6 Apr 2010

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Dear Hollywood:

It's not just that you suck. You do that, plenty (and you always have, as has the vast majority of any entertainment anywhere at any time, if we're honest). It's that you spend so much freaking money on things that suck. The result isn't that I'm mad that you suck, I'm mad that you suck in ways that leave me out.

I don't mean in the sense of "I don't see myself on the screen". I sure see plenty of stereotypical representations of myself -- well, I used to, and then I turned 30 and any actress my age who couldn't continue to pass for twenty-two effectively dropped off the screen. (Not counting the few lucky ones who resurfaced in their mid-40s as token powerhouses.)

I mean in the sense that, well, I resent the hell out of what you produce.

It's glorious! It's ground-breaking! It's absolutely breathtaking and awe-inspiring! The CGI, the 3D, the blue screen is a thing of the past and we're into full surround-sound green-screen worlds-only-in-my-head now on the big screen. If Cocteau were alive today, I don't know whether he'd be having apoplexy at directors' inability to do any tricks in-camera these days, or whether he'd be kicking Cameron's ass for Director Most Likely To Spend 98% Of The Budget On Effects.

But I resent it, because what's a glorious visual is absolutely the most incredibly mediocre -- if not outright pathetic -- story. It's like, somewhere along the way, you guys forgot that your job is to tell *stories*, or you just got tired at how much that's, y'know, HARD WORK, and you figured if you just threw a whole bunch of *pretty pictures* at us, we wouldn't notice the big honking lack of STORY. )
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I don't really do locked posts much, anymore, so I'm going to be culling down my access list to three two* groups: in-person friends and longtime critters. So if you're seeing yourself drop off the access, I'm still reading you. I'm just going to keep the access list narrowed tightly until I organize this journal -- since things got converted from two different LJ accounts with some funky locks and filters. I hadn't realized some thing had been left open accidentally, so I want to clean up those messes, and then I'll have a better handle on what and where there's a need for access.

* Also, it appears I can't count.


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