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continued from part the second

This is for everyone on my flist who has watched or read Gundam. (And an extra shout-out to Recession, who probably hasn't had his heart broken in at least the past thirty seconds. Gundam heart, that is.)

After the wild success of the First Annual Break Hearts -- Fangirl Hearts -- we started talking about doing it again, this time at Akon. Four of us would be there -- me, Trowa, Wufei, and Duo -- and Quatre wasn't quite sure, plus the other two of the Terrible Threesome were also scrambling to see if they could afford the trip. But we had someone else willing to do Quatre, in fact quite determined to do Quatre (but only sans combover, sheesh). What could we possibly do with the Terrible Threesome, then? Plus, Duo and I had bandied about the notion of an elderly Relena in a pink tracksuit, but hadn't been able to talk anyone into joining us for that, and the Terrible Threesome would suddenly go quiet whenever we tried to do any convincing. Unh-hunh.

Until suddenly Sanzo spoke up, volunteering to be our Guest Star. No details were forthcoming. Only... guest star, but Sanzo (not so strangely) demurred on being Relena. Not really Sanzo's style (there's a reason we call Sanzo, Sanzo, just as there's a reason Duo gets called Duo and I get called Heero, and it's not just because of braid or... well, okay, in my case, it is mostly attitude, but anyway). The mystery looked like it'd be remaining a mystery, and our only clues were two last-minute incidents.

The first was contact from Sanzo, asking whether I knew where to get a wheelchair. The only time my family had needed one, we borrowed one from my parents' church, so that was the extent of that suggestion. Maybe someone knew someone in Dallas with a place to borrow/rent one? A few days later I got word that the issue was resolved, and that was right around the time I put in a call for any requests from the grocery store or liquor store, since I'd be driving to Akon while everyone else was flying.

Eventual shopping list: jaegermeister (of course, for Wufei and myself, one of our traditions), schnapps, I think gin or vodka, a bottle of wine, I think... and this.

Right. Two packs of mini applesauce containers.

I knew better than to ask questions. It was for the Guest Star. Good enough.

The rest of the saga behind the cut, with helpful explanatory pictures. )

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continued from: Part the First.

[Ayup, Recession & DogEmp, I promised, and I do deliver. Belated, but I deliver.]

So the upshot is that the summer of '05, I cajoled my boss into realizing I needed an assistant, Duo was available, and there you go. (It remains an open question exactly how Duo feels about this, but hey, who's asking Duo, anyway?) During one of our interminable deadline-is-tomorrow cram sessions, I happened to mention that Sharon (a venerable member of the GW fandom and one of its greatest, if not the greatest, 1x2x1 fans) preferred her fic with the boys at a relatively young age -- certainly no more than mid-twenties. Duo observed that no one stays that young forever, and then promptly shoved his braid up his shirt (I am NOT making this up) so only the tail bit was showing under the collar and said, "look! chest hair!"

And so it began. )

Yes, good times for all, and naturally that meant we needed to do a sequel. Question is: how do you top breaking the hearts of some of the greatest and longest-lasting fans of the series?

Answer: you add APPLESAUCE.

Final installment, coming soon!
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Later I'll muster the energy to have something to say, but in the meantime I just couldn't make this stuff up. I'm on the highway, enjoying the total lack of traffic on a holiday, and looking for my exit while I zip through the unfamiliar radio stations looking for something other than classic rock. Ah, there's the exit, so I pause the radio-flipping to switch lanes and come flying off the highway. Right as I swing around the ramp and see the biggest honking ANIME EXPO sign you can imagine, a new song gets through the intro and I hear the first lines:

I work down at the pizza pit, and I drive an old Hyundai,
I still live with my mom and dad, I'm five-foot-three and overweight.
I'm a scifi fanatic, a mild asthmatic, never been to second base.

And once again the radio gods reminded me they're one big honking ball of epic win. Or maybe it's just the country-station radio gods... but at least they're gods with a major sense of humor. And a half.

embedding is disabled (sheesh) so you have to go to youtube directly to see, but trust me, it's worth it... and stick around for the cameo: "I'm making new friends!"
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  1. Determined that yes, we remain FUNGIBLE.
  2. Inducted Zania into the Hall of Fungibility.
  3. Realized that I am helpless when faced with starving artists, especially if the adjective is damn near literal.
  4. Had the following conversation, as I perused my List of Where We're At, checking it against volumes 8 of this, 9 of that, 15-19 of this, etc...
    clerk: *grinning* An entire list! You must have kids!
    me: Uhm, no. I have a husband.
  5. Had the dubious thrill of seeing not just the distant horizon light up with a storm, but the ENTIRE. FRICKING. SKY. -- with tornadoes.
  6. Confirmed that if a patio exists within a block of a convention center, just look for me there. Day, or night.
  7. Realized that I am also helpless when faced with nifty new seamstress challenge.
  8. Had to bonk myself in the head until I remembered that first, many projects a la chez me await finishing first.
  9. Made solemn promise that from now on, I make things with POCKETS, or at least make a matching BAG. Damn it.
  10. Found out I still need to get a mechanic to look at the rear struts/shocks. Stupid, scary, strange noise...
  11. Refused to take a computer with me. Any computer.
  12. Obtained enough japanese-language material to make CP a very, very happy man.
  13. Turned four friends into whores. Woo! Go me!
...and various other things.

Including coming home to find work still waiting, whiny emails from some asshole lacking even the good sense of a broken canopener (and is about as coherent), a trunk full of luggage I should probably unpack... erm, sometime this week..., and my passports. Though I'm still trying to figure out why anyone would think it necessary to stamp "CANCELLED MAY 2007" on a passport that expired in 1989. Really, people, do you think anyone would be fooled by the picture?

OH. And, for the first time ever [insert drumroll here], I was not only glomped but permitted the glompage (despite Zan's utterly baffled expression afterwards). But the girl who asked was just so adorable -- she came up to maybe my shoulder at most, and came running up with her arms out only to skid to a halt (and yes, she did skid, a little), and asked in a squeaky voice, "may I please have a huuuuuuuuggg?" I was so taken aback, I could only say, "uh, okay," and even with my arms out, her arms still ended up around my waist. Then she skittered off and I turned to see her doing it to another Naruto-person, again with the arms thrown wide and skidding to a halt just outside the personal space... An odd "don't violate the space" and a "pweeese hug me" combination.

Don't be getting any ideas, though, folks. Just sayin'.