21 Mar 2010

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Watching Durarara!!. The post-modern attitude is seriously over the top. I don't mean in the Gundam-style of giving little nods to past tropes and storylines, I mean outright references. Honestly, this series is nodding so damn hard I'm surprised its head doesn't fall off. Well, what hasn't already fallen off, given it's about a cousin to the headless horseman.

Lots of pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.

Going to try to avoid spoilers, so I won't give a full context for all of these, and some of them have subtitles only where the dialogue is related to the nod for that segment. But first, I said jewel-tones, and I meant it. I don't know what technology they're using for the backgrounds, but man, they're gorgeous. A lot of them feel like a sort of impressionistic photography.

Start with the train station in what I think is Ikebukuro, in the opening minutes of the very first episode... )

...and continue this in the next post, again with too many images.
kaigou: this is what I do, darling (2 no srsly)
Let the nodding commence.

From the left: Petite Cosette, Darker than Black II, and unknown/made-up series starring Shizuo's little brother, Baccano!, Jigoku Shoujo, and Cencoroll.

The only connection I can find between Petite Cosette and this series (among its voice actors, the production company, the director or team leaders) is that one of the voice actors in Petite Cosette went on to play Ai Enma in Jigoku Shoujo. The first season of Jigoku Shoujo was directed by Durarara!!'s director, Takahiro Omori; the second season of Jigoku Shoujo was produced by Brains Base, the company producing Durarara!!. Any other connection escapes me at this point.

The connection to Darker than Black looks like it's via Kana Hanazawa, who voiced Suou Pavlichenko ...and that's only the beginning. )