14 Mar 2009

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Earlier this week, I was out running a quick errand, and feeling mighty pissed-off about the current project's deadline wackiness. Fortunately I have a collection of songs on the iPod for just such pissed-off moments when driving -- several collections, in fact. One that's suitably cranky for pissed-off moods, and one that's songs I normally wouldn't listen to but can't not be in a good mood as soon as I hear them.

Most of these get the curled lip ' scorn from the Leo if I don't change the playlist when he gets in the car -- there's several from the Monkees, and a few Erasure songs, that kind of semi-inane but relatively cheerful and uncomplicated pop and dance tunes. That includes 'Game of Love', discovered after viewing a truly amazing AMV, and 'Carameldansen,' an inclusion I blame entirely on [livejournal.com profile] misshallelujah, who was the source of my first introduction to this bizarre phenomenon -- a series of animated gifs of the Gundam 00 characters doing that... dance... thing.

And it was thus that I discovered that if MissHallie ever gets her duff to the States, she should swing through this city so the two can meet. )

(This city's weird. I know that, but this level of weird is off the charts.)


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