21 Jan 2013

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In Tsiu's great-great-grandmother's time, navigators had mapped the entirety of Nasoyunukona's six mountainous islands. The southernmost island was roughly diamond-shaped, with a massive bay carving out a mouth from its southwestern corner. With countless atolls ringing the bay like ferocious fangs, some poetic navigator had been inspired to label the island the dragon's head. On a map large enough to include the Khoyokona archipelago, the poetry gained a sense of truth; the thousand islands of Khoyokona resembled a dragon's beard, running five hundred miles southward across the Jheu sea to end in a feathery tip a little over three hundred miles north of the Heichunh archipelago. Carrying the poetry to its logical end, Heichunh earned the label of the dragon's pearl. Frankly, Tsiu would have rather tossed the pearl over his shoulder and kept sailing.

I dropped anyone who didn't explicitly request to be kept on, but this is a double-check in case you just missed the post. (I probably should've followed up sooner, since I stated that no-response would be a polite "thanks, I'm full".) If you want back on or want a pdf of what you've missed, just ask. And if you haven't been on and are curious, you're welcome to read, too.


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