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Pinch hits that were sent between #85 and #174 are due 18:00 UTC Today! (ie 1 hours from now)

Pinch hits after that are due in 25 hours (18:00 UTC tomorrow)
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[personal profile] lilacsigil wanted another post about transcription factors and why some of them just blindly copy and some have more complex roles. I am not sure quite what further to explain without going into technical details, so I'll have a go at that. If it works out that this post is boring or too obscure, please feel free to ask me more questions about what it is that you actually want to know.

genes make RNA, RNA makes proteins, but it's more complicated than that )

I'm running a day behind on the meme at this point, I wrote this yesterday while travelling but didn't get online to post it until today. I don't know if what I've written quite makes any sense, so please do ask any questions. Either to clarify what I've written here, or to ask about how transcription factors work at a different level from this.

December meme: Leverage!

21 Dec 2014 11:28 am
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[personal profile] ranalore asked: Leverage, please! What are some of the things you love best about it?

My Leverage tag has more of me talking about the show and characters, if you're interested.

Leverage is one of my all-time favorite shows, hands-down, as-is, forever and ever. It's one I've watched all the way through, about 7 times (original airing, my own rewatch, my own rewatch again when I got the dvds, watching commentary, watching with friend 1, watching with friend 2, my own rewatch). It's a comfort show and I honestly, never get tired of it. Even the episodes that are not my favorites, when I rewatch them, I find thing I'd forgotten about that I love -- little character moments, a couple lines, the convoluted complexity of a heist and a con in each episode. Each time rewatch I somehow love it more.

Overall there are three main things I love. The first is that the Leverage team always wins. It's not always easy, but they always win. I like good drama as much as the next person, but in this world we live in, it's sometimes nice to see the fantasy where the awful people get their asses handed to them by the good guys, and they have to pay for their crimes against people that in the real world, they get away with.

The second thing is that the show is smart and as based in reality as it can be. If you listen to the commentaries, they talk about where the stories come from, and the majority of them are real things that the corporate world is doing to fuck people over. Yes, there is artistic license to a certain extent, but the underlying awfulness of the bad guys is real and happening. I like that the show commits to that -- and then in fantasy tv world takes them down.

The third thing is the competence porn. Once the show runners figured out that people love competence porn, they started giving more of it on the show. They don't pass the idiot ball, they make the complications in the plot stem from things either 1) outside of their control that come from the bad guys' competence, or 2) from being too good at convincing the mark of something. I appreciate that not just because it makes the team that much more awesome, but also because they avoid a lot of bad writing traps that make the characters stupid.

Which brings me to the characters, who are among my favorite on television. I love all of them, even Nate in all his alcoholic ruthlessness. I love how they straddle the line between good guy and bad guy, and how that line moves as they progress through the series. I love how they became a family, and we get to see it. I love how the show gives the little character moments room to breathe and be important, and that they're never thrown in as an after thought but part of the story.

If I go on about the characters I'll be here all day, so I'll just reference a past post, and add that the other best thing Leverage did was give them a send off in an excellent series finale. My OT3 is out there, still ruining evil people's lives, and Nate and Sophie are traveling the world doing their thing.

New and shiny!

21 Dec 2014 11:14 am
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My luck seems to be in today (he says, knocking on wood), and I gatherd 19 strange chests in 25 turns. The second chest I opened had a Nocturne egg in it! and a bear familiar!

But.... Read more... )

December Meme!

21 Dec 2014 11:05 am
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Talk about what you love most about Final Fantasy 8. :) - [personal profile] scribblemoose

...okay so look, I didn't say I would do these in any particular order and talking about MY FAVE FFVIII is easy, alright? ALRIGHT.

So Final Fantasy VIII. Sigh. FFVIII was the first FF I played. I watched my niece play FFVII but I didn't personally play it until years later. So, FFVIII was my first step into RPGs and what a turning point in my life. I loved the storyline and the universe (I wanted to be a SeeD! And live in a military boarding school! In hindsight that would have been very bad). I loved the weird futuristic style. I loved the turnbased combat and the junction system. I know a lot of people had a problem with that but it never bothered me. I like the idea of the GFs getting attached to whatever human they were living inside of, to the point of being so much slower when junctioned into a stranger. I loved that! Shiva loved Squall and Quetzacoatl loved Zell and Ifrit loved Selphie. This was my standard lineup and it made me so happy. ;3;

And the characters. THE CHARACTERS. While Squall and Rinoa are the mains, this really is an ensemble cast and I loved everyone (except Seifer, he was only okay). It's really no surprise that Zell was my fave but I really loved everyone. Their interactions (Squall and Zell be so unimpressed with Irvine, who seemed to be impressed with himself to make up for that but haha, not really, enjoy your pain; everything Laguna and his crew did; Squall's utter disgust for Laguna, lmao). Selphie's sweet spunk and also love for blowing shit for JUSTICE. Also, I share her love for TRAINS. Quistis and her maturity and also the weight of that maturity that settled on her shoulders like a too-heavy shawl. I always felt like Quistis wanted to be one of the kids (as much as military personnel can be "kids") but she always had so much on her plate.

AND THAT'S ANOTHER THING. The entire premise of this game is fucked the fuck up. Why are these 17 year olds, these children, being groomed for warfare? Man, that's messed up. I love it.

There are definitely things about this game that can be tedious (the Squall/Rinoa romance does nothing for me, not just because I'm not Rinoa's biggest fan but also because it wasn't really built up very well) and random battles are really nobody's friend but I love this game still, I love these characters still, and I would really appreciate a remake Squeenix, I'm just saying.
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This time of year, it seems to me that the world is full of fic challenges and exchanges. I feel like, every time I turn around, someone's talking about a different challenge. It's more than a little overwhelming. Do you do any of these December challenges? Why or why not?

I do Yuletide every year. I love the challenge of writing for a small fandom that I wouldn't have thought to write otherwise. I love the stories that come out of the exchange. I read through the archive relatively slowly, savoring the stories.

I hope to do [community profile] fandom_stocking this year. I have a stocking, but I haven't yet written anything for anybody. I'm still digging through stockings, trying to find one I can write for quickly. I like fandom_stocking because it's low pressure. I have trouble, though, with the sheer size of it. There are so many stockings and so many fandoms that I get intimidated.

Loads of (Free) Dragons

21 Dec 2014 10:29 am
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Well, for me it's a load. Haven't been able to pitch them here or on FR (and anyway, with the new December feature (Nocture Dragons), FR is crawling.)

Read more... )

All these critters are FREE to you folks .. just send me a 1 treasure Crossroads offer.

On second thought, just let me know here, and I will send the offer ... that way, we shouldn't have people inadvertently choosing the same dragons (she said, optimistically).

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I did not manage a nap yesterday, but I did beta 5 different yuletide stories AND revise mine to a state where I'm like 95% happy with it, PLUS I started a treat and scouted out a possible second treat, so I feel good about that. I hope my recipient likes it!

Today's December talking meme post is about writing, too, so let's just segue into that:

December 21: [ profile] flaming_muse asked, Is there a story you'd like to write but can't, for whatever reason? Tell us about it!

Ahahaha, right now it's all of them!

But no, aside from the 5000 words of the MCU/DCU crossover that even with help I can't seem to finish because plot, I would really like to write the Veronica Mars/DCU crossover where Veronica, on the trail of what turns out to be a serial killer, comes to Gotham because she begins to suspect Bruce Wayne is her guy (he has the same taste in women, apparently), and Batman is just like, ugh, tiny blonde detective go away! And he sends Dick out to distract her (...yes, exactly like that) because he's so close to finding out who the killer is! But the story requires a killer and a plot smart enough to keep both Bruce Wayne and Veronica Mars guessing for a while and I am not that smart or that good at mystery plots. So it remains unwritten, but glorious in my head. I probably should just find a good serial killer movie and steal the plot from that. *hands*

Writing is hard!


So yesterday I sat down and watched the final *sob* three episodes of Legend of Korra. Outside the cut, I will say that I liked the first two seasons more than a lot of people did, though they're definitely flawed, but if you stopped watching then, please do yourself a favor and check out seasons 3 and 4, because they are simply MARVELOUS. I mean, some things were still rushed and some things never got quite the nuance I was hoping for, but overall, I would rate them very highly indeed, up there with AtLA season 3, which is the second best season, because nothing will ever match the heights of AtLA season 2. The Ba Sing Se arc is among the best arcs of television I've ever watched, but really, the whole season from "The Blind Bandit" through "Crossroads of Destiny" is brilliant.


spoilers )

So some people might consider that full of fan service, but if so, it was fan service done right for this fangirl! And the future is wide open for many more adventures, even though the creators have said they're done with the Avatar universe.

(Funnily enough, after all the Clone Wars watching I've been doing - I've finished the series and kind of want to just start rewatching it right away, and I'll be posting a lot of thoughts, because, well, I'm very impressed with what they managed to do on that show (they made me feel really bad for Anakin! Even though he is the king of bad decisions! I don't know what to do with these emotions!) - but anyway, in the Korra opening, when Tenzin is like, "Earth. Fire. Air. Water. Only the Avatar can master all four elements and bring balance to the world," I keep thinking he's going to say "bring balance to the Force" now. And that just makes me want a Star Wars/AtLA crossover somehow. Not just because Iroh needs to talk some sense into Anakin AND the Jedi Council, but just because now I'm thinking about the avatar world and benders as people who connect with the Spirit World (in essence, the Force) differently from the Jedi and how they'd respond to that. Like, with the avatar world being off-limits until they have spacefaring technology of their own, but then joining the Republic and how the Jedi would dismiss the Avatar because they don't use the Force in the approved Jedi way [not even the Air Nomads anymore, who would be closest, pre-genocide, to the Jedi way of life], but they're not - Unalaq aside - using the dark side. Someone should totally write this for me.)

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Shingeki no Kyojin: A Choice With no Regrets OAD E01 → Based on the spin-off manga about how Levi ends up joining the Scouting Legion.

First of all, can we talk about how awesome the animation is for the 3DMG chase sequence? The sequence with Levi running away from the Military Police (who were such losers why did your lines get tangled up there was nothing there) and the Scouting Legion (flawless 10/10) was so good.

In the "things that made me screech" category, there's a quick scene where Levi's seemingly annoyed by Isabel and turns away, but he reaches out to mess up her hair and I internally yelled, "TSUNTSUN ANIKI," which is probably a prime example of how to mangle the Japanese language don't emulate me.


I basically went into a screencapping frenzy once Erwin appeared, interspersed with me screaming at [personal profile] crossesandguns via Google Hangouts about Erwin descending from the heavens like an avenging angel.

Spoilery stuff. )

I am so ready for all the tension between Erwin and Levi BRING IT ON.

More of this, yes
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I'll come back to them, I promise, but today is the day that [personal profile] snickfic asked: could I get you to talk a little about your time in SPN fandom? How you got in, how you left, ships you shipped? And well, this question speaks to me.

this could get long )

So yeah, that's about it. I didn't get into the terror of S2 and S3 both ending without confirmation of renewal, and I didn't get into all my Dean Winchester feels (of which there were a lot), but you could probably find a lot of that by clicking through my tag for the show.

Adventures in baking

21 Dec 2014 03:49 pm
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This comes to you from a laptop perched on a kitchen table right next to the flour packet! and not six inches from the rolling pin --Christmas baking is in progress.  Not that I'm doing a great deal, because there's just two of us here, but:

I made runesnspoons' family traditional chocolate biscuits!  I can report that they are easy to make and lovely to look at, with their crunchy crinkly surface and a dusting of white across the brown - and give a generous six dozen biscuits per batch.  Thank you, runesnspoons!  (now to try to attach a picture.  no.failed again.  DW seems only to want images with a URL, not ones just from my pictures file,or in this case direct from the camera. I'll put them on LJ.)

And then I made gingerbread--not a gingerbread man, alas.  I scoured the town, and couldn't find a cutter anywhere - and didn't feel like artistically hand-cutting a dozen or more gingerbread men - so I made stars and hearts instead.  And they worked so well that today I am ambitiously making a Gingerbread House!!  The first section is in the oven as I type.

[time passes]

Well, this has been enormous fun!!  A learning experience, definitely :D and the house is not a thing of beauty, and won't be a joy forever, but... well, it was fun making it. I hope they like it at work tomorrow.  Now I'd like to make one for two lovely older women we know, and for the party we're invited to Christmas Eve.  But I'll probably run out of energy before then.

Over on LJ, I'll post a couple of gingerbread house pictures-one in the making stage, and one of the nearly finished product - I'll sift icing sugar snow last thing before work tomorrow.


21 Dec 2014 09:50 am
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OMG y'all y'all y'all

I just finished Eleanor and Park

I am honest-to-god crying

I can't even

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Several readers reading

21 Dec 2014 01:14 pm
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Deviating a little from the general 'hedjog goes bah humbug' seasonal theme:

In today's Observer The 10 best Christmases in literature.

And, of course, while I like her inclusion of a fairly obscure short story by Stella Gibbons (it's in Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm) I am thinking of what I would include in such a list:

a) Could you count Susan Coolidge's memorable Christmases in What Katy Did and What Katy Did at School as one entry; or would it have to be two?

b) Christmas with the Aubrey family in The Fountain Overflows.

c) And if you want grim and ghastly, la patronne racommande Angus Wilson's 'Saturnalia' in The Wrong Set and other stories.

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Disclaimer: I don’t read the comics. The only BTVS canon for me is the tv canon. So whatever issues you may have with the comics aren’t relevant to how I see the characters; pray bring them up elsewhere.

Dawn was controversial from the get go – both as a character and as a concept - , and from what I hear she still gets complained about in some fannish quarters. Now it’s been a while since my last BTVS rewatch, but I still remember Dawn fondly, and a big reason for this is that the Buffy and Dawn relationship spoke to me from the get go.

Spoilery thoughts ensue )

December Talking Meme: The Other Days
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Duolingo: "Ich habe eine große Katze."
Me: "Is that correct, Beatrice? Ich habe eine große Katze?"
Me: *types the translation: I have a big cat.*

Me: "Kennst du daß, Beatrice? Daß ich habe eine große Katze? Du bist meine große Katze!"

Beatrice, sitting across the room with her back to me, continues ignoring me.

Radio 4

21 Dec 2014 11:31 am
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I've been getting increasingly annoyed with the R4 Christmas trails: a collection of clips from Christmas programming, followed by the direction to check the R4 website for more details. The website doesn't have more details, as far as I can see, other than the full schedules. One of them was Dead Ringers doing The Reunion, and searching for Dead Ringers got me the schedule (yay, a whole new season! And it looks like it's in the Friday evening slot, so it might even make it onto the podcast).

I was sure I heard David Sedaris in one of them, so I did a search of the R4 programme: nothing. I did manage to find it by doing a search of the whole BBC website (11:30 on Christmas Eve), though, so I suppose that that's ok?

But it would be nice to know what the other things, the ones that I couldn't immediately identify them from a five second clip, a) are and b) will be on. Fortunately, Google has provided: there is indeed a page listing the highlights, which I'm glad that I've finally found. Why the hell isn't it linked to from the R4 front page, though?

(And Good Omens, natch, but why on earth is it on so late at night?)

(Super Home Front on Friday, though!)


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