet wired up with a replacement on/off switch (ended up using cheap lightswitch since I couldn't find a full-stop on/off toggle like I wanted, since the only ones at the hardware stores these days are for electronic items, not full-on power stuff), I got the blade cleaned of all resin per instructions (windex! imagine!), and checked every single carbide tooth for chipping (immaculate, actually, whew)... and then I started it up.

Went slow at first, so I let it keep running, and the belt stretched a bit (the belt actually supports the weight of the motor, so the motor kinda 'hangs' in the belt's loop, but okay), and then there was a strange click, a second softer click, and the tablesaw stopped working. I tried off, on, off, nothing, so I turned it off and unplugged it, looked it over, tried the reset button, still nothing, and decided I'd just call Delta on Monday and see what their customer service had to say.

About twenty minutes later I finally wandered back into the house to find my APC unit beeping. But the microwave's on, how can we not have power? OH. So that's what the click was: I blew the fuse. Apparently the garage's one wall outlet is on the same circuit as the living room (stereo, computer), hallway, dining room, front hall light, and half the master bedroom.

Makes me suddenly think of all those times I start up the circular saw and the lights in the garage dim, just a fraction. My computer is on that circuit (thank goodness for APC units).

Guess there'll be no table-sawing until I figure out how to install a new circuit in the box and put in a dedicated outlet in the garage just for power tools.

I really, really hate the wiring in this house.
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I've run out of room when it comes to styles. Damnit.

test case, 25 styles behind the cut. )
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There are 77 styles behind the cut. Yes, really. )

  1. The alt-versions are simply the style inverted to be light-on-dark, so does it make more sense to change "alt" to "rev"? The Ay's say to use REV, so I use REV but not exactly because I are a smart-ass like that.
  2. There are orphaned styles in there -- morning, dusk, midday, etc -- which don't have reversed styles; they're not single-color gradients. They don't break when reversed, but they can get muddy (in a sense). I was thinking of doing a separate style that wouldn't have reversal, more like LJ's old Disjointed. For now, though, they're listed with the rest.
  3. Yes, I know full well that I'm totally whacked. Trust me, there's no need to repeat.
  4. Follow-up on fictional juxtaposition coming some time this evening, probably.
  5. And then KmO. Really!
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I don't actually mind the Network page all that much, although I do find it annoying that there's no explanation anywhere about what it is or does, which would have been a nice thing to have instead of just feeling like it got sprung on me. Regardless, one thing I intensely dislike about it are the feeds. If I want a feed, I'll subscribe to it, but opting me in when the majority of the feeds come without cuts, are often image-heavy, and worst of all may have duplicates... well, that's just annoying. I considered making a suggestion that we have the option to ignore or remove the feeds, and then I realized, why bother?

how to filter out the feeds on the network page )
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Here's how you figure it, or at least, here's the math I've been doing for the past however long. Basic amounts, interest, terms, and whatnot have been adjusted to be equivalent to original; insurance can vary so widely let's just call that even between old & new, since you'd have to pay it anyway.

2-yr old VW Golf, pristine condition, 22K miles: $16K
12-yr old VW Golf, in pretty good condition, 180K miles: $3K

comparison behind the cut. )
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I know someone on my flist posted a review of a bunch of different writing tools, both PC and Mac, but now I can't recall who or where. Could the esteemed person who did so, please speak up? I'd like to be able to forward a few folks your way, to get that information for themselves. It looked pretty handy, but since I've got Scrivener now, I only kinda noted the info and moved along... naturally, since I only seem to do that when it's info I'll find useful later. (Go figure, eh.)

So, who was the brilliant person who posted the variety review?


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