23 Mar 2011

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I was writing a reply recently and stumbled at a description. "Straightforward," I started to type, then paused, backed up, and pondered for a bit before coming up with "forthright". When rereading before hitting the post button, it occurred to me that I do this rather often, with the following words and phrases, and use alternates instead.

straight up => right out
straighten out => clear up, set right
go straight => go forward
setting someone straight => correcting, telling clearly
a straight answer => succinct answer
straight through => all the way through
___ straight [period of time] => ___ unbroken [time], ___ uninterrupted [time]

They're not all perfect synonyms, and sometimes I can see I've done a bit of a sidestep around my kneecap to get to my elbow, just to avoid the word. It's not like I'm trying to be PC, only that I think I took it to heart the joke a gay friend used to make, when I was in college: "never go straight, go crooked." (Though if feeling cranky, he'd say, "don't go straight, get bent.")

My sensitivity to the word and its connotations means I'm equally sensitive to reading the word in anyone else's writing. Not that I judge when I see it, only that I think, here is someone not sensitive to that, the way I am, sort of like when you're surprised that someone doesn't get hay fever like you. Neither good nor bad, just a bit of ah 'oh' observation. If someone else also avoids the word... that's harder to assess, because unless it's a really obvious one (where 'straight' would be kind of the default term, so to speak), there are different ways to say just about anything, so the absence isn't proof of anything.

But am I the only one who goes out of the way to avoid certain, specific words? And not even words that necessarily politically loaded, either -- because I also avoid 'overt' and 'sublime', whenever I can.
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...is that you start out, in all innocence, looking up truth serum to find out if it's actually real or just memorex hollywood, and suddenly it's three hours later and you've read about the Bunny Man of Fairfax County, gaslighting, the break-ins at the Watergate, Munchausen by Internet, and somehow ended up on biographies of lesser-known but no less chilling serial murderers from the '20s, capped with a pleasant finale of fictional lethal viruses.

Wtf, wiki, you need an off button.
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I've watched Kichise Michiko in Bloody Monday and BOSS, and... bloody hell. I don't know whether it's the characters she chooses, or what, but the second the actress appears onscreen, I start fast-forwarding. She's just so smug. Strangely, it doesn't make me hate the character. It just makes me bored with her characters. There are some characters who simply never get taken down a notch like they deserve -- it seems to be a treatment endemic to television script-writing -- so I've learned not to hold out hope. Instead, I just want the other characters to stop paying attention to her. Then maybe the character will take the hint, or maybe the actress will start picking characters that don't make you want to smack that smug smile off her face.

Honestly, sometimes I don't know what I'd do without a fast-forward button.

Also: sometimes I cannot resist the urge to laugh, when looking at home storage ideas that other people have come up with. A way to store eighty-seven pairs of shoes? A way to store twenty-two lipsticks and thirty-four teeny jars of eyeshadow? We only have TWO FEET and ONE FACE. What the hell do you need eighty-seven pairs of shoes for? And don't even get me started on the notion of having an entire makeup counter stored in your bathroom vanity.

Seomday, I'm going to see an online house tour where the person throws open her closet and says, "here is where I store my six pairs of shoes." Or the woman-renovator opens her bathroom door and says, "here is the small five-by-five box where I keep ALL my makeup." That, I would really appreciate.

Maybe I just need to start a movement, or something.
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so what if it's a commercial, that's only the last second at the end of five minutes of awesome.

wtf dw, why are you not letting me embed!? ... ah, must use "old code". sheesh.

note to USians: "football" = "soccer". just in case you weren't clear.