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The #AskEmmert Q&A Is Going Poorly

Mark Emmert is on Mike & Mike this morning, and the show asked listeners to submit questions for the NCAA president on Twitter, tagged #AskEmmert. It has, predictably, turned into a mini-revolt against the NCAA.


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Posted by Jia Tolentino

by Jia Tolentino

Gabriel García Márquez died yesterday at age 87 at home in Mexico City; he was a genius and a magician, and we are lucky to have his work so lucent in the canon, the crystallization of a genre that is influential way beyond literature, compressing and exploding so much of human instinct and power and need. Here's his Paris Review Art of Fiction interview ("The trouble is that many people believe that I’m a writer of fantastic fiction, when actually I’m a very realistic person and write what I believe is the true socialist realism"), and a very short story that I love painfully, called "Light Is Like Water." It's about two little brothers and a boat, and it's tiny and simple and a perfect piece of alchemy.

On Wednesday night, like every Wednesday, their parents went to the cinema. The boys, lords and masters of the house, closed the doors and windows and then broke the bulb glowing in one of the living-room lamps. A jet of golden light as cool as water began to pour out of the broken bulb, and they let it run to a depth of almost three feet.

Do you have a favorite? Let me know.


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18 Apr 2014 06:42 am
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Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] buttonlass
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'"So the dog-watches are shorter than the rest," says the parson, "very well. But why dog, if you please?" As you may imagine, we looked pretty blank: and then in the silence the Doctor pipes up. "Why, sir," says he, "do you not perceive that it is because they are cur-tailed?" '
Infinite mirth, far greater than on the first occasion long ago, when it had had to be explained. Now the company had known that something droll was coming; they were prepared, primed, and they exploded into a roar of honest delight. Tears ran down the Admiral's scarlet face: he drank to Jack when he could draw breath at last, he repeated the whole thing twice, he drank to Dr Maturin's health with three times three and a heave-ho rumbelow;

*delights in this anecdote, in Jack getting it right…and in Stephen who supplied the situation itself* *beams*

We hear of Jack being discreet at sea and trying to teach his middies the rudiments of maths. He is also pityfully thin. He can be a diplomat when needs (his poor palms and legs)

Stephen becomes bossy with Thornton, applies soothing ointment, talks of an endless pudding and is quiet about his spyhatty business. You will certainly come up with many more incidents.

Oh, and Stephen is adored by Thornton’s pug. *g*
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After a pause he stood up: 'Thank you for my dinner, Hen,' said he. 'I have rarely drunk such capital port.'
'It was very good of you to come,' said Dundas. 'I have been fairly pining for someone to talk to - glum as a gib cat and sick of my own company. There is precious little ship-visiting on blockade. Sometimes I play chess, right hand against left hand; but there ain't much fun in that.'
'What is your wardroom like?'
'Oh, they are a very decent set, upon the whole. They are mostly young men, of course, except for the premier, who is old enough to be my father: I invite them in turn, and dine with them on Sundays, but they are not men I can unbend with, not as who should say really talk to; and the evenings drag on and on, unfriended, melancholy, slow,' said Dundas with a laugh. 'They are people with whom you have to pose as a demi-god from one noon-observation-to the next. I get very tired of it, and I doubt I play the part convincingly. You are most uncommon lucky to have Maturin. Give him my regards, will you? I hope he will find time to come across.'

Hen Dundas. So wonderful to meet him again, so good that even for a short time he has someone to talk to. It’s understandable why some captains liked to have their wives with them.

I like this chapter not only for Hen, but also because we get a plethora of interesting characters. We read of more details about Admirals Thornton, Harte and Mitchell. We hear about Emeriau, Calamy (*pets him*), Martin…and captains like Fellowes, Charlton and Marriot.

Unfortunately for Jack there are also his middies, who hardly understand the Rule of three and were lost on the nature of a logarithm, a secant, a sine.
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'Surely civilians cannot poach on our ground - on the Commander-in-Chief's preserves?'
'They are not supposed to, but they do. So does the army, at least in Sicily. And that makes things even more complicated, though they were complicated enough in the first place, in all conscience, with dozens of rulers, great and small. You never know where you are with the Barbary States, but they are essential for our supplies; while the Beys and Pashas in Greece and up the Adriatic almost never obey the Turkish Sultan they are practically independent princes - and some of them are quite prepared to play booty with the French to gain their ends. The Sicilians cannot be relied upon; and apart from the fact that we must not provoke him at any price for fear of the French, I do not know just how we stand with the Turks.

The political situation in the Med sounds complicated…so not much seems to have changed.

Through Martin we receive explanations about the ensigns denoting the admirals’ stations and court-martials at sea plus the dirty side of the Navy. We might even find out about spies, informers, why someone can be flogged around the fleet and still become and admiral, Milo of Crotona and enterprising rats

Returning Show: Orphan Black

18 Apr 2014 04:30 am
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The Second Season of Orphan Black begins on Saturday 19th April, 2014

Orphan Black

Orphan Black has a HOMEBASE/PRIMER here on [community profile] tv_talk
Check it out to find out more about the show!

Poll #15244 Orphan Black
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 15

Have you watched Orphan Black?

View Answers

Yes, and I’m all caught up
9 (60.0%)

Yes, but I’ve fallen behind.
1 (6.7%)

I tried watching it, but it wasn't my thing.
1 (6.7%)

no, but it's one of those shows I want to check out someday.
3 (20.0%)

no and I'm not really interested in it.
0 (0.0%)

What is this Orphan Black you speak of?
0 (0.0%)

Other… I’ll comment!
1 (6.7%)

*Orphan Black at BBC America
*AV Club's Season 2 Orphan Black Review (SPOILERS)
*'Orphan Black's' Tatiana Maslany is no longer just faces in the crowd (SPOILERS)
*Orphan Black review: Tatiana Maslany is dazzlingly impressive to watch (Some S1 Spoilers)
*BBC America's 'Orphan Black' returns, engineered to near-perfection (SPOILERS)

Do you watch this show? Do you plan to continue watching it?
Feel free to discuss the show in the comments.
Please try and avoid spoilers.
There's a comment thread for discussing season one here at the show's HOMEBASE.

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[personal profile] minim_calibre had a terrible idea:

Or, why the hell did I decide to put on Acqua di Gio (pour femme)?



I can't even review it. It's... a fruity floral with notes of Weezer.
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Girl Genius Comic goes here

<3 On Saturday, I will be at SakuraCon and Phil will be at NorWesCon! Edit: Oh, also on Friday and Sunday. Whoops.--Kaja<3

our KickStarter for Volume 13


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