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Followup post for [personal profile] whatistigerbalm, but anyone else interested, here's the entire sad list. Maybe a quarter of these are available on the web; the rest are from Jstor. Check your local city library. You might have a free Jstor account. If not, and you're as whacked as I am about research, I have the pdfs. I can email zipped version. Just don't ask for all of them because that's just lazy, and besides, there's 895 of them. (and these don't include images and other non-pdf formats).

14th Century Singapore~ the Temasek Paradigm.pdf
A Brunei Sultan in the Early 14th Century~ Study of an Arabic Gravestone.pdf
A Comparison of Traditional Settlements in Nepal and Bali.pdf
A Contribution to the Knowledge of East Mongolian Folkpoetry.pdf
A History of Dōmyōji to 1572 (Or Maybe 1575)~ An Attempted Reconstruction.pdf
A History of Maritime Asia and East Asian Regional Dynamism 1600-1900.pdf
A Note on Narsapur Peta~ a "Syncretic" Shipbuilding Centre in South India, 1570-1700.pdf
A Note on the Rise of Surat in the Sixteenth Century.pdf
A Princess from Sunda~ Some Aspects of Nyai Roro Kidul.pdf
A Profile of the Manchu Language in Ch'ing History.pdf
A Reinterpretation of the Micronesian "Star Compass".pdf
A Reputed Acehnese "Sarakata" of the Jamal Al-Lail Dynasty.pdf
A Ritual Winter Exorcism in Gnyan Thog Village, Qinghai.pdf
A Sea of Denial~ the Early Modern Spanish Invention of the Pacific Rim.pdf
A Seventeenth-Century 'General Crisis' in East Asia?.pdf
A Stinger in the Tale the "Sudden Awakening" Ending in East Asian Folktales.pdf
A Tale of Two Colonial Port-Towns in the Straits of Melaka~ Dutch Melaka and English Penang.pdf
A Transitional Islamic Bugis Cremation in Bulubangi, South Sulawesi.pdf
A Tree Under Whom to Seek Shelter~ Royal Justice and the Right of Sanctuary in Sinnār.pdf
A View from the Sea~ Perspectives on the Northern and Central Vietnamese Coast.pdf
Achehnese Marriage Customs.pdf
Admiral Zheng He & Southeast Asia.pdf
Adoption and Samurai Mobility in Tokugawa Japan.pdf
Adoption in Han China.pdf
After Columbus~ Explaining Europe's Overseas Trade Boom, 1500-1800.pdf
Age as a Category of Gender Analysis.pdf
Ainu Ethnicity and the Boundaries of the Early Modern Japanese State.pdf
Al-Ḥ awādit̠ al-gā̌ miʿa~ a Contemporary Account of the Mongol Conquest of Baghdad, 656/1258.pdf
All About Money~ Maritime Trade in Makassar and West Java, Around 1775.pdf
All the Khan's horses.pdf
Amassing Economies~ Medieval Origins of Early Modern Japan.pdf
Ambiguous Boundaries, Redefining Royal Authority in the Kingdom of Ryukyu.pdf
An Age of Commerce in Southeast Asian History.pdf
An Alternative Vietnam? the Nguyen Kingdom in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries.pdf
An Annotated Collection of Mongolian Riddles.pdf
An Examination of Historians' Explanations for the Mongol Withdrawal from East Central Europe.pdf
An Investigation into the Plausibility of 450-Ft Treasure Ships.pdf
An Island’s Place in History~ Tsushima in Japan and in Chos0n, 1392–1592.pdf
An Obsessed Mariner's Notes on the Ningpo/ a Vessel from the Junk Trade.pdf
An Otogizōshi in Context~ Saru no sōshi and the Hie-Enryaku-ji Religious Multiplex in the Late Sixteenth Century.pdf
Ancient Assur~ the City, its Traders, and its Commercial Network.pdf
Ancient jetty at Sungai Batu Complex, Bujang Valley, Kedah.pdf
Angkor Vogue~ Sculpted Evidence of Imported Luxury Textiles in the Courts of Kings and Temples.pdf
Anthropology of Fishing.pdf
Antler Reliquary from the Territory of the Khazar Kaganate.pdf
Appendix- Money and Exchange Rates
Archaeological Investigations of Pattani History.pdf
Archaeological Perspectives on the Rise of the Okinawan State.pdf
Archaeology and Early Chinese Glass Trade in Southeast Asia.pdf
Arghun Aqa~ Mongol Bureaucrat.pdf
Art and Politics at the Mongol Court of China~ Tugh Temür's Collection of Chinese Paintings.pdf
Asia in the World Economy 1500-present.pdf
Aspects of Dual Symbolic Classification~ Right and Left in a Japanese Kyū-Dōjo.pdf
Assessing the Performance of Ancient Boats.pdf
Astronomy and Navigation in Polynesia and Micronesia.pdf
Austronesian symbolism and Islamic knowledge.pdf
Ayutthaya Rising~ from Land or Sea?.pdf
Bakufu Bugyonin~ the Size of the Lower Bureaucracy in Muromachi Japan.pdf
Barter and Money in an Indonesian Village Economy.pdf
Beru Dayang~ the Concept of Female Spirits and the Movement of Fertility in Karo Batak Culture.pdf
Between Market and Court~ the Careers of two Courtier-Merchants in the Twelfth-Century Deccan.pdf
Beyond Guns, Germs, and Steel~ European Expansion and Maritime Asia, 1400-1750.pdf
Birth-giving and Avoidance Taboo in Japan.pdf
Black Sea Emporia and the Mongol Empire~ a Reassessment of the Pax Mongolica.pdf
Black Sheep, White Sheep and Red-Heads~ a Historical Sketch of the Shāhsavan of Āzarbāijān.pdf
Bloodthirsty Pirates? Violence and Terror on the South China Sea in Early Modern Times.pdf
Boundary Crossings in the Islamic World~ Princess Gulbadan as Traveler, Biographer, and Witness to History, 1523–1603.pdf
British Trade to Southeast Asia in 17th and 18th Centuries.pdf
Brokers and Guild Organizations in Chinas Maritime Trade.pdf
Buddhism in the Economic History of China Land Taxes and Monast.pdf
Bugis Migration and Modes of Adaptation to Local Situations.pdf
Building Warrior Legitimacy in Medieval Kyoto.pdf
Burmese Bells and Chinese Eroticism, Southeast Asia's Cultural Influence on China.pdf
Business Press and the Origins of the Information Revolution in the Early Modern Atlantic World.pdf
By the Sweetness of the Tongue~ Duty, Destiny, and Devotion in the Oral Life Narratives of Female Sādhus in Rajasthan.pdf
Cambodia and Its Neighbors in the 15th Century.pdf
Cannibals and Pedlars~ Economic Opportunities and Political Alliance in Alor, 1600–1850.pdf
Captives, Kin, and Slaves in Xiao Liangshan.pdf
Catholic Written and Oral Cultures in Seventeenth-Century Vietnam.pdf
Centering the King of Chosŏn~ Aspects of Korean Maritime Diplomacy, 1392-1592.pdf
Ceramic Trade network around Taiwan Straits.pdf
Changing Shorelines and Cultural Orientations in the Sepik-Ramu, Papua New Guinea.pdf
Charismatic Queens of Southern Asia.pdf
Chigo in the Medieval Japanese Imagination.pdf
China and Calicut in the Early Ming Period; Envoys and Tribute Embassies.pdf
China and the Trade in Cloves, Circa 960-1435.pdf
Chinas Economic Development and Global Interaction in the Long Run.pdf
Chinese and Muslim Diasporas under the Mongol Hegemony.pdf
Chinese Barbarian Officials in the Foreign Tributary Mission to China during the Ming.pdf
Chinese Diaspora the Case of the Macs of Ha Tien.pdf
Chinese Double-Entry Bookkeeping Before the Nineteenth Century.pdf
Chinese Enterprise in Colonial Malaya~ the Case of Eu Tong Sen.pdf
Chinese Guilds in the Qing Dynasty.pdf
Chinese History and the Concept of Early Modernities.pdf
Chinese Masculinity~ Theorising Wen and Wu.pdf
Chinese Overlordship and Western Penetration in Maritime Asia, a Late Ch'ing Reappraisal of Chinese Maritime Relations.pdf
Chinese Pottery in the Philippines.pdf
Chinese Sea Merchants and Pirates.pdf
Chinese Silver Bullion in a Tenth-Century Indonesian Wreck.pdf
Chinese, Tartars and "Thea" or a Tale of Two Companies~ the English East India Company and Taiwan in the Late Seventeenth Century.pdf
Cities and the slave trade in early-modern Southeast Asia.PDF
City Planning and Palace Architecture in the Creation of the Nara Political Order.pdf
Classifying Lust~ the Seventeenth-Century Vogue for Male Love.pdf
Cognitive Maps of Time and Tide Among Medieval Seafarers.pdf
Colombo versus Cannanore~ Contrasting Structures of Two Colonial Port Cities (1500-1700).pdf
Commerce and Conflict~ Two Views of Portuguese Melaka in the 1620s.pdf
Commercial Growth and Environmental Change in Early Modern Japan~ Hachinohe's Wild Boar Famine of 1749.pdf
Competing Hierarchies~ Javanese Merchants and the Priyayi Elite in Solo, Central Java.pdf
Conflict, Justice, and the Stranger-King Indigenous Roots of Colonial Rule in Indonesia and Elsewhere.pdf
Connected Histories of the Iberian Overseas Empires.pdf
Constructing Ethnic Identity~ Making and Remaking Korean-Chinese Rural Houses in Yanbian, 1881-2008.pdf
Coral As Building Material in Late Portuguese and Early Dutch Malacca.pdf
Corruption in Eighteenth-Century China.pdf
Cosmopolitics and the Maritime World City.pdf
Cotton Textile Manufacture and Marketing in Late Imperial China and the ‘Great Divergence’.pdf
Could Ancient Ships Work to Windward?.pdf
Courtier and Confucian in Seventeenth-Century Japan~ a Dialogue on the "Tale of Genji" between Nakanoin Michishige and Kumazawa Banzan.pdf
Crisis and Reformation in a Maritime Kingdom of Southeast Asia~ Forces of Instability and Political Disintegration in Western Burma (Arakan), 1603-1701.pdf
Critical Regionalities and the Study of Gender and Sexual Diversity in South East and East Asia.pdf
Cross-Cultural Analysis of the Design of Four Representative Kamakura and Muromachi Period Zen Temple Gardens.PDF
Cross-Cultural Perceptions of Piracy~ Maritime Violence in the Western Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf Region during a Long Eighteenth Century.pdf
Cross-Cultural Trade in World History.pdf
Crosscurrents in Chinese Silk History.pdf
Cultural History of Early Modern Japanese Castaway narratives.pdf
Cultural State Formation in Eastern Indonesia.pdf
Cultural Tensions as Factors in the Structure of a Festival Parade.pdf
Cycles of Silver~ Global Economic Unity through the Mid-Eighteenth Century.pdf
Dai Viet and the South China Sea Trade, from the 10th to the 15th Century.pdf
Death and Funerals among the Minhe Tu (Monguor).pdf
Death at the Building Site~ Construction Sacrifice in Southeast Asia.pdf
Deconstructing the myth of the Tatar Yoke.pdf
Defining the Malay House.pdf
Demons or Deities? the "Wangye" of Taiwan.pdf
Demons, Gangsters, and Secret Societies in Early Modern China.pdf
Design and Recreation of a 17th cen Taiwanese Junk.pdf
Dewi Sri in Village Garb~ Fertility, Myth, and Ritual in Northeast Java.pdf
Diasporic Identities in the Historical Development of the Maritime Muslim Communities of Song-Yuan China.pdf
Did Europe's Mercantilist Empires Pay?.pdf
Dietary Decadence And Dynastic Decline in the Mongol Empire.pdf
Different Family Roles, Different Interpretations of Thai Folktales.pdf
Diplomatic Relations between the Courts of Dehli and Constantinople in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries.pdf
Dissolving Hegemony or Changing Trade Pattern? Images of Srivijaya in the Chinese Sources of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries.pdf
Disturbing Images~ Rebellion, Usurpation, and Rulership in Early Sixteenth-Century East Asia—Korean Writings on Emperor Wuzong.pdf
Divinity and Salvation~ the Great Goddesses of China.pdf
Domestic Service in Thailand~ Reflection of Conflicts in Gender, Class and Ethnicity.pdf
Dress, Titles, and the Islamicization of Hindu Culture at Vijayanagara.pdf
Dusky Damsels~ Pitcairn Island's Neglected Matriarchs of the "Bounty" Saga.pdf
Dutch East India Company & the Changing Pattern of the China Sea Trade.pdf
Dutch Galleons and South Nias Palaces.pdf
Dutch Maps and English Ships in the Eastern Seas.pdf
Dutch Navigational Knowledge on Japan, 1608-1641.rtf
Dutch Slavery and Slave Trade in the Indian Ocean in the Seventeenth Century.pdf
Dynamics of kingship and trade in late-seventeenth-century Ayutthaya.PDF
Early Age of Commerce in Southeast Asia 900-1300.pdf
Early Chinese Ships and Trade.pdf
Early history of the first settlers of the Bonin.pdf
Early Maritime Contacts between South and Southeast Asia.pdf
Early Medieval Trade on Japan's Southern Frontier and its Effect on Okinawan State.pdf
Early Modern Expansion & the Politicization of Oceanic Space.pdf
East Asia in the World System.pdf
East Asian Maritime World 1400-1800.pdf
Economic Organization and the Position of Women among the Iroquois.pdf
Economics of Dowry and Brideprice.pdf
Economy, Military and Ideology in Pre-Islamic Luwu, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.pdf
Efficiency or Economics? Sail development in the ancient Mediterranean.pdf
Elephants And Water in the Feasting of Seventeenth Century Aceh.pdf
Emergence of Early Modern States and Empires in Eurasia and Afrida.pdf
Emperor, Aristocracy, and the Ritsuryō State~ Court Politics in Nara.pdf
Empire in the Southwest~ Early Qing Reforms to the Native Chieftain System.pdf
Empires and Emporia~ Palace, Mosque, Market, and Tomb in Istanbul, Isfahan, Agra, and Delhi.pdf
Engaging the South~ Ming China and Southeast Asia in the Fifteenth Century.pdf
English Private Trade in the Western Indian Ocean, 1720-1740.pdf
Enslaved Pearl Divers in the Sixteenth Century Caribbean.pdf
Envisioning the Female Ascetic in a Medieval Chigo Tale.pdf
Envoy Poetry and the Sino-Vietnamese Relationship in the 16th to 19th Centuries.pdf
Epic Themes in the Secret History of the Mongols.pdf
Equivocal Connections~ Fonseca Cardoso and the Origins of Portuguese Colonial Anthropology.pdf
Ethnic and Religious Hostilities in Early Modern Port Cities.pdf
Ethnographic Perspectives on Differentiating Shamans from other Ritual Intercessors.pdf
Eurasian Transformations of the Tenth To Thirteenth Centuries~ the View From Song China, 960-1279.pdf
Europe and China Compared.pdf
European Captives And Craftsmen Among the Mongols, 1231–1255.pdf
European Exiles, Renegades and Outlaws and the Maritime Economy of Asia c.1500-1750.pdf
European Influence in South-East Asia, c.1500-1630.pdf
European Influence in Southeast Asia 1500-1630~ a Reply.pdf
European Musical Instruments in Sixteenth-Century Japanese Paintings.pdf
Exploration into Human Polyandry An Evolutionary Examination of.pdf
Exploring the Dutch–Portuguese Relationship in Seventeenth-Century Siam.pdf
Facing the Wrath of Khan.pdf
Farming and Language in Island Southeast Asia.pdf
Fear of Gynarchy in an Age of Chaos~ Kong Qi's Reflections on Life in South China under Mongol Rule.pdf
Fellow-Regional Associations in the Ch'ing Dynasty~ Organizations in Flux for Mobile People.pdf
Felt and "Tent Carts" in "The Secret History of the Mongols".pdf
Female Mountain Spirits in Korea~ a Neglected Tradition.pdf
Female Roles in Pre-Colonial Southeast Asia.pdf
Female Shamans in Eastern Japan during the Edo Period.pdf
Feng Meng-lung's Treasury of Laughs~ Humorous Satire on Seventeenth- Century Chinese Culture and Society.pdf
Feudalism in Pre-Colonial Malaya~ the Past as a Colonial Discourse.pdf
Figures of Alterity in Early Modern Thai Visual Culture.pdf
Financial Crisis & Local Economy~ Ch'üan-chou in the Thirteenth Century.pdf
Fishmongers and Shipowners~ Women in Maritime Communities of Early Modern Portugal.pdf
Folk Medicinal Plants of the Nagas in India.pdf
Folk Medicine among the Mongols in Inner Mongolia.pdf
Forager-traders in South and Southeast Asia.pdf
Forces of Regional and State Integration in the Western Archipelago, c. 1500-1700.pdf
Foreign Travel through a Woman's Eyes~ Shan Shili's "Guimao lüxing ji" in Local and Global Perspective.pdf
Forging the Past~ Medieval Counterfeit Documents.pdf
Formation of Chinese Maritime Networks 1200-1450.pdf
Foundations of the Modern Japanese Daimyo.pdf
Four Documents Relating To the Sino-Mongol Peace of 1570-1571.pdf
Fragmented Estates~ the Breakup of the Myo and the Decline of the Shoen System.pdf
Framework and Methods of Comparative Studies on Asian Port Cities in the 17-18th Centuries.pdf
Free Port an Agency for the Development of American Commerce.pdf
Friendship in Ancient China.pdf
Friendship, animosity and group formation on the ships of the Dutch East-India Company.pdf
From Avoidance to Confrontation~ Peasant Protest in Precolonial and Colonial Southeast Asia.pdf
From Batuparang to Ayudhya~ Bali and the Outside World, 1636-1656.pdf
From Coins to Rice~ Hypotheses on the Kandaka and Kokudaka Systems.pdf
From Feudal Chieftain to Secular Monarch~ the Development of Shogunal Power in Early Muromachi Japan.pdf
From humility to lordship in Island Southeast Asia.pdf
From Mongol Empire To Yüan Dynasty~ Changing Forms of Imperial Rule in Mongolia And Central Asia.pdf
From Protean Ape to Handsome Saint~ the Monkey King.pdf
From Quanzhou to the Sulu Zone and beyond, Questions Related to the Early 1400s.pdf
From Temporary Wife to Prostitute~ Sexuality and Economic Change in Early Modern Southeast Asia.pdf
From Woman Warrior to Peripatetic Entertainer~ the Multiple Histories of Tomoe.pdf
Frontier Discourse and China's Maritime Frontier~ China's Frontiers and the Encounter with the Sea through Early Imperial History.pdf
Fujian and the making of a maritime frontier in seventeenth-century China.pdf
Fukiens Private Sea Trade in the 16th and 17th centuries.pdf
Funeral and Memorial Rituals of the Medieval Mongols and Their Underlying Worldview.pdf
Further Notes on the Old Boat found at Pontian, in Southern Pahang.pdf
Gender and the Timing of Marriage~ Rural-Urban Differences in Java.pdf
Gender Pluralism~ Muslim Southeast Asia since Early Modern Times.pdf
Gender Transgression in Colonial and Postcolonial Indonesia.pdf
Gender, Property, and the "Autonomy Thesis" in Southeast Asia~ the Endowment of Local Succession in Early Modern Vietnam.pdf
Genesis of Marriage among the Moso and Empire-Building in Late Imperial China.pdf
Geographies of Self and Other~ Mapping Japan through the Koseki.pdf
Geomancy and the Environment in Premodern Taiwan.pdf
Gestures of Social Protest in Seventeenth-Century China.pdf
Global Narratives, Narrow Spaces, and the Limits of Experience.pdf
Go[u]~ Depicting the Life of Go(u) and the Other Ladies of the Warring States Period.pdf
Government Cartography in Sixteenth Century Japan.pdf
Great Families of Polynesia~ Inter-Island Links and Marriage Patterns.pdf
Guns and Government~ a Comparative Study of Europe and Japan.pdf
Guns, Gales, and God~ Elizabeth I's Merchant Navy.pdf
H(h)ouses, E(e)states and class~ On the importance of capitals in central Sulawesi.pdf
Hanayo no hime, or Blossom Princess~ a Late-Medieval Japanese Stepdaughter Story and Provincial Customs.pdf
Haunting Modernity~ Tanuki, Trains, and Transformation in Japan.pdf
Healing and Exorcism~ Christian Encounters with Shamanism in Early Modern Korea.pdf
Herbs of Our Own Kingdom~ Layers of the ‘Local’ in the Materia Medica of Early Chosŏn Korea.pdf
Heterogenetic Cities in Premodern Southeast Asia.pdf
Hidden in History~ Female Homoeroticism and Women of a Third Nature in the South Asian Past.pdf
Hierarchy, History, Politics, and Popularity in the Foguangsi Main Hall Roof’s Design.pdf
High Corruption Income in Ming and Qing.pdf
Historical and Historiographical Issues in the Study of Pre-Modern Japanese Religions.pdf
Historical Development of Japanese Capital Cities.pdf
History at Land's End~ Lemuria in Tamil Spatial Fables.pdf
History of Contract Labor in the Hawaiian Islands.pdf
History of Maritime Asia and East Asian Regional Dynamism 1600-1900.pdf
History of Ningbo.pdf
History of the Nation of the Archers (The Mongols) by Grigor of Akanc.pdf
History, Archaeology, and the Question of Foreign Control in Early Historic-Period Peninsular Malaysia.pdf
Holding the World in Balance~ the Connected Histories of the Iberian Overseas Empires, 1500- 1640.pdf
Horse Brands of the Mongolians~ a System of Signs in a Nomadic Culture.pdf
Horses in East-west Trade between China and Iran under Mongol Rule.pdf
Hot Potatoes~ Chinese Complaint Systems from Early Times to the Late Qing (1898).pdf
House Architecture and Family Form~ On the Origin of Vernacular Traditions Early Modern Japan.pdf
Hunter-Gatherer Landscapes and Lowland Trade in the Prehispanic Philippines.pdf
Hybrid Identities in the Fifteenth-Century Straits of Malacca.pdf
Identity and Function in Sino-Vietnamese Piracy~ Where Are the Minh Hương?.pdf
Imagining Masculinities in Two Qing Novels, "Yesou puyan" and "Sanfen meng quan zhuan".pdf
Impact of Early Colonisation on Economy of South India.pdf
In Her Likeness~ Female Divinity and Leadership at Medieval Chūgūji.pdf
In Name Only~ Imperial Sovereignty in Early Modern Japan.pdf
In Search of Si Pitung~ the History of an Indonesian Legend.pdf
In the Beginning Was the Word~ Tuārangi, Evil Spirits and Foreign Beings in Mangaian History.pdf
Incestuous Twins and the House Societies of Insular Southeast Asia.pdf
Income and Outlays in Dutch Taiwan.pdf
Indian Merchants and Eurasian Trade.pdf
Indian Merchants and the Western Indian Ocean Early 17th Century.pdf
Indian Vernacular Architecture~ Wai and Cochin.pdf
Indigenous concepts of orientation of South Sulawesian sailors.pdf
Indigenous Island Empires~ Yap and Tonga Considered.pdf
Indigenous States of Southeast Asia.pdf
Indonesian Seacraft~ Photographs and Notes by G C Ingleton, 1932.pdf
Inhumation and cremation in medieval Mongolia~ analysis and analogy.pdf
Inscribing Colonial Monumentality~ a Case Study of the 1763 Patna Massacre Memorial.pdf
Integrating Southeast Asia into the Framework of World History~ the Period before 1500.pdf
Interpretation of Gujingjiin the Context of Medieval Chinese Cultural History.pdf
Iru and Maru in the Secret History of the Mongols.pdf
Is It Clothes that Make the Man? Cross-Dressing, Gender, and Sex in Pre-Twentieth-Century Zhu Yingtai Lore.pdf
Jambhala~ An Imperial Envoy to Tibet during the Late Yuan.pdf
Japan early trade coin and the commercial trade beetwen Vietnam and Japan in the 17th century.pdf
Japan in the Life of Early Ryukyu.pdf
Japanese Economy from a Historical Perspective.pdf
Japanese Relations with Southeast Asia in the 17th Century.pdf
Japanese Sea Power.pdf
Japanese Swordfighters and American Gunfighters.pdf
Javanese Court Society and Politics in the Late Eighteenth Century~ the Record of a Lady Soldier. Part I~ the Religious, Social, and Economic Life of the Court.pdf
Javanese Markets and the Asian Sea Trade Boom of the Tenth to Thirteenth Centuries A.D..pdf
Jurisdiction, Penal Code, and Cultural Confrontation under Mongol-Yüan Law.pdf
Kaikoku Michi No Ki~ a 17th Century Travelogue By Iwasa Matabei.pdf
Kanjeng Ratu Kidul~ the Second Divine Spouse of the Sultans of Ngayogyakarta.pdf
Kendi in the cultural Context of Southeast Asia.pdf
Khubilai's Groom.pdf
King Borommakot and the Dutch East India Company.pdf
Kingship-Adat Rivalry and the Role of Islam in South Sulawesi .pdf
Kinship and Religious Practices as Institutionalization of Trade Networks~ Manangi Trade Communities in South and Southeast Asia.pdf
Lady Murasaki's Erotic Entertainment.pdf
Land Rights and the Environment in the Indonesian Archipelago, 800-1950.pdf
Landfall on the Palembang Coast in Medieval Times.pdf
Late Sixteenth-Century Basque Banded Copper Kettles.pdf
Layers of Words and Volcanic Ash in Japan and Korea.pdf
Legal Spaces of Empire~ Piracy and the Origins of Ocean Regionalism.pdf
Legends by the Numbers~ the Symbolism of Numbers in the "Secret History of the Mongols".pdf
Lhasa Jokhang-the worlds oldest timber frame building in Tibet.pdf
Life in the Schools of Sung China.pdf
Light Airs from the South~ Whalers' Logs in Pacific History.pdf
Liminal Experiences of Miyako Shamans~ Reading a Shaman's Diary.pdf
Littoral Society in Hoi An's Trading World c.1550-1830.pdf
Littoral Society in the Integration of Thuận-Quảng, Seventeenth-Eighteenth Centuries.pdf
Littoral Society~ the concept and the problems.pdf
Living Standards and the Distribution of Income in Colonial Indonesia~ a Review of the Evidence.pdf
Local and International Trade and Traders in the Straits of Melaka Region 600-1500.pdf
Local Integration and Eurasian Analogies~ Structuring Southeast Asian History, c. 1350-c. 1830.pdf
Long-Term Changes in Land-Tenure Arrangements in Pre-Modern and Early-Modern Southeast Asia.pdf
Looking at Southeast Asian History.pdf
Lords of the Auspicious Conjunction~ Turco-Mongol Imperial Identity on the Subcontinent.pdf
Macao and Manila~ European Settlements in Southeast Asia.pdf
Making Connections~ Relationships between International Trade and Glass Beads from the Shashe-Limpopo Area.pdf
Making the Colonial State Work for You~ the Modern Beginnings of the Ancient Kumbh Mela in Allahabad.pdf
Malabar Khalasis' Traditional Technology to the Rescue in Perumon.pdf
Malay Trading Introduction.pdf
Managing the Truth of Sex in Imperial Japan.pdf
Manchu Widows and Ethnicity in Qing China.pdf
Manila in the Zheng Clan Maritime Networks.pdf
Manuscript XVIII~ the History and Traditions of the Village of 'Utulau in Tongatapu by Tau'atevalu Lesina Ma'u.pdf
Maps and Metaphors of the "Small Eastern Sea" in Tokugawa Japan (1603-1868).pdf
Maritime Capitalism in Seventeenth-Century China.pdf
Maritime Dependency in Ribe and Aalborg, 1450-1800.pdf
Maritime Diasporas in Asia Before Da Gama~ An Introductory Commentary.pdf
Maritime Passenger Traffic in the Indian Ocean Region Before the Nineteenth Century.pdf
Maritime Scene in China at the Dawn of Great European Discoveries.pdf
Maritime Slavery.pdf
Maritime Trade Evolutions and Port City Developments.pdf
Marriage and Property in Premodern Japan from the Perspective of Women's History.pdf
Marriage Sogdian Style.pdf
Marriage, Adoption, and Honganji.pdf
Marriage, Divorce and Adultery in the Medieval Period (Japan).pdf
Mata'uvave and 15th Century Ha'apai~ Narrative Accounts and Historical Landscapes in the Interpretation of Classical Tongan History.pdf
Medical Relativities as a Paradigm of Early Modern Indian~ European Relations.pdf
Medical Treatment in the Ottoman Navy in the Early Modern Period.pdf
Meditations on a Portrait from Seventeenth-Century Batavia.pdf
Melaka in Ming Dynasty Texts.pdf
Melaka, "Piracy" and the Modern World System.pdf
Mercantile Networks, Port Cities, and “Pirate” States~ Conflict and Competition in the Indian Ocean World of Trade before the Sixteenth Century.pdf
Merchants and Society in Tokugawa Japan.pdf
Merchants, Markets, and Commerce in Early Modern South India.pdf
Merchants~ An Essay in Historical Ethnography.pdf
Michael of Rhodes and the Birth of the Mariner’s Manual.pdf
Middle Chinese, Old Japanese and the Senmyō.pdf
Middle Mongolian Past-Tense -"BA" in the "Secret History".pdf
Migrants and Mutineers~ the Rebellion of Kong Youde and Seventeenth-Century Northeast Asia.pdf
Migration, Kinship and Memory on the Periphery of the Southeast Asian State.pdf
Ming China and Southeast Asia in the 15th Century.pdf
Miyako Theology~ Shamans' Interpretation of Traditional Beliefs.pdf
Monastic lineages and ritual participation (Japan).pdf
Monetary Developments in Java between the Ninth and Sixteenth Centuries.pdf
Money and exchange rates in 1632.pdf
Money and Its Uses in the Javanese States of the Ninth to Fifteenth Centuries A.D..pdf
Money and Sovereignty in Mecca~ Issues of the Sharifs in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries.pdf
Mongol Altan "Gold" = "Imperial".pdf
Mongol and Nomadic Taxation.pdf
Mongol Census Taking in Rus', 1245-1275.pdf
Mongol Creation Stories~ Man, Mongol Tribes, the Natural World, and Mongol Deities.pdf
Mongol Fiscal Administration in Persia (Part II).pdf
Mongol Fiscal Administration in Persia.pdf
Mongol Rulers and Chinese Pirates.pdf
Mongols and Merchants on the Black Sea.pdf
Monies of Account and Monetary Transition in China, Twelfth to Fourteenth Centuries.pdf
Monopolists to Middlemen~ Dutch Liberalism and American Imperialism in the Opening of Japan.pdf
Monsoon Rhythms and Trade Patterns~ Ancient Times East of Suez.pdf
Monumental Architecture and Power in Polynesian Chiefdoms~ A Comparison of Tonga and Hawaii.pdf
Mosques and Markets~ Traditional Urban Form on China's Northwestern Frontiers.pdf
Mountain Gods and Trance Mediums~ a Qinghai Tibetan Summer Festival.pdf
Multi-Dimensional Networking~ Fifteenth-Century Indian Ocean Maritime Diaspora in Southeast Asian Perspective.pdf
Munakata through the Kamakura Period.pdf
Mura-Zakai~ the Japanese Village Boundary and Its Symbolic Interpretation.pdf
Music-Making, Ritual, and Gender in a Southeast Asian Hill Society.pdf
Myth and Reality of China's Seventeenth-Century Monetary Crisis.pdf
Myths and the Formation of Niue Island, Central South Pacific.pdf
Myths and Traditional Beliefs about the Wolf and the Crow in Central Asia~ Examples from the Turkic Wu-Sun and the Mongols.pdf
National Pantheon, Regional Deities, Personal Spirits? Mushindo, Sŏngsu, and the Nature of Korean Shamanism.pdf
Naval Power in Ming China.pdf
Navigating communities~ race, place, and travel in the history of maritime Southeast Asia.pdf
Navigational instruments as cultural artefacts, c.1550-1650.pdf
Navigational Route of the Belitung Wreck.pdf
Negeri Below and Above the Wind~ Malacca and Cathay.pdf
Networks of Malay Merchants and the Rise of Penang.pdf
Networks of Power and Political Trajectories in Early Southeast Asian Complex Societies.pdf
Networks, Territories, and the Cartography of Ancient States.pdf
New evidence for the use of Southeast Asian raw materials in seventeenth century Japanese export lacquer.pdf
New Material on East Mongolian Shamanism.pdf
Niachile Pokaraga~ a Sad Story of a Moluccan Queen.pdf
Nineteenth-Century Vietnamese Confucianization in Historical Perspective~ Evidence from the Palace Examinations (1463-1883).pdf
Note On the Word Borte in the Secret History of the Mongols.pdf
Notes on Early Chinese Voyages.pdf
Notes on T'ang Dynasty Sea Routes.pdf
Notes on the Early Ch'ing Copper Trade with Japan.pdf
Notes on the History of the Old Strait, 1580-1850.pdf
Notes on Village Government in Japan after 1600.pdf
Obama~ the Rise and Decline of a Seaport.pdf
Observations On Marriage And Inheritances Practices in Early Mongol And Yüan Society, with Particular Reference To the Levirate.pdf
Oceans Unbounded~ Transversing Asia.pdf
Of Consorts and Harlots in Thai Popular History.pdf
Of Fanas and Forecastles~ the Indian Ocean and Some Lost Languages of the Age of Sail.pdf
Of Fortresses and Galleys the 1568 Acehnese Siege of Melaka, after a Contemporary Bird's-eye View.pdf
Of Imarat and Tijarat~ Asian Merchants and State Power in the Western Indian Ocean, 1400 to 1750.pdf
Of Treaties And Unbelievers~ Images of the Dutch in Seventeenth- And Eighteenth-Century Malay Historiography.pdf
Ölün's Chemise~ An Episode from the "Secret History of the Mongols".pdf
On Early Modes of Navigation.pdf
On Some 'Editorial' Terms in the Mongol "Ganǰur".pdf
On Some Mongol Miniatures.pdf
On Some Titles in the Mongol Kanǰur.pdf
On Telling a Story of Vietnam in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries.pdf
On the History of Mongolian Shamanism in Anthropological Perspective.pdf
Only Half-Way to Godhead~ the Chinese Geomancer As Alchemist and Cosmic Pivot.pdf
Onmyōji Sex, Pathos, and Grotesquery in Yumemakura Bakus Oni.pdf
Open Ports of China.pdf
Opium and Empire~ Some Evidence from Colonial-Era Asian Stock and Commodity Markets.pdf
Orang Melayu and Orang Jawa in SE Asia.pdf
Orang Suku Laut Ethnicity and Acculturation.pdf
Origins of Han-Dynasty Consort Kin Power.pdf
Oro-Dedicated "Maro 'Ura" in Tahiti~ Their Rise and Decline in the Early Post-European Contact Period.pdf
Ottomans in Southeast Asia.pdf
Oysterlust~ Islanders, Entrepreneurs, and Colonial Policy over Tuamotu Lagoons.pdf
Padmanabhapuran Palace.pdf
Palace Women at the Margins of Social Change~ An Aspect of the Politics of Social History in the Reign of King Chulalongkorn.pdf
Palembang and Sriwijaya~ An Early Malay Harbour-City Rediscovered.pdf
Pan-Asian Ensemble, Kaori Osawa.doc
Parish Guilds and Political Culture in Village Japan.pdf
Patron Saints and Pagan Ghosts~ the Pairing of Opposites.pdf
Patron-client ties among the Bugis and Makassarese of South Sulawesi.pdf
Pembaron~ An East Javanese Rite of Priestly Rebirth.pdf
Perceptions of Status and Wealth in Late-Ming Female Clothing and Ornamentation.pdf
Performative Loci of the Imperial Edicts in Nara Japan, 749-70.pdf
Persians, Pilgrims and Portuguese~ the Travails of Masulipatnam Shipping in the Western Indian Ocean, 1590-1665.pdf
Personnel and Personalities in North China in the Early Mongol Period.pdf
Piracy in Asian Waters, Part 1~ the Social and Economic Dynamics of Piracy in Early Modern Asia.pdf
Piracy in early modern China.pdf
Pirates, Pelts, and Promises~ the Sino-Dutch Colony of Seventeenth-Century Taiwan and the Aboriginal Village of Favorolang.pdf
Pirates, Slavers, and the Indigenous Population in Madagascar, c. 1690-1715.pdf
Pluralism and progress in seventeenth-century Makassar.pdf
Political Myths of Southeast Asian Coastal Polities.pdf
Politics and Power in the Tokugawa Perio.pdf
Politics of gender and ethnic difference in nineteenth-century Siam.pdf
Polynesian Architecture in Aotearoa New Zealand.pdf
Porcelain and the Material Culture of the Mongol-Yuan Court.pdf
Porous boundaries~ Addressing calamities in East Java, Indonesia.pdf
Portolan Charts~ Vital Tool of the Age of Discovery.pdf
Portrait of a Tokugawa Outcaste Community.pdf
Ports-of-Trade, Maritime Diasporas, and Networks of Trade and Cultural Integration in the Bay of Bengal Region of the Indian Ocean~ c. 1300-1500.pdf
Portuguese and Chinese Maritime Imperialism~ Camoes's Lusiads and Luo Maodeng's Voyage of the San Bao Eunuch.pdf
Power Behind the Throne~ the Role of Queens And Court Ladies in Malay History.pdf
Power, State and Society Among the Pre-Islamic Bugis.pdf
Practical Constraints on Early Tokugawa Land Taxation~ Annual Versus Fixed Assessments in Kaga Domain.pdf
Pre-Modern East Asian Maritime Realm.pdf
Preaching the Animal Realm in Late Medieval Japan.pdf
Preliminary Report on the Excavation of the 17th‐Century Anglo‐Dutch East‐Indiaman Avondster in Bay of Galle, Sri Lanka.pdf
Prices in Sri Lanka and Southern India during the pre-industrial period.pdf
Private Armies in the Early Korean Military Tradition.pdf
Private Kingdom~ Evaluating the economic importance of trade, focus on Cambodia.pdf
Purchase on Power~ Imperial Space and Commercial Space in Song-Dynasty Kaifeng, 960-1127.pdf
Quarrels and Enmity between the Sun and the Moon~ a Contribution to the Mythologies of the Philippines, India, and the Malay Peninsula.pdf
Re-envisioning the Great Interior; Gardens and the Upper Class between the Imperial and the "Modern".pdf
Re-Learning a Vanishing Art.pdf
Re-Visioning Gendered Folktales in Novels by Mia Yun and Nora Okja Keller.pdf
Reading Song-Ming Records in Philippines.pdf
Real and Imaginary Dialogues in the Jesuit Mission of Sixteenth-century Japan.pdf
Reappraisal of Konishi Ryusa and Konishi Yukinaga.pdf
Rebellion, Usurpation, and Rulership in Early Sixteenth-Century East Asia—Korean Writings on Emperor Wuzong.pdf
Reconquista and Reconciliation in the Dutch Revolt~ the Campaign of Governor-General Alexander Farnese (1578-1592).pdf
Reconstructing Banzu, a Fourteenth-Century Port Settlement in Singapore.pdf
Regionalism and the Nature of Nguyen Rule in Seventeenth-Century Dang Trong (Cochinchina).pdf
Relations with Maritime Europeans 1514-1662.pdf
Relics, Oaths and Politics in Thirteenth-Century Siam.pdf
Religion and Ritual in the Royal Courts of Dai Viet.pdf
Religion as a means of cultural reproduction~ popular rituals in a Yunnan Chinese village in northern Thailand.pdf
Religious Festivities, Communal Rivalry, and Restructuring of Authority Relations in Rural Chaozhou, Southeast China.pdf
Religious Practice of Chinese Seafarers from the Eleventh to the Mid-Nineteenth Century.pdf
Remarks About the Terminology of Boat~ Building and Seamanship in Some Languages of Southern Sulawesi.pdf
Representations of the Ainu and Japanese Identity Before 1905.pdf
Representing Japanese Nationalism(s) in the NHK’s Taiga Dramas.pdf
Restoring the "Epic of Hou Yi".pdf
Rethinking Ancient Maya Social Organization~ Replacing "Lineage" with "House".pdf
Rethinking the Mongol Oboo.pdf
Rise and Fall of the East India Company.pdf
Rituals of Sacrifice in Early Post-European Contact Tonga and Tahiti.pdf
Riverine and Coastal Junks in Chinas Commerce.pdf
Role of port cities in maritime southeast Asia from the second century B.C to the early nineteenth century | Vietnam Guide.pdf
Role of the Chinese State in Long-Distance Commerce.pdf
Royal Authority and the "Orang Kaya" in the Western Archipelago, circa 1500-1800.pdf
Rules for Rulers~ Obscure Texts, Authority, and Policing in Two Malay States.pdf
Ruling Ideology and Marginal Subjects~ Ming Loyalism and Foreign Lineages in Late Choson Korea.pdf
Rumours of Sorcery at an Indonesian University.pdf
Ryuku in the Ming Reign Annals.pdf
Ryukyu and Southeast Asia.pdf
Sacred Dance at Sensōji~ the Development of a Tradition.pdf
Saidaiji Monks and Esoteric Kami Worship at Ise and Miwa.pdf
Sailing to Levuka~ the Cultural Significance of the Island Schooners in the Late 19th Century.pdf
Saltwater Slavers and Captives in the Sulu Zone, 1768–1878.pdf
Samurai in Passage~ the Transformation of the Sixteenth-Century Kanto.pdf
Samurai Status, Class, and Bureaucracy~ a Historiographical Essay.pdf
Sandhang-pangan for the Goddess~ Offerings to Sang Hyang Bathari Durga and Nyai Lara Kidul.pdf
Schedules of Work and Rest in Imperial China.pdf
Seafaring and Maritime Contacts~ An Agenda for Historical Analysis.pdf
Search for European Differences and Domination in the Early Modern World.pdf
Secular Trends in Burmese Economic History, c. 1350-1830, and Their Implications for State Formation.pdf
Security and Warfare On the China Coast~ the Taiwan Question in the Seventeenth Century.pdf
Seductive Mediators~ the Nuuraa Performer's Ritual Persona as a Love Magician in Kelantanese Thai Society.pdf
Seeking Śākyamuni~ Travel and the Reconstruction of Japanese Buddhism.pdf
Settlement of Tanjay, Negros Oriental~ Household Organization, Chiefly Production and Social Ranking.pdf
Sex Gender and Priests in Sulawesi.pdf
Sex Inequality in the Māori Population in the Prehistoric, Proto-Historic and Early Historic Eras in a Trans-Polynesian Context.pdf
Sex Symbols Ancient And Modern~ Their Origins And Iconography On the Pedigree.pdf
Sex, Gender, Costume, and the Aegean Color Convention.pdf
Sexual Affronts and Racial Frontiers~ European Identities and the Cultural Politics of Exclusion in Colonial Southeast Asia .pdf
Shadow Theaters of the World.pdf
Shamanic Dance in Japan~ the Choreography of Possession in Kagura Performance.pdf
Shamans and Mountain Spirits in Hunza.pdf
Shantang~ Charitable Temples in China, Singapore, and Malaysia.pdf
Shipboard Relations between Pacific Island Women and Euroamerican Men 1767-1887.pdf
Shipping and Trade in Java, c. 1775.pdf
Shrines, Governing-Class Identity, and the Cult of Widow Fidelity in Mid-Ming Jiangnan.pdf
Shūgetsu and Sixteenth-Century Japanese Painting.pdf
Sidereal Compasses~ a Case For Carolinian-Arab Links.pdf
Siena on the Silk Roads~ Ambrogio Lorenzetti and the Mongol Global Century, 1250–1350.pdf
Silkworms and Consorts in Nara Japan.pdf
Sino-Japanese Interaction via Chinese Junks.pdf
Sino-Japanese Relations from the Kangxi to the Early Qianlong Reigns.pdf
Sino-Khitan Administration in Mongol Bukhara.pdf
Sino-Mongol Trade During the Ming.pdf
Sixteenth Century Turkish Influence in Western Indonesia.pdf
Slave Trading and Slavery in the Dutch Colonial Empire.pdf
Slavery and Social Change in Early Modern Southeast Asia.pdf
Slavery in Medieval Japan.pdf
Small Asian Nations in the Shadow of the Large~ Early Asian History through the Eyes of Southeast Asia.pdf
Small Stores and Neighborhood Life in Modern Shanghai.pdf
Smallpox, vaccination, and the Pax Neerlandica~ Indonesia, 1550-1930.pdf
Social Change And Contained Transformations~ Warriors And Merchants in Japan, 1000-1300.pdf
Sojourning Communities, Ports-of-Trade, and Agrarian-Based Societies in Southeast Asia’s Eastern Regions, 1000-1300.pdf
Soldier and Citizen in the Seventeenth-Century English East India Company.pdf
Some Comparative Thoughts on Premodern Southeast Asian Warfare.pdf
Some Glosses on the Sea Straits of Asia/ Geography, Functions, Typology.pdf
Some Misconceptions about the Economic History of Tokugawa Japan.pdf
Some Notes on the Dutch in Malacca and the Indo-Malayan Trade 1641-1670.pdf
Some Observations on the Recluse in Traditional Chinese Society.pdf
Some Remarks On the Dating of the Secret History of the Mongols.pdf
Some Remarks On the Mongol Exegesis of the Analects.pdf
Song China and the multi-state and commercial world of East Asia.pdf
Song Foreign Trade.pdf
Sŏngha Sindang~ the Tutelary Shrine of T'aeha Village, Ullŭng Island, Korea.pdf
Sophia Elau, Ungka the Gibbon, and the Pearly Nautilus.pdf
Southeast Asia between China and Japan.pdf
Southeast Asia in Global Context 800-1830.pdf
Southeast Asian Ceramics Museum Newsletter.pdf
Southeast Asian History and the Mediterranean Analogy.pdf
Southeastern Littoral of Korea.pdf
Spatial and Temporal Continuities of Merchant Networks in South Asia and the Indian Ocean (1500-2000).pdf
Spirals in Early Southeast Asian and Burmese History.pdf
Spirits of the Earth and Spirits of the Water~ Chthonic Forces in the Mountains of West Java.pdf
Starpaths~ Linear Constellations in Tropical Navigation.pdf
Stars of the Sea Road.pdf
State Formation in Early Maritime Southeast Asia.pdf
State-Building and Political Economy in Early-modern Japan.pdf
State, Cultivator, Land~ Determination of Land Tenures in Early Modern Japan Reconsidered.pdf
Stereotypes and Registers of Honorific Language.pdf
Straits of Melaka and the Trading World.pdf
Strange Games and Enchanted Science~ the Mystery of Kokkuri.pdf
Sultan among Hindu Kings~ Dress, Titles, and the Islamicization of Hindu Culture at Vijayanagara.pdf
Summa Oriental of Tomes Pires.pdf
Survivors among the Ruins~ Traditional Houses in Earthquakes in Turkey and India.pdf
Suzdalia's Eastern Trade in the Century before the Mongol conquest.pdf
Symbolic Animals in the Land between the Waters~ Markers of Place and Transition.pdf
Symbolism of Hairstyles in Korea and Japan.pdf
Taiwan, Coastal South China And Northern Viet Nam And the Nusantao Maritime Trading Network.pdf
Taking Possession and Reading Texts~ Establishing the Authority of Overseas Empires.pdf
Tales, Tanks, and Temples~ the Creation of a Sacred Center in Seventeenth-Century Bengal.pdf
Tamafaigā~ Shaman, King or Maniac? the Emergence of Manono.pdf
Tārā and Nyai Lara Kidul~ Images of the Divine Feminine in Java.pdf
Tariff Preferences and Discriminations in Trade.pdf
Technologies of a trading empire~ Dutch introduction of water~ and windmills in early-modern Asia, 1650s–1800.pdf
Technology, trade and speed under sail on the Roman Red Sea.pdf
Teeth and Claws. Provincial Warriors and the Heian Court.pdf
The 'Great "yāsā" of Chingiz Khān' and Mongol Law in the Īlkhānate.pdf
The 'La Galigo'~ a Bugis Encyclopedia and its Growth.pdf
The "Kaihōgyō" Practice of Mt. Hiei.pdf
The "Kappa" Legend. a Comparative Ethnological Study on the Japanese Water-Spirit "Kappa" and Its Habit of Trying to Lure Horses into the Water.pdf
The "Ming shi-lu" as a Source for Thai History~ Fourteenth to Seventeenth Centuries.pdf
The "Miyaza" and the Fisherman~ Ritual Status in Coastal Villages of Wakayama Prefecture.pdf
The "PALANG", its History and Proto-History in West Borneo and the Philippines.pdf
The "Taklung" Thankas~ Their History and Provenance Reconsidered.pdf
The "tamma" and the Dual-Administrative Structure of the Mongol Empire.pdf
The "Turiang"~ a Fourteenth-Century Chinese Shipwreck Upsetting Southeast Asian Ceramic History.pdf
The 1568 Acehnese Siege of Melaka, after a Contemporary Bird's-Eye View.pdf
The Afrasian Mediterranean~ Port Cities and Urban Networks in the Indian Ocean World.pdf
The Appeal of "Kaidan", Tales of the Strange.pdf
The Body of Laozi and the Course of a Taoist Journey through the Heavens.pdf
The Book of the Young Master of Accountancy~ An Ancient Chinese Economics Text.pdf
The Boundaries of a Trans-national Survey of Asian Architectural.pdf
The Bund~ Littoral Space of Empire in the Treaty Ports of East Asia.pdf
The Burden of Owning Land~ Habitat in Pre-Modern and Early-Modern Thailand.pdf
The Burdens of the Chinese Peasantry.pdf
The Butcher, the Baker, And the Carpenter~ Chinese Sojourners in the Spanish Philippines And Their Impact On Southern Fujian (Sixteenth-Eighteenth Centuries).pdf
The Butcher, the Baker, and the Carpenter~ Chinese Sojourners in the Spanish Philippines and Their Impact On Southern Fujian.pdf
The Calendar of Village Festivals~ Japan.pdf
The Capture of Maryam-uz-Zamānī's Ship, Mughal Women and European Traders.pdf
The Castle Town and Japan's Modern Urbanization.pdf
The Ceramic Trade Across the South China Sea c1350-1650.pdf
The Changing Nature of the Red River Delta Villages during the Lê Period (1428-1788).pdf
The Chinese Domestic Architectural Heating System [Kang]~ Origins, Applications and Techniques.pdf
The Chukchi of Northeastern Asia.pdf
The Circulation of Men and Credit~ the Role of the Commenda and the Family Firm in Julfan Society.pdf
The City-God Cults of T'ang and Sung China.pdf
The Cloth Trade in Jambi and Palembang Society during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries.pdf
The Company's Chinese Pirates~ How the Dutch East India Company Tried to Lead a Coalition of Pirates to War against China, 1621-1662.pdf
The Contingencies of State Formation in Eastern Inner Asia.pdf
The Conversion of Hideyoshi's Daughter Go.pdf
The Cook Islands and Niue.pdf
The Creation of the Edo Outcaste Order.pdf
The Culture of Culture Contact~ Refractions from Polynesia.pdf
The Danka System.pdf
The Death of the Xiaoxian Empress~ Bureaucratic Betrayals and the Crises of Eighteenth- Century Chinese Rule.pdf
The Deity and the Mountain~ Ritual Practice and Environment in Japan's Hayachine Take "Kagura".pdf
The Deity and Wind of Ise.pdf
The Demography of Ambon in the Seventeenth Century~ Evidence from Colonial Proto-Censuses.pdf
The Development of Centralized Craft Production Systems in A.D. 500-1600 Philippine Chiefdoms.pdf
The Development of Early Modern Onmyōdo.pdf
The Development of Za in Medieval Japan.pdf
The Disruptive Presence of the Namban-jin in Early Modern Japan.pdf
The Dragon's Whim~ Ming and Qing Homoerotic Tales from "The Cut Sleeve".pdf
The Dream of the King and the Holy War against the Dutch~ the "kôteubah" of the Acehnese Epic, "Hikayat Prang Gômpeuni".pdf
The Dutch trading companies as knowledge networks.pdf
The Early Faith of Aṣoka.pdf
The early history of Binamu and Bangkala, South Sulawesi.pdf
The Early History of Felt.pdf
The Ecologies of "Kuala" and "Muara" Settlements in the Pre-Modern Malay Culture World.pdf
The Emergence of the State in Sixteenth-Century Japan~ from Oda to Tokugawa.pdf
The emergence of the Tagar culture.pdf
The Emotional Intelligence of Genghis Khan, President and CEO, Mongolia Inc..pdf
The Enchantment of Wealth~ the God Wutong in the Social History of Jiangnan.pdf
The Eroticism of Debt~ Pearl Divers, Traders, and Sea Wives in the Aru Islands, Eastern Indonesia.pdf
The Evolution of Irregular War.pdf
The Export Trade~ Tokinese Silk for Japan.pdf
The Expression J̌öb Ese Bol in the Secret History of the Mongols.pdf
The Festival of the Nine Emperor Gods in Malaysia~ Myth, Ritual, and Symbol.pdf
The First Common Market.pdf
The First Dutch Trade Embassy to China, 1655-1657.pdf
The First Mongol Conquest of Tibet Reinterpreted.pdf
The Fiscal Importance of the Land Tax During the Ch'ing Period.pdf
The Formation of Chinese Maritime Networks to Southern Asia, 1200-1450.pdf
The Gender of the Trick~ Female Tricksters and Male Narrators.pdf
The Geographical Factor in Mongol History.pdf
The Global and the Local~ Problematic Dynamics of the Triangular Trade in Early Modern Manila.pdf
The Goblin Fox and Badger and Other Witch Animals of Japan.pdf
The Goddess Durgā in the East-Javanese Period.pdf
The Guild of the Blind in Tokugawa Japan.pdf
The Hanse in Medieval and Early Modern Europe.pdf
The History and Culture of Boats and Boat-Building in the Western Visayas.pdf
The History of the Japanese Particle "I".pdf
The Horse in the Life of the Ordos Mongols.pdf
The Imagawa Letter~ a Muromachi Warrior's Code of Conduct Which Became a Tokugawa Schoolbook.pdf
The Impact of Firearms on Japanese Warfare, 1543-98.pdf
The Impact of Mercantile Competition in Asia on Anglo-Dutch Relations, 1600-1674.pdf
The Impact of the Mongol Invasion on Turkish Architecture.pdf
The Incest Passions~ An Outline of the Logic of Iqwaye Social Organization.pdf
The Indian Maritime Merchant, 1500-1800.pdf
The Indian Ocean in Eurasian and African World-Systems before the Sixteenth Century.pdf
The Indonesian Trading Boats reaching Singapore.pdf
The Islamic City~ Melaka to Jogjakarta, c. 1500-1800.pdf
The Jataka Stories and Laopuan Worldview.pdf
The jidaigeki television series~ myth, iteration and the domestication of the samurai hero.pdf
The Junk Passage Across the Taiwan Strait; Two Early Chinese Accounts.pdf
The Kawashima~ Warrior-Peasants of Medieval Japan.pdf
The Kipchak Connection~ the Ilkhans, the Mamluks and Ayn Jalut.pdf
The Kokudaka System~ a Device for Unification.pdf
The Kurdish Principality of Hakkariya (14th-15th Centuries).pdf
The Lateen Sail in World History.pdf
The Life and Actions of Mathias de Albuquerque (1547— 1609)~ a Portuguese Source for Deccan History.pdf
The limits of globalization in the early modern world.pdf
The Limits of Illustration~ Animalia and Pharmacopeia from Guo Pu to Bencao Gangmu.pdf
The Lineage Pattern of Kinship Nomenclature~ Its Significance and Development.pdf
The Literary Circulation of Actors in Seventeenth-Century China.pdf
The Literati Revival in Seventeenth-Century Vietnam.pdf
The magic of place~ Sama at sea and on land in Sulawesi, Indonesia.pdf
The Maitreya Connection in the Tang Development of Dizang Worship.pdf
The Majālis-i Jahāngīrī (1608-11)~ Dialogue and Asiatic Otherness at the Mughal Court.pdf
The Making of Dragon Robes.pdf
The Making of Tōjin Construction of the Other in Early Modern Japan.pdf
The Maritime Merchants of Surat, a Long-Term Perspective.pdf
The Market for Children~ Evidence from Early Modern Japan.pdf
The Mechanics of the Macao-Nagasaki Silk Trade.pdf
The Medieval Origins of the Eta-Hinin.pdf
The Medieval Tamil-Language Inscriptions in Southeast Asia and China.pdf
The Merchant and the King~ Political Myths of Southeast Asian Coastal Polities.pdf
The Middle Kingdom, the Middle Sea, and the Geographical Pivot of History.pdf
The Ming shi Account of Champa.pdf
The Ming-Policy of Maritime Prohibition.pdf
The Missing Pirate and the Pervasive Smuggler~ Regional Agency in Coastal Defence, Trade, and Foreign Relations in Nineteenth-Century Japan.pdf
The Mongol Army.pdf
The Mongol Intelligence Apparatus.pdf
The Mongol Term Čigčin / Sigčin.pdf
The Mongol Transformation~ From the Steppe To Eurasian Empire.pdf
The Mongolian Titles J̌inong and Sigeǰin.pdf
The Monguors of the Kansu-Tibetan Frontier~ Their Origin, History, and Social Organization.pdf
The Monsoon Festival Teej in Rajasthan.pdf
The Most Primitive Means of Transportation in Southeast and East Asia.pdf
The Most Revered of Foxes~ Knowledge of Animals and Animal Power in an Ainu Kamui Yukar.pdf
The Mouse-deer ("Kantjil") in Malayo-Indonesian Folklore~ Alternative Analyses and the Significance of a Trickster Figure in South-East Asia.pdf
The Mughal Dynasties.pdf
The Myths of Medieval Warfare.pdf
The Nanhai Trade, a Study of the Early History of Chinese Trade in the South China Sea.pdf
The Nature of Early Maritime Trade~ Some Points of Analogy from the Eastern Part of the Indonesian Archipelago.pdf
The Nature of Warfare in Fourteenth-Century Japan~ the Record of Nomoto Tomoyuki.pdf
The Navigator's Grandson.pdf
The Opening of the Malay World To European Trade in the Sixteenth Century.pdf
The Origin of the Javanese Mosque.pdf
The Origins of Weaving Centres in the Malay Peninsula.pdf
The Orphan of Zhao~ Self-Sacrifice, Tragic Choice And Revenge And the Confucianization of Mongol Drama at the Ming Court.pdf
The Ottoman Administration of the Spice Trade in the Sixteenth-Century Red Sea and Persian Gulf.pdf
The Palace of Leh in Ladakh~ An Example of Himalayan Architecture in Need of Preservation.pdf
The Pirate and the Warlord.pdf
The Port in Multidisciplinary Analysis.pdf
The Portuguese Administration in Malacca, 1511-1641.pdf
The Portuguese Maritime Empire, Trade, and Society in the Indian Ocean During the Sixteenth Century.pdf
The Practice of Violence in the "ḥisba"-Theories.pdf
The Privatization of Protection~ Extortion And the State in the Circassian Mamluk Period.pdf
The Problem of the Early Modern World.pdf
The Propensity of Chinese Space~ Architecture in the Novel Dream of the Red Chamber.pdf
The Purification Process of Death~ Mortuary Rites in a Japanese Rural Town.pdf
The Quarrelling Sons in the Secret History of the Mongols.pdf
The Question of Ritualised Homosexuality among the Kiwai of South New Guinea.pdf
The Rediscovery of Two Lost Sixteenth-Century World Maps.pdf
The Religious Debates of Aceh in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century~ An Invisible Cultural Dialogue?.pdf
The Religious Significance of Maori Migration Traditions.pdf
The Repatriation of Castaways in Chos0n Korea-Japan Relations, 1599–1888.pdf
The Rhetoric of Prophecy in Portuguese Renaissance Literature.pdf
The Rise & Fall of 15th Century Chinese Seapower.pdf
The Rise and Fall of Cowrie Shells~ the Asian Story.pdf
The Rise and Fall of Dutch Taiwan, 1624-1662~ Cooperative Colonization and the Statist Model of European Expansion.pdf
The Rise of the Coast~ Trade, State and Culture in Early Ðại Việt.pdf
The Role of Indian Textiles in Southeast Asian Trade in the Seventeenth Century.pdf
The Role of Qiongzhou Strait in the Seasonal Variation of the South China Sea Circulation.pdf
The Saint, the Warlord, and the Emperor~ Discourses of Braj Bhakti and Bundelā Loyalty.pdf
The Satsuma-Ryukyu Trade and the Tokugawa Seclusion Policy.pdf
The Sea Common to All~ Maritime Frontiers, Port Cities, and Chinese Traders in the Southeast Asian Age of Commerce, ca. 1400–1750.pdf
The Search for European Differences and Domination in the Early Modern World~ a View from Asia.pdf
The Secret History of the Papaw in the South Pacific~ An Essay in Reconstruction.pdf
The Seizure of the Sta. Catarina Revisited~ the Portuguese Empire in Asia, VOC Politics and the Origins of the Dutch-Johor Alliance (1602-c.1616).pdf
The Seventeenth-Century Crisis and the Unity of Eurasian History.pdf
The Shanxi Banks~ Corporate Governance with Chinese Characteristics 0.pdf
The Shinto of Yoshida Kanetomo.pdf
The Ship as Symbol in the Prehistory of Scandinavia and Southeast Asia.pdf
The Shogun’s reluctant ambassadors.pdf
The Sibao Book Trade in Qing & Republican Periods.pdf
The Sinister Way~ the Divine and the Demonic in Chinese Religious Culture.pdf
The Social Significance of the Shaman among the Chinese Reindeer-Evenki.pdf
The South Sea Company and its plan for a naval expedition in 1712.pdf
The Southeast Asian Ship, An Historical Approach.pdf
The Spirit-Captives of Japan's North Country~ Nineteenth Century Narratives of the "Kamikakushi".pdf
The Strategic Significance of Singapore in Modern History.pdf
The Structure of Cities in Southeast Asia, Fifteenth to Seventeenth Centuries.pdf
The Structure of Trade in Madagascar, 1750-1810.pdf
The Study of Praus in the Indonesian Archipelago.pdf
The Swan-Maiden Revisited~ Religious Significance of "Divine-Wife" Folktales with Special Reference to Japan.pdf
The Tale of Itu~ Structure of a Ritual Tale in Context.pdf
The Temptations of William Pascoe Crook~ An Experience of Cultural Difference in the Marquesas, 1797-1798.pdf
The Textile Industry in Southeast Asia, 1400-1800.pdf
The Trade in Lakawood Products between South China and the Malay World from 1200-1500.pdf
The trade relation Bukhara and Yarkand Khanates in 16th~ early 17th centuries.pdf
The Traditional Lhasa House- Typology of an Endangered Species
The Transmission of the Book Known as the Secret History of the Mongols.pdf
The Treaty Ports in their military, geopolitical and diplomatic contexts.pdf
The Trouble with Terasaka~ the Forty-Seventh Rōnin and the Chūshingura Imagination.pdf
The Turkic and Mongol Words in William of Rubruck's Journey (1253-1255).pdf
The Unity of Government and Religion in the Ryukyu Islands to 1500.pdf
The Value of Vulnerability~ Sexual Coercion and the Nature of Love in Japanese Court Literature.pdf
The VOC's Trade in Indian Textiles with Burma, 1634-80.pdf
The Volatile State in Southeast Asia~ Evidence from Sumatra, 1600-1800.pdf
The volcano lover~ Climate, Colonialism, and the Slave Trade in Raffles’s History of Java (1817).pdf
The Wajorese merchants' community in Makassar.pdf
The Western Influence on Japanese Military Science, Shipbuilding, and Navigation.pdf
The World's Oldest Trade~ Dutch Slavery and Slave Trade in the Indian Ocean in the Seventeenth Century.pdf
The Zheng He Voyages~ a Reassessment.pdf
The Zoroastrian Fire Temple in the Ex-Portuguese Colony of Diu, India.pdf
Theoretical Approaches to Sri Lankan History and the Early Portuguese Period.pdf
Thoughts on Hermaphroditism~ Miyatake Gaikotsu and the Convergence of the Sexes in Taishō Japan.pdf
Thrift and Diligence~ House Codes of Tokugawa Merchant Families.pdf
Tibetan Tricksters.pdf
Ties of Labour and Ties of Commerce~ Corvée Among Seoul Merchants in the Late 19th Century.pdf
Ties That (Un)Bind~ Families and States in Premodern Southeast Asia.pdf
Till Death Do Us Unite~ Texts, Tombs, and the Cultural History of Weddings in Middle-Period China (Eighth through Fourteenth Century).pdf
Timber orientation in the traditional architecture of Indonesia.pdf
Time, Money, and the Weather~ Ming China and the "Great Depression" of the Mid-Fifteenth Century.pdf
Towards a Wider Perspective on Medieval Commerce.pdf
Tracing Some Mongol Oral Motifs in a Chinese Prosimetric Ming Novel of 1478.pdf
Trade and Economy in Preindustrial East Asia, c. 1500-c. 1800, East Asia in the Age of Global Integration.pdf
Trade and Society in the Banda Islands in the Sixteenth Century.pdf
Trade and State Formation~ Siam in the Early Bangkok Period.pdf
Trade and statecraft in the Western Archipelago at the dawn of the European age.pdf
Trade and Traders~ Local Becomes National.pdf
Trade and Travel in the Far East.pdf
Trade Between Macau And Southeast Asia in Ming Times~ a Survey.pdf
Trade Ceramics from the Goto Islands ( Japan), Circa Sixteenth to Early Seventeenth Century~ the Yamami Underwater Site (Ojika) and Related Issues.pdf
Trade Jargons and Creole Dialects as Marginal Languages.pdf
Trade Union Growth and Decline in Asia.pdf
Trade, Time, and the Calculus of Risk in Early Pacific Travel Writing.pdf
Trade~ Discover, Mercantilism and Technology.pdf
Trading Places~ the East India Company and Asia.pdf
Trading Ships of the South China Sea. Shipbuilding Techniques and Their Role in the History of the Development of Asian Trade Networks.pdf
Trading States, Trading Places~ the Role of Patrimonialism in Early Modern Dutch Development.pdf
Trading World of India and Southeast Asia in the Early Modern Period.pdf
Traditional Architecture in the Arabian Peninsula.pdf
Traditional Law of the Ede.pdf
Traditional Town Planning in Burma.pdf
Traditions of Appearance~ Adaptation and Change in Eastern Tibetan Dwellings.pdf
Transfiguration~ Man-Made Objects as Demons in Japanese Scrolls.pdf
Transformation of Medieval Chinese Elites.pdf
Transformation of the Oni~ from the Frightening and Diabolical to the Cute and Sexy.pdf
Transgenderism and Gender Pluralism in Southeast Asia since Early Modern Times.pdf
Transition from Military to Bourgeois (chonin) Society in Japan.pdf
Translation and Pre-1600 History.pdf
Travels of Fa Hian in India.pdf
Treacherous Translators and Improvident Paupers~ Perception and Practice in Dutch Makassar, Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.pdf
Treasure Fleet of the Dragon Throne.doc
Tremendous Damage or Mere Pinpricks~ the Costs of Piracy.pdf
Tribes of Snow~ Animals and Plants in the Nuosu "Book of Origins".pdf
Triplicated Triplets~ the Number Nine in the "Secret History" of the Mongols.pdf
Tsukiji~ the Fish Market at the Center of the World.pdf
Turkish and Mongol Shamanism in the Middle Ages.pdf
Twisting the Gift~ Translating Precolonial into Colonial Exchanges in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.pdf
Two Millennia of Socio-Cultural Development in Luwu, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.pdf
Two Mongol Documents from the Koryŏ sa.pdf
Two Shoreline Terraces and Their Possible Implications For Coastal Adaptation in the Late Iron Age of Cebu, Philippines.pdf
Two Silk and Gold Textiles of the Early Mongol Period.pdf
Understanding Polynesian Traditional History.pdf
Underwater and Maritime Archaeology in the Philippines.pdf
Uprising Against the East India Company.pdf
Urban centres and the emergence of empires in Eastern Inner Asia.pdf
Vasco da Gama’s Voyage~ Myths and Realities in Maritime History.pdf
Vernacular Architecture, Family Hierarchy, and Social Context in Chinese Dwellings.pdf
Vietnam through the Eyes of a Chinese Abbot.pdf
Vietnamese Ceramic Trade to the Philippines in the Seventeenth Century.pdf
Views of Three Chinese Emperors.pdf
Village Deities of Tamil Nadu in Myths and Legends~ the Narrated Experience.pdf
Voyaging Canoes and the Settlement of Polynesia.pdf
Voyaging Distance and Voyaging Time in Pacific Migration.pdf
Voyaging Stars~ Aspects of Polynesian and Micronesian Astronomy.pdf
War and Trade in the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea, 1600-1650.pdf
Warfare at Sea, 1500-1650~ Maritime Conflicts and the Transformation of Europe
Was Early Modern Japan Culturally Integrated?.pdf
Was There an Early Polynesian 'Sky Father'?.pdf
Was Toregene Qatun Ogodei's Sixth Empress.pdf
Washing off the Dust~ Baths and Bathing in Late Medieval Japan.pdf
Water Control in Zherdong During the Late Ming.pdf
Water Law in Imperial Japan~ Public Goods, Private Claims, and Legal Convergence.pdf
Water Sprites and Ancestor Spirits~ Reading the Architecture of Jinci.pdf
Weather & Mongols~ How the Forces of Nature Helped Shape an Empire.pdf
Weights Measures and Exchange Rates.pdf
Western Arms in Maritime Asia in the Early Phases of Expansion.pdf
Western Gods Meet in the East~ Shapes and Contexts of the Muslim-Jesuit Dialogue in Early Modern China.pdf
Where the Courtyard Meets the Street~ Spatial Culture of the Li Neighborhoods, Shanghai, 1870–1900.pdf
Where Truth Happens~ the Nepali House as Mandala.pdf
Which Indonesian Women Marry Youngest, and Why?.pdf
Who Ran the Mongol Empire?.pdf
Why Were Chang'an and Beijing so Different?.pdf
William and Mary and the World of Maritime Asia.pdf
Winds of Change and Links of Continuity~ a Study On the Merchant Groups of Kerala and the Channels of Their Trade, 1000-1800.pdf
Winds of Colonisation~ the Meteorological Contours of Spain's Imperium in the Pacific 1521-1898.pdf
Women and Economic Change~ the Pepper Trade in Pre-Modern Southeast Asia.pdf
Women and Inheritance in Japan's Early Warrior Society.pdf
Women in Japanese Proverbs.pdf
Women in Mangaian Society~ a Historical Portrait.pdf
Women in Turfan during the Sixth to Eighth Centuries~ a Look at Their Activities Outside the Home.pdf
Wreck Sites in Victoria~ Asian-Built Vessels.pdf
Wu T'ai-Po in Early Tokugawa Thought.pdf
Yamato-takeru~ An "Arthurian" Hero in Japanese Tradition Author(s)~ C. Scott Littleton.pdf
Yanagita Kunio~ Japanese Folk Tales.pdf
Yasukuni-Jinja and Folk Religion~ the Problem of Vengeful Spirits.pdf
Yin Illness~ Its Diagnosis and Healing within Lên Đồng (Spirit Possession) Rituals of the Việt.pdf
Yu Chi and His Mongol Sovereign~ the Scholar as Apologist.pdf
Yü Da-Djün~ On the Dating of the Secret History of the Mongols.pdf
Zaitún's Five Centuries of Sino-Foreign Trade.pdf
Zheng Organization in Seventeenth-Century East Asia.pdf

Date: 24 Mar 2014 02:39 pm (UTC)
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Wow. That's all I can come up with -- wow.

More later.

Date: 25 Mar 2014 12:56 pm (UTC)
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It's a good way to work, I think -- you get out of the Western culture and into a different way of thinking.

Date: 25 Mar 2014 01:14 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] dejla
Would it be possible for me to get copies of The Pirate and the Warlord and Tibetan Tricksters?

What I'm working on, more mentally than anything really productive, has a base duality of a goddess and a trickster, but those two splinter into a number of aspects, and I'm working on a wider understanding of tricksters.

Date: 26 Mar 2014 08:14 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] dejla

Thank you! I've downloaded them.

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Would it be possible for me to get copies of The Pirate and the Warlord and Tibetan Tricksters?

What I'm working on, more mentally than anything really productive, has a base duality of a goddess and a trickster, but those two splinter into a number of aspects, and I'm working on a wider understanding of tricksters.

The reply was:

I zipped up those + two more (one I found last night) that also touch on tricksters. You can find them at http://www.karinoyo.com/media/articles.zip -- let me know when you've snagged them so I can remove.

From here you can:

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That... is pretty damn impressive. You could get another degree out of it!

(Also, have started with your Elegant Green tag - thanks again!)


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