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This is not entirely out of only curiosity, but in the wake of LJ dying its ongoing slow death, the rise of tumblr & instagram, the spammy desert of delicious, and the domination of pinterest, where does fandom mostly reside, now? Outside of behemoths like fanfiction.net and deviantart, there doesn't seem to be a central gathering place (application/site) for major active communities. Or is there, and I'm just not seeing/hearing about it?

Considering that once upon a time, one could post images, fic, vids, and whatnot to LJ, on one's own journal as well as on a community journal, is there any one place that handles all the fannish activity, now? Or is it all truly broken into pieces?

Date: 1 Mar 2015 09:23 pm (UTC)
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The thing is, fandom is literally so huge these days I wouldn't want to use a centralized platform that puts me in touch with Every Single Fan Ever. Not that my fandom experience was ever truly centralized, since all through the reign of LJ I was in fandoms with virtually no presence on LJ, but vibrant messageboards. But anyway, these days fans of anything at all are so easy to find I suffer from a kind of glut and have to back off to somewhere smaller and more manageable. Like living in a city with hundreds of thousands of people, and cutivating my own front stoop. One of my fandoms is a Canadian show that will absolutely break the bank if it gets a million viewers, and I can find fandom for it.

On Tumblr, I tend to post about a fandom and include it in that fandom's tag, then follow the replies and retags to my post and find people to follow that way. If I want to find something (like fandom-specific icons, which are scarce as hen's teeth thanks to the lack of a standard platform icon size for people to specifically create for, the one thing I really miss LJ about) I'll use the site search to find fandom-specific curated blogs that basically wade through the fandom tag and reblog the good stuff, like garbage pickers going through junkyards for the gems.
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Tangentially I remember from my time on Tumblr that only the first five tags on a post are tracked in Tumblr's searches/tag trackers.
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