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For all the women I have loved who were dragged through the mud, an essay on hating-female-characters in fandom:

To be clear, we’re not talking about female villains. ... This is about people hating Hermione, Ginny and Luna, but loving Harry, Ron and Neville. This is about how ambiguous male antiheroes, like Snape, Zuko, or pretty much any male vampire protagonist can get away with walking that fine line between good and evil and not only remain sympathetic, but be even more beloved for how ~tortured~ he is, but when a female character is morally gray that bitch has to die.

So you can’t tell me it’s okay that you hate Sansa because you also hate Joffrey and he’s a dude. They’re not comparable. It isn’t even comparable if you pick a female antihero. Let’s do this apples to apples, here.

We all know that fandom does this. We all know that it’s fucked up and symptomatic of internalized sexism. What’s really fucking weird about it, though, is that the women doing this hating often aren’t ignorant. These are feminists. These are women who can go on meta-analyses of the writing. Some will hide behind pseudo-feminist reasons for their hate—oh, it’s the writing, we just aren’t given strong female characters! ... I’ve seen women who denied being sexist, but couldn’t name a single female character they liked. And it’s always that the female characters aren’t good enough, even when they obviously have a double standard, and they’re measuring women on an impossible scale full of contradictions and no-win binds, while the men are just embraced and loved pretty much for existing.

Read the whole thing.

Date: 15 May 2013 03:23 pm (UTC)
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Oh man, how often have I said these things myself! But probably never with so much clarity or detail.

I really love love love her suggestion to write het stories from the male character's point of view. That would be worth SO much to so many fanficcers.

One fandom where women get a lot more love, is Homestuck. There are exactly as many female main characters as there are male, for one thing, and as many weak soft male characters as there are female, and as many badass female characters as there are male. Plus the fanon says that trolls have outties and innies regardless of gender-- which makes things SO much more fun for the smut writers.


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