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14 Mar 2009 11:27 am
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Earlier this week, I was out running a quick errand, and feeling mighty pissed-off about the current project's deadline wackiness. Fortunately I have a collection of songs on the iPod for just such pissed-off moments when driving -- several collections, in fact. One that's suitably cranky for pissed-off moods, and one that's songs I normally wouldn't listen to but can't not be in a good mood as soon as I hear them.

Most of these get the curled lip ' scorn from the Leo if I don't change the playlist when he gets in the car -- there's several from the Monkees, and a few Erasure songs, that kind of semi-inane but relatively cheerful and uncomplicated pop and dance tunes. That includes 'Game of Love', discovered after viewing a truly amazing AMV, and 'Carameldansen,' an inclusion I blame entirely on [livejournal.com profile] misshallelujah, who was the source of my first introduction to this bizarre phenomenon -- a series of animated gifs of the Gundam 00 characters doing that... dance... thing.

If you're not familiar, it seems to be something that people animate on their own (I'm guessing). Usually done in a chibi-style, and all doing the same basic dance. It's been done to characters (picking randomly from search on Youtube) from Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, Monoke, and for true randomness, throw in a Storm Trooper (yes, from Star Wars).

(Go, watch the clips, see what I mean. You'll also hear enough of the music to get the sense that this is boppy, dancey, completely inane yet immensely cheerful music, however much that's so utterly outside my usual frame of preference.)

Now, imagine me in the car, and this song comes on. Within a few bars I'm not quite so pissed-off, I'm relaxing just a bit, and maybe even cheering up. To increase this non-annoyed feeling, I turn it up. And turn it up some more. It's a nice day, so my windows are down, and now the song is probably pretty obnoxiously audible to anyone else -- which naturally is when I pull up to a stoplight. But there's just me, so I don't bother to stifle the sound (a thing I normally do when sitting at stoplights just out of courtesy). That's when a big honking bike pulls up in the lane next to me.

My first thought is: hunh, is that one of those wannabe-Harleys, in the retro design that's so popular? Second thought, when I see the familiar crest: nope, it's a Harley -- so I don't have to turn down the music. If the guy's got decent pipes, he can't hear much over that engine, anyway. It's a long(ish) light, so I'm only sort of paying attention, mostly staring at the bike and only really able to discern that it's not a Softail like CP's, but it's massive and it's definitely relatively new, so maybe a Fatboy. Hmmm. Nice bike.

The guy -- and I say 'guy' due to the posture and build, though encased (intelligently) in leathers and (unusual for this state) full-face helmet, I couldn't seem much more -- was just sitting there, paying attention to the light, from what I could tell. Then he makes this gesture with his hand, and I look up, realizing he's making this kind of vague wave. I immediately wonder if he's about to tell me I've got a flat tire or a light out or something (why else would someone wave to you at a stoplight?).

That's when he put his hands up on either side of the helmet, flapped the leather-glove-encased fingers at me a la jazz hands, bobbed his head and swung his shoulders back and forth just a little -- and then, while I sat there and stared at him open-mouthed, the light turned green. He waved, put his hands back on the controls and zoomed off in a roar of Harley.

That's right. I was caramelldansen-flybyed by a Fatboy.

(This city's weird. I know that, but this level of weird is off the charts.)
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