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Hello, fandom, my old friend. Been so long I've almost forgotten how crazy you are. Almost. It's okay, don't call me, I won't call you.

ANYWAY. So. Noragami. One of the first anime in like forever to really capture me, which tl;dr means: why the hell have I not seen in-depth, sparkling, thought-provoking commentary from either of the Emilys? -- [personal profile] branchandroot and [personal profile] annotated_em, that is. Or even [personal profile] starlady who is not an Emily, but does begin with a vowel, so that's close enough. ONE OF YOU. Satisfy my need for analysis! Or I shall be pushed to poke [personal profile] ivoryandhorn or [personal profile] phoebe_zeitgeist to carry the weight. Which I might do anyway, because analysis.

SOMEONE. AVAIL ME. My former fandom status as a near-BNF compels you!

Also, I just got home after enjoying two glasses of some really nice reisling, the name of which I totally meant to get and did not. In case you couldn't tell from the random name-dropping. Where is my next episode of Noragami? Or my next scanlated chapter? I'm retired from scanlating, so I'm able to say again that scanlators are toooooo slow. Damn it.

Should reisling be capitalized? Inquiring minds want to know. Leik yesterday.

I actually had to explain tl;dr to my sister this evening (while texting). Either I'm hipper than I realize, or my sister is seriously out of touch. I'm guessing the latter. Very eye-rolling, so sigh.

Also also, I realized while talking to my other sister that I AM the disruption at work. Go me! Doing prototypes and shit that will cause nothing but trouble for other departments, and this is WHY I was hired. This is awesome. I'm causing trouble and I'm getting PRAISE for it.

I'm considering changing my tag from "analysis is my chocolate cake" to "analysis is my greek beignet" because holy fuck you people, this shit is awesome. I am addicted to greek beignets. I shouldn't be, but I am.

I just realized that 'reisling' is another exception to the i-before-e rule. Which reminds me of the time I got sent to the principal's office because I demanded to know why 'science' broke the rule of 'i before e except after e'. Yes, newsflash, I have always been a troublemaker.

There was some other also to add, but I forget now. Where's my extensive analysis on Noragami already?
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Oh, wait, I do, it's because I think we've entered something like year nine of correspondence, so it's probably safe to say that [personal profile] branchandroot's influence on me is beyond dire, at this point. Hence watching the first 30-or-so episodes of GetBackers. Right. I know. Like a decade behind everyone else, but I guess Em can wear down even the most stubborn of dogs.

Currently it's on pause, while I watch Fate/Zero and then realize that maybe watching Fate/Stay_Night might help, which I'll probably fast-forward through all but the fight scenes, and only that so I can watch the OVA. And even then, only that because OVAs (usually) have higher budgets and therefore better fight scenes. And then I'll get back to the other, or maybe by then I'll just break down and read the manga.
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A completely tongue-in-cheek (or shark-tooth-in-kneecap, as case may be) representation of the past twenty-four hours' realization that coming out from under the bed was A BAD IDEA. (You know I love you guys... right? You do know that, right? Right?)

A visual representation of my brain right now:

It starts with a story. IT ALWAYS STARTS WITH A STORY. )

That is my brain, on fandom.

in case it's not obvious, this post is a JOKE, and mostly on me: because some fandoms days you're the shark, and some fandoms days you're the chum.
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Over the past two or three weeks, there've been an awful lot of people subscribing suddenly. *shifty eyes* I'm not entirely certain who to blame who to thank. Instead, if you don't mind, please use this thread to introduce yourself.

poll results for readers' choices:
story/narrative analysis 93.1%
snark and rants 82.8%
fandom meta: 86.2%
fiction critiques 79.3%
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To really get why this past week had its moment of OH GOD I GET IT NAOW, I need to backtrack and first explain about my mother and the medical records clerks in Montgomery Alabama. Every transfer meant going on-base in August for the usual school physical-check-up thing that you have to do when entering a new school system. And that meant going to the medical building and the medical records office, where Mom would fill out a request slip so the clerks could retrieve our records. Something like that.

Those records (from what I recall) are stored in two general collections: one for active duty military, the other for retired military. So when the clerk accepts your records request slip, the first question the clerk asks is, "active duty or retired?" Except when we were in Montgomery, the clerk didn't ask that. I was nine at the time, so my mom had just turned 30... and I recall distinctly (thanks to my mother's tone of voice and the look on her face) when the clerk accepted the paper and simply asked, "retired?"

My mother's smile was cold enough and sharp enough to cut diamonds when she replied, "active duty."

The saga of not-needing-bifocals THANK YOU VERY MUCH, new eye prescription, a slight tangent into what astigmatism is, and a final celebration that naturally involves power tools BECAUSE MOAR POWER WAAAHHH. )

On that note, there's a chapter of Koji Ma Oshi upcoming, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sharibet. (And a short story of whatever [livejournal.com profile] hinotori wants, and another for [personal profile] clarentine.) If I make it through a day without a headache, I'll consider that a good sign & will start writing, since that's at least a half-day at the computer and a bit more for polishing before posting. Fingers crossed my eyes'll be completely adjusted to new scrip in the next few days. There! Something to look forward to.

erm, assuming I don't get so happy with now-working power tools that I cut anything off. GUH. I don't even want to think about it. that I get distracted by the shiny and spend the next week doing cabinetry. *cough*
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I know someone on my flist posted a review of a bunch of different writing tools, both PC and Mac, but now I can't recall who or where. Could the esteemed person who did so, please speak up? I'd like to be able to forward a few folks your way, to get that information for themselves. It looked pretty handy, but since I've got Scrivener now, I only kinda noted the info and moved along... naturally, since I only seem to do that when it's info I'll find useful later. (Go figure, eh.)

So, who was the brilliant person who posted the variety review?
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My family's been making this recipe since before I was born, and it is absolutely the best bread, even if it's got some crazy steps you don't normally see in yeast bread. Mom says, "Delicious hot or cold; good keeping qualities because of the honey." The addition of honey sweetens it just enough that you don't even need to put butter on it, let alone jam -- just eat it plain, if you want.

Have at it, folks. )

btw: I don't actually know for certain how long it could keep. It's never last more than three days in MY house, and that's only when the household's two-legged rats are exerting major major amounts of self-control.
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Went through the stack of books by my bed, and those that had been by my desk (until being moved into the second library while I laid the floor and had to practically hang half the house from the ceiling in the meantime) -- and after months of going to bed with the last sight before sleep being a stack of books I just couldn't ever seem to find the energy interest time to read, I decided it was time to get over the guilt and find them new homes.

But before that: looking for folks who loved any of these books just so much, enough to tell me what I might have been missing (or a better mindset to work myself into) when reading... )
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A few days ago in answer to a post, [livejournal.com profile] chibidrunksanzo mentioned she has recipes to offer, and I realized, hrm, that's a really good idea (especially with the way things look economically for a lot of us right now). Instead of fancy stuff, just give me TESTED RECIPES. Although I promise not to fuss if I fail a recipe on my own, but I do prefer "I grew up with this and it's a solid tasty good meal" recipes. Those are the best. I think.

I grew up with chicken & fish, so if it's got chicken in it, I can usually come up with something, and failing that, it's casserole. (Hey.) The only other meat we had with any regularity was ground beef, because we were military and there's a lot you can make with ground beef for really cheap. (And actually, my mother makes a really fine meatloaf, which leaves me baffled why she only made it at most once every year or two.)

But the upshot is that CP likes red meat, and I just don't have much experience in cooking it, but I know there are excellent long-cooking recipes that use the really cheap cuts to really good advantage. Yeah, so you can't do steak with shoulders, but I know there are things you can do that are awesome... but what are they?

So, if you know, or have some other recipe that's a tried-and-true, and uses few ingredients OR uses basic, affordable, even cheap, ingredients, do tell. I can't be the only one reading me that would be curious.

In return, here's a few things back from me, but I'll skip the casserole basics for you. No need to make you suffer (unless someone really really wants to know).

Substitutions when baking! )

What you get when you substitute... )

Oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies, because the oatmeal is good for you. REALLY. )

Now, don't you feel smarter? Possibly also hungrier, but sorry I can't help on that one.

All that's left now is to wait and see if [livejournal.com profile] clarentine made those rumored double-ginger shortbread cookies herself, because those sound rather intriguing... Oh, and MEATLOAF. Right. Wait! The ultimate cheap-ass barbecue sauce ever, which now that I know what's in it, I will never ever eat again, SORRY MOM.

1 can grape jelly
1 bottle ketchup

YEAH. That's it. One of those things that tastes great... until you find out WHAT'S IN IT. And then no eating, EVER AGAIN. *grosses*
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1. Reply that you wish to take part, and I will pick four of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee!

[livejournal.com profile] recession picked these four:

Icon the first... )

Icon the second... )

Icon the third... )

Ahhhhh, this one has its own entire LEGEND. )
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I picked up an old poster for CP, while on my Major Roadtrip a few years back, and I've constantly forgotten to get a picture for translation purposes. My best guess is a magician (possibly part of a circus?), but if anyone can puzzle out the wording, color me curious, and much appreciative. Sorry the image isn't the sharpest; I had to turn off the flash so the protective plastic didn't bounce the light.

Anyone? )
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As long as we're on Old Stories Week -- and given some of the possibly* accurate criticisms coming down the ff.net pipe -- what the hell, I went back and reread the first twenty or so chapters of Drums. I don't think I've done that since I revised, back in Jan 2004.

O, M, G, the pain.

Not because I think the story's truly atrocious in a plotline sense (overall), but because the craftsmanship is just so... and, damn it, the characterizations, too. There are good points -- and where those counteract fanon, it may have been enough to offset the bad points of slipping into fanon -- but some things just make me cringe.

[*I say 'possibly' because when the critique-review arrived, I couldn't actually remember enough details to know whether the crit was based on story flaws or were opinion. That's a good chunk of why I went back and finally, after all this time, reread.]

Ah, well, though I don't think I'd ever revise -- I wouldn't do that to any of the long-suffering archivists who had to code the 2003 edition, then the 2004 semi-revision -- there's a part of me that wishes I could, just as a matter of principle. Because I know I can write better than that, now, that is. What I wrote then was pretty complex and not too bad for someone who'd never written something that long and involved before, but compared to now?

Did I mention the cringing?

If you're one of the folks who've not read, and don't want spoilers, then skip this. If you have read and hated it, maybe you'll find I agree -- lo these years later -- with your complaints. Or if you didn't read because you knew beforehand you'd hate it, then maybe you'll enjoy me staring critique in the face. Who knows.

Anyway, there be spoilers here, if such matters to you; otherwise, here be major segues into characterization analysis, too. )...and that's probably more than enough of that.

One last thing (and should I be posting this on [livejournal.com profile] gw_analysis, instead?) -- I just realized. With the exception of Relena, all the other 'mirror' female characters at some point or another strike out at their male counterparts. Doesn't Sally pull a gun on Wufei at some point? Hrm, I thought she did... but I know Hilde has Duo at gunpoint and backs off when he talks about his genuine reasons for assuming his role; Cathy strikes Trowa outright to snap him out of his suicidal intentions; Dorothy does her best to gut Quatre. They're not all at the same point, either, in their relationships -- Hilde's met Duo once or twice by then, and then has to apprehend him as a felon, while Cathy's been a sort of big sister to Trowa for half of the series by then, and Dorothy had only just met Quatre in person. But for each, I find it curious that they're antagonistical towards their counterpart-pilot -- and Relena is the flipside, in that it's Heero who's constantly pulling a gun on her, instead.

Hrmmm. Damn it, why does this storyline always pull me back in?
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Heero: You done yet?
Duo: Shut up.
Heero: Gave up on finding it, hunh.
Duo: Shut up!
Heero: That's because you suck.
Duo: Your mom didn't seem to mind.
Heero: O.O
Duo: ...
Heero: *smug* I am so telling everyone you said that.


Day Two

25 Jul 2005 04:32 pm
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Duo broke two computers. So not surprised. Duo still alive. Damn it.


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